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Page "learned" ¶ 574
from Brown Corpus
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On and deduction
On 23 April 2009, Southampton were handed a 10 point deduction, following their parent company going into administration.
On November 13 of that same year, Ruiz retained the belt with a controversial unanimous decision over Polish-American Andrzej Gołota ( a. k. a., " Andrew " Golota )-among other things he suffered two knockdowns and a one-point deduction by referee Randy Neumann.
On the other hand, if, then by the deduction theorem, thus the deductive closure of is an element such that,, and.
On 17 February, Portsmouth went into administration for the second time in two years, bringing them an automatic 10-point deduction.
On 3 April 2010 Haye defeated John Ruiz in his first WBA title defence at the Manchester Arena by TKO in the ninth round after knocking him down four times during the fight excluding a point deduction for hitting Ruiz on the back of his head in round one.
On every event except floor exercise, pommel horse and vault, gymnasts may use an additional landing mat, without deduction, which may be adjusted for distance.
On the 7th, Tuinaosara claimed to have received a letter from Uluinaceva the previous week, promising to refund the deduction, but that no payment had been made.

On and one-eighth
On the other hand, nearly 78 percent of African Americans have at least one-eighth European ancestry ( the equivalent to a great-grandparent ), and nearly 20 percent have at least one-quarter European ancestry ( the equivalent to a grandparent.

On and from
On the way out Mr. Sakellariadis detoured up a special hill from which one may obtain a matchless view of the Acropolis lighted by night.
On January 28, 1835, Andrew Jackson removed Pope from office and elevated Territorial Secretary William S. Fulton to the position.
On May 6th, Morgan, who had returned, received from Washington orders to `` send out patrols under vigilant officers '' to keep near the enemy.
On the other side are the Celtic survivalists who have taken a tack divergent from both these schools of nineteenth century thought.
On the one hand, the Public Health Service declared as recently as October 26 that present radiation levels resulting from the Soviet shots `` do not warrant undue public concern '' or any action to limit the intake of radioactive substances by individuals or large population groups anywhere in the Aj.
On motion of the Amici Curiae, the court directed that a ruling be obtained from the Commissioner of Internal Revenue as to the federal income tax consequences of the Government's plan.
On the other side of the Golden Horn I rode through Eminonu Square, with Yeni Cami, or the New Mosque, which dates from the Seventeenth Century, just across from the entrance to the bridge.
On the following pages and in the following issues we take you every step of the way to your vacation cottage, from choosing the proper site to applying the final trim.
On the second occasion it took prayers as well as reason to dissuade the soldiers from their purpose.
On C, from the point P at Af to the point Q at Af, we construct the chord, and upon the chord as a side erect a square in such a way that as S approaches zero the square is inside C.
On C there is a Af correspondence in which the Af points cut from C by a general line, l, of the pencil correspond to the point of intersection of the image of L and the plane of the pencil.
On the other hand, in a more favorable vein, general business activity should receive some stimulus from rising Federal spending, and the reduction in business inventories has probably run a good part of its course.
On November 7, 1859, the Providence Daily Journal reprinted a letter sent to John Brown from `` E. B. '', a Quaker lady in Newport.
On this giddy and oscillating platform over fifty feet from the floor, after a first dusting, we began to wash.
On the third voyage, a near-mutiny rising from a quarrel between Dutch and English crew members on the Half Moon had almost forced him to head the ship back to Amsterdam in Mid-Atlantic.
On December 9, 1862, Sergeant Edwin H. Fay, an unusual Louisianan who held A.B. and M.A. degrees from Harvard University and who before the war was headmaster of a private school for boys in Louisiana, wrote his wife: `` I saw Pemberton and he is the most insignificant puke I ever saw.
`` On the other hand, Emory University derives its corporate existence from the State of Georgia.
On the final round at Pensacola, the luck of the draw paired Palmer and Player in the same threesome and, although it was far from obvious at the time, the gallery was treated to the first chapter of what promises to be one of the most exciting duels in sport for a long time to come.
On this day the wind had switched 180-degrees from the northwest to the southeast, and nearly every shot on the course was different from the previous few days.
On display were 343 first-class paintings and sculptures from his fabled collection -- and every single one of them was up for sale.
On July 11 the head of the mineral-rich province of Katanga, Moise Tshombe, announced that his province had seceded from the country.
On this issue, the President received a detailed report from his U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, who had just returned from Paris, and Mr. Kennedy asked Stevenson to search for a face-saving way -- for both Paris and Tunis -- out of the imbroglio.

On and stem
On the domestic front Bismarck tried to stem the rise of socialism by anti-socialist laws, combined with an introduction of health care and social security.
On November 14, 2011 the company conducting the trial announced that it will discontinue further development of its stem cell programs.
On this verse a midrash on the book of Mishle ( English Proverbs ) states that " These two verses stem from an independent book which existed, but was suppressed!
On closer inspection, the grapevine will show slight differences in the texture and length of the hairs on the vine's shoot, and the veins of a Chardonnay leaf are " naked " near the petiolar sinus – the open area where the leaf connects to the stem is delineated by veins at the edge.
On stems facing up, the flag starts at the top and curves down ; for downward facing stems, the flags start at the bottom of the stem and curve up.
On 7 September 1701, the Treaty of the Second Grand Alliance was duly signed by England, the Emperor, and the Dutch Republic to thwart the ambitions of Louis XIV and stem Bourbon power.
On some estates, the berries are separated from the stem by hand and then sun-dried without the boiling process.
On social issues, he responded that he believes marriage should be between one man and one woman, that English should be the official language of the United States, that he does not support embryonic stem cell research, and that he thinks government should end affirmative-action programs.
On close examination, borders in the painting correlate with major sulci of the cerebrum in the inner and outer surface of the brain, the brain stem, the frontal lobe, the basilar artery, the pituitary gland and the optic chiasm.
On stems facing up, the flags start at the top and curve down ; for downward facing stems, the flags start at the bottom of the stem and curve up.
On the underside of the mushroom's cap, there are between 15 and 27 individual narrow gills that are moderately crowded together, and they have a narrowly adnexed to almost free attachment to the stem.
On the issue of stem cell research, Smith has actively worked to increase research into non-embryonic stem cells.
# On bicycles which have not been maintained, water can find its way between the stem and steerer tube of threaded headsets, causing corrosion and seizing.
On August 9, 2001, before any funding was granted under these guidelines, Bush announced modifications to the guidelines to allow use of only existing stem cell lines.
On May 24, 2005, Emerson was one of 50 Republicans to vote in favor of overturning President George W. Bush's ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
On 13 March 2001, a second patent ( 6, 200, 806 ) was issued with the same title but focused on human embryonic stem cells.
On the other hand, Breton has enjoyed increasing support among intellectuals and professionals since the 1970s, and the relatively small, urban-based Diwan movement has sought to stem the loss of young Breton speakers through bilingual immersion schools.
On August 23, 2006, the online edition of Nature scientific journal published a letter by Dr. Robert Lanza ( medical director of Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, MA ) stating that his team had found a way to extract embryonic stem cells without destroying the actual embryo.
On the first picture, greasing of the wrestler and the oil stored in a reed stem is seen.
On September 14, 2007, renowned Australian scientist Alan Trounson was appointed president of California's stem cell agency.
On October 2, Maliki announced a four-point plan to stem sectarian violence through the unity of Sunni and Shiite parties in his government, as it extended Iraq's state of emergency for a month and the country suffered two massive kidnappings on consecutive days.
On 11 April 1918 the 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade was rushed up in buses to a position on the La Bassée Canal to try to stem the German breakthrough on the Lys.
: On 12 June 1944 at Ningthoukhong, India, ' B ' Company was attempting to stem the enemy's advance when it came under heavy machine-gun and tank machine-gun fire.

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