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Ref and Butler
To quote Butler ( Ref.
( Ref Butler ; Op.

Ref and certain
In order to avoid condoning this disputed practice the countries of the European Union have banned exporting leg irons into non-EU countries .< Ref > Civilising the torture trade, by Steve Wright, The Guardian, Thursday March 13 2003 </ Ref >< Ref > COUNCIL REGULATION ( EC ) No 1236 / 2005 of 27 June 2005, concerning trade in certain goods which could be used for capital punishment, torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment </ Ref > The countries that continue to make prisoners wear fetters long term now tend to resort to manufacturing their own restraints.
To demonstrate this, he provides examples of his own writing and along side that, writes what the reader might think or say in response .< Ref Name = CraftingaLife /> He then discusses, briefly, researching certain topics to strengthen the ethos of the writer.

Ref and ),
He quickly developed a reputation as a character actor, and was cast in bigger roles, including one-half of the bickering Connecticut couple in the dark comedy The Ref ( 1994 ), a malicious Hollywood studio boss in the satire Swimming with Sharks, and the malevolent office manager in the all-star ensemble film Glengarry Glen Ross ( 1992 ), gaining him positive notices by critics.
There have been discoveries of Palaeolithic stone tools in caves in southern and central Oman, and in the United Arab Emirates close to the Straits of Hormuz at the outlet of the Persian Gulf ( UAE site ( Jebel Faya ), Ref: Armitage, S. J.
In quantum electrodynamics ( or QED ), the electromagnetic field has a ground state, the QED vacuum, which can mix with the excited stationary states of the atom ( for more information, see Ref.
* The Gift of Scripture, " Published as a teaching document of the Bishops ' Conferences of England, Wales and Scotland " ( 2005 ), The Catholic Truth Society, Ref.
To convert wind speeds from one averaging time to another, the Durst Curve ( Ref: ASCE 7-05 commentary Figure C6-4 ) was developed which defines the relation between probable maximum wind speed averaged over t seconds, V ( t ), and mean wind speed over one hour V ( 3600 ).
* The Ref ( 1994 ), which starred Dennis Leary, Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey
Barbe — Baie Verte, Cardigan, and Bellechasse — Etchemins — Montmagny — L ' Islet ( 286, 241, 117, 50, and 24 votes respectively ), from the Liberals to the second place candidate ( NDP, Ref, PC, PC, and BQ, respectively ) would have resulted in a minority government.
Sometimes the factor charges the seller ( the factor's " client ") both a discount fee, for the factor's assumption of credit risk and other services provided, as well as interest on the factor's advance, based on how long the advance, often treated as a loan ( repaid by set-off against the factor's purchase obligation, when the account is collected ), is outstanding .< Ref Name =" CPA "> J. G. Siegel, N. Dauber & J. K. Shim, " The Vest Pocket CPA ", Wiley, 2005 .</ ref > The factor also estimates the amount that may not be collected due to non-payment, and makes accommodation for this in pricing, when determining the purchase price to be paid to the seller.
:< Ref Name =" Baumol "> William J. Baumol, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, ( Nov, 1952 ), 545-556 .</ ref >
FF Bruce, New Testament History ( Doubleday: New York, 1969 ), 32f ; </ Ref >
* His letters 25 letters from d ' Orsay to Charles Stewart, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry ( dated 1851 ), concerning the publication of newspaper articles in France relating to Abd-el-Kadir and to French politics and literary life in general, are held in the County Durham record office at Ref No. D / Lo / C 74.
According to the UNESCO report ( 60100 ha / Ref: 954 ), this monastery is one of the oldest working Christian monasteries in the world together with the Monastery of Saint Anthony, situated across the Red Sea in the desert south of Cairo, which also lays claim to that title.
Thomson used its oil profits to buy small newspapers in the United States, starting with the acquisition of Brush-Moore Newspapers in 1967 for $ 72 million, at the time the largest sale of newspapers .< Ref name =" time1 "> Newspapers: Strength in the Afternoon, Time ( magazine ), September 8, 1967 </ ref >
Versions of the STK instrument classes have been integrated into ChucK, Csound, Real-Time Cmix, Max / MSP ( as part of PeRColate ), SuperCollider and FAUST .< Ref > http :// code. google. com / p / stk-faust /</ ref > It has been ported to SymbianOS as well.
The Regia Aeronautica ( Italian Air Force ) would contribute approximately 180-220 transport aircraft, mostly three-engined SM. 75s ( carrying 24-28 men each ), SM. 81s ( carrying 12-14 men each ) and SM. 82s ( carrying 30-34 men each ). Ref
Such laws do not have to be consistent with the fundamental liberties under Articles 5 ( Right to Life and Personal Liberty ), 9 ( No Banishment from Malaysia and Freedom of movement within Malaysia ), 10 ( Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Association ) or 13 ( Rights to Property ).< Ref > The laws passed under Article 149 must contain in its recital one or more of the statements in Article 149 ( 1 )( a ) to ( f ).
In 2012 the Observatory received special signals from the Mars rover Opportunity ( MER-B ), to simulate the Curiosity rover UHF radio .< Ref name = prep > NASA-Opportunity Prepares for Curiosity's Arrival!
An olfactory receptor neuron ( ORN ), also called an olfactory sensory neuron ( OSN ), is a transduction cell within the olfactory system .< Ref name = Jean-Pierre > J. Rospars, ( 1998 ) Dendritic integration in olfactory sensory neurons: a steady-state analysis of how the neuron structure and neuron environment influence the coding of odor intensity.
229: 119-127 PMID 11133158 </ Ref > The activated OR in turn activates the intracellular G-protein, GOLF ( GNAL ), adenylate cyclase and production of cyclic AMP ( cAMP ) opens ion channels in the cell membrane, resulting in an influx of sodium and calcium ions into the cell, and an efflux of chloride ions.
In 2003, the firm established a headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region in Shanghai .< Ref name =" vault "/> By 2009 the firm had 400 directors ( senior partners ), up from 151 in 1993.
He still managed to lead the majors with a. 376 batting average as he recorded his second consecutive league batting title .< Ref name =" Complete " /> He also led the majors in hits ( 208 ), doubles ( 49 ), RBIs ( 102 ) and slugging percentage (. 546 ).

Ref and who
The antiquary John Leland ( 1506 – 1552 ) as well as John Bale believed him to be Welsh, but most modern scholars, beginning with G. L. Kittredge in 1894, assume that he was Sir Thomas Malory of Newbold Revel in Warwickshire, who was a knight, land-owner and Member of Parliament .< ref > Riddy, Felicity </ Ref >.
The most frequently used of these was Denis Leary, who he directed as a lead or star in No Cure for Cancer, The Ref, Denis Leary: Lock ' n Load, and Monument Ave .. Leary also worked as a producer on the 2001 crime drama film Blow which starred Johnny Depp as George Jung.
The relationship between the " Discount Yield " and the Rate of Return on other financial assets is usually discussed in such economic and financial theories involving the inter-relation between various Market Prices, and the achievement of Pareto Optimality through the operations in the Capitalistic Price Mechanism ,< Ref Name =" Economics_Discount "/> as well as in the discussion of the " Efficient ( Financial ) Market Hypothesis ".< Ref Name =" Finance_Discount "/>< Ref Name =" Economics_Competition "> Competition from other firms who offer other Financial Assets that promise the Market Rate of Return forces the person who is asking for a delay in payment to offer a " Discount Yield " that is the same as the Market Rate of Return .</ ref > The person delaying the payment of the current Liability is essentially compensating the person to whom he / she owes money for the lost revenue that could be earned from an investment during the time period covered by the delay in payment.
, He served in the Eisenhower Administration, filling posts including director of the Mutual Security Administration ( foreign aid ) and Special Assistant to the President for Disarmament .< Ref > During this period he held cabinet rank and led a quixotic effort ( perhaps covertly encouraged by Eisenhower, who had reservations about Richard Nixon's maturity for the presidency ) to " dump Nixon " at the 1956 Republican Convention.
Masi scored the game's lone run on a Braves single and despite surrendering just two hits in the game, but Feller, who pitched just 85 pitches, and the Indians lost, 1 – 0 .< Ref name =" Pictures "> Photographs shown after the game showed Boudreau had tagged Masi out by two feet.
Instead, Boudreau went with Gene Bearden, who would be pitching off one day's rest, and the choice was solidified when veteran second baseman Joe Gordon told him he had the team's support .< Ref > The Indians went on to win the game at Fenway Park, 8 – 3, to face the Boston Braves in the World Series.
He played in 117 games on the season, an increase of the 90 he played in one season before, but Cleveland, who had hired Joe Birmingham as the team's fifth manager since Lajoie gave up the role in 1909, finished 75 – 78 .< Ref name =" Complete " /> Lajoie and Joe Jackson tied for the team lead with 90 RBIs.
Bookchin sets his social anarchism in opposition to individualist, primitivist and post-modern forms of anarchism ( represented, he maintains, by such anarchist philosophers as John Zerzan and Hakim Bey ).< Ref > It has provoked criticism from anarchist writers like Bob Black and John Clark, who view Bookchin's polemic as misguided.
Newmark is one of several Gibson characters who live through information .< Ref >
In early 1966 a protected nuclear fallout shelter ( or bunker ) was completed on the site for the ROC ( OS Grid Ref: ST 1898 8508 ), who by the 1960s had switched from above ground aircraft spotting to underground operations with instruments to detect nuclear explosions and warn the public of approaching radioactive fallout in the event of nuclear war.
Among the others were General Sir Rob Lockhart, Lt-Gen Sir Dudley Russell, and Maj-Gen H Williams, who, as Engineer-in-Chief, was the last to retire, late in 1955. He was acting Director Military Operations but was eased out as he proposed a 25 mile border corridor in Punjab under british troops to save innocent people .( Ref.
He received 6322 votes, finishing second to Progressive Conservative candidate Lee Clark ( who received 18, 813 votes ).< Ref name =" report1 "> Morgan, Richard ( 5 September 1984 ).
6 ), we note the appearance in Italy-Rome of two representatives of this latter school who especially treasure the Fourth Gospel -- namely Ptolemy and Heracleon ( Hillolytus Ref.
In early 1962 a protected nuclear fallout shelter ( or bunker ) was completed at Lavernock Point for the ROC ( OS Grid Ref: ST 1858 6903 ), who by the 1960s had switched from above ground aircraft spotting to underground operations with instruments to detect nuclear explosions and warn the public of approaching radioactive fallout in the event of nuclear war.
It is, however, a problem for the writer who is usually uncomfortable about this exposure ".< Ref Name = CraftingaLife />
David Klein (; born 1935 ) is an Israeli who served as the governor of the Bank of Israel from January 2000 to January 2005 .< Ref name =" bye "> Reuters ( 10 January 2005 ).
At the time of settlement the Chief or the clan was Oryang Jack who was drawn by French Artist Pellier ( Ref Mitchell Library )
# Are the Findings of Doctors and Clinics Who Do Sexual Research and Experiments Accurate? A researcher ( Allen ) and a journalist, Helen ( Heather MacRae ), visit a researcher ( John Carradine ) who formerly worked with Masters and Johnson but now has his own laboratory complete with a lab assistant named Igor ( Ref Sanchez ).
I try to include all this, and therein lies the little commotion about remuneration that my pieces have caused .” < Ref name = Margolles /> More specific to his questioning of art institutions and capitalism, he said “ At the Kunstwerke in Berlin they criticized me because I had people sitting for four hours a day, but they didn ’ t realize that a little further up the hallway the guard spends eight hours a day on his feet ... any of the people who make those criticisms have never worked in their lives ; if they think it ’ s a horror to sit hidden in a cardboard box for four hours, they don ’ t know what work is ... And of course extreme labor relations shed much more light on how the labor system actually works .” < Ref name = Margolles /> Sierra has a displayed interest in visibility and invisibility.

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