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November and 27
The Peiping Chinese were the only major silver seller in the world markets who stopped selling the metal on Monday morning, November 27, anticipating by two days the announcement of the U.S. Treasury that the pegged offering price will be removed.
On 27 November 1895, at the Swedish-Norwegian Club in Paris, Nobel signed his last will and testament and set aside the bulk of his estate to establish the Nobel Prizes, to be awarded annually without distinction of nationality.
* Pope Anastasius I ( died 401 ), pope from November 27, 399 to 401
Adolph Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe ( September 27, 1818 November 25, 1884 ) was a German chemist.
* HH Princess Fethiye Hilmi Khanum Efendi ( 27 November 1897-30 November 1923 ), unmarried and without issue
Anders Celsius ( 27 November 1701 25 April 1744 ) was a Swedish astronomer.
Anders Celsius was born in Uppsala, Sweden on 27 November 1701.
He was interviewed live on Person to Person on November 27, 1959 by host Charles Collingwood.
From November 27, 2000 through December 27, 2000, Haznawi was in Saudi Arabia for Ramadan.
* The MTV Thanksgiving Special " Beavis and Butt-Head Do Thanksgiving " aired on November 27, 1997, the day before the series finale Beavis and Butt-Head Are Dead written by Andy Rheingold and Scott Sonneborn.
At its most recent meeting, November 27 December 1, 2006, the Conference of the Parties of the Basel Agreement focused on issues of electronic waste and the dismantling of ships.
On 27 November 2009 he was appointed honorary member of the Order of Australia.
As Holly was signed both as a solo artist and a member of the Crickets, two debut albums were released: The " Chirping " Crickets on November 27, 1957 and Buddy Holly on February 20, 1958.
The latest biography of Khmelnytsky by Smoliy and Stepankov, however, challenges the 27 December date and suggests that it is more likely he was born on 9 November ( feast day of St Zenoby ,< ref >
It established a confederation called the United Provinces of New Granada on November 27, 1811, but Cundinamarca did not recognize the new federation.
Consular rule was interrupted by the Neapolitan occupation ( 27 November 12 December 1798 ), which installed a Provisional Government:
On 27 November 2007, Textron announced that Cessna had purchased the bankrupt Columbia Aircraft company for US $ 26. 4M and would continue production of the Columbia 350 and 400 as the Cessna 350 and Cessna 400 at the Columbia factory in Bend, Oregon.
On 27 November 2007 Cessna announced the new Cessna 162 would be made in the People's Republic of China by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, which is a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corporation I ( AVIC I ), a Chinese government-owned consortium of aircraft manufacturers.
Shortly after the untimely passing of Fulham's greatest player Johnny Haynes ; on 27 November 2005 it was renamed the Johnny Haynes Stand.
The 6th CWC was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on November 26 27, 2011.
Charles Henry Alston ( November 28, 1907 April 27, 1977 ) was an African-American painter, sculptor, illustrator, muralist and teacher who lived and worked in the New York City neighborhood of Harlem.
Charles I ( 19 November 1600 30 January 1649 ) was King of England, King of Scotland, and King of Ireland from 27 March 1625 until his execution in 1649.
Within a week of his release from prison, Defoe witnessed the Great Storm of 1703 which raged from 26 to 27 November.

November and .
Early in November the clouds lifted enough to carry out the assigned missions.
By now she was sure she was going to have a baby, deciding it would be born in India or Burma that November.
From New Jersey, Morgan hastened to the headquarters of Washington at Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania, arriving there on November 18th.
On the morning of November 17th, Cornwallis and 2,000 men had left Philadelphia with the object of capturing Fort Mercer at Red Bank, New Jersey.
At Milcote on November 3, 1597, the aldermen asked him to support their petition for a new charter.
Sturley on November 4 answered a letter from Quiney written on October 25 which imported, wrote Sturley, `` that our countriman Mr. Wm. Shak. would procure us monei: which I will like of as I shall heare when, wheare & howe: and I prai let not go that occasion if it mai sort to ani indifferent condicions.
Sturley quoted Quiney as having written on November 1 that if he had `` more monei presente much might be done to obtaine our Charter enlargd, ij faires more, with tole of corne, bestes, and sheepe, and a matter of more valewe then all that ''.
Adrian Quiney wrote to his son Richard on October 29 and again perhaps the next day, since the bearer of the letter, the bailiff, was expected to reach London on November 1.
Further letters in November mention that Sir Edward paid forty pounds.
Quiney was in London again in June, 1601, and in November, when he rode up, as Shakespeare must often have done, by way of Oxford, High Wycombe, and Uxbridge, and home through Aylesbury and Banbury.
The third name was ( John ) Ravencroft, who was admitted to the Inner Temple in November 1631.
The economy seems to be sailing along on an even keel and the 1961 hurricane season and auto strikes are at an end so they can't be blamed in November.
The rebels may try to seize what is left of the October harvest when the floods recede and the monsoon ends in November.
After the Griffin-Byrd political troup has completed the circuit in November in the name of a Pre-Legislative Forum, this is going to be the most politically oriented Legislature in history.
But when former Gov. Marvin Griffin and Lt. Gov. Byrd accepted the invitations of the Georgia State Chamber of Commerce to join the tour next November, the situation was aggravated.
To this must be added the 90 to 92 megatons of fission yield produced between the dawn of the atomic age in 1945 and the informal three-power test moratorium that began in November, 1958.
The controlling pattern was first displayed in the Hungary-Suez crisis of November 1956.
But, in spite of this, I, at present a man 31 years of age and a College Professor, have been recalled `` by direction of the President '' to report on November 25th to Fort Devens, Massachusetts, for another twelve months of Active Duty as an Sp 4 ( the equivalent of a PFC ).
Charles had died two weeks before, in early November, without being reconciled to the Church.
`` You know what she likes, Winston '', he had said wearily, one evening in November when Winston was pulling off his overshoes.
These three installment dates would be: October 26, January 26, and April 25 ( Providence ) and November 15, February 16 and May 15 ( Cranston ).
and August 15, November 15, February 17, and May 15, ( Cranston ).
and now, therefore, do I, John A. Notte, Jr., Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, proclaim the week of Monday, November 13, 1961, as the State Ballet of Rhode Island Week, requesting all Rhode Islanders to give special attention to this unusual event which should contribute to the cultural life of the State.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the State to be affixed this 21st day of November, in the year of Our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one and of Independence, the one hundred and eighty-sixth.

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