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Still and another
Still another segment of the student population consists of those who seek, in what they regard as religion, intellectual clarity, rational belief, and ethical guidance and reinforcement.
Still another approach to the changeable letter type of sign is a modular unit introduced by Merritt Products, Azusa, Calif..
Still another, annoyed by the brevity of a recently received missive, wrote: `` yore letter was short and sweet, jist like a roasted maget ''.
Still another boy asserted: `` To be a good Jew is to do no wrong ; ;
Still another suggested that he would join a temple `` for social reasons, since I'll be living in a suburb ''.
Still another group of seeds ( sometimes tiny, dry, seed-bearing fruits ) provide distinctive flavors and odors to foods, although the nutrients they supply are quite negligible.
Still another denomination had 7,360,187 members twenty years ago.
" The year 1979 saw the Commodores score another Top Five ballad hit, " Sail On ", before reaching the top of the charts once again with another ballad, " Still ".
The 2010 film I'm Still Here was another mockumentary.
Still another theory is that the general environment today is much more complex and stimulating.
Still another such problem, the minor containment problem, is to find a fixed graph as a minor of a given graph.
Still another approach to editing the strips involves removing Garfield and other main characters from the originals completely, leaving Jon talking to himself.
Still, he remained in Italy for another six months, leaving Venice in March 1576.
Still hoping to be promoted to the office of Legate of Spain, Diego sent envoys to Rome, carrying with them 300 gold Almoravid coins, two hundred and twenty for Honorius and another eighty for the Curia.
Still, most waka poets kept to ancient tradition or made those reformation another stereotype, and waka was not a vibrant genre in general at the end of this period.
Still since the close of World War II, limited non-nuclear conflicts continue, and surprisingly enough, some outspoken celebrities and politicians have even advocated for the proclamation of another world war.
Still another influential affiliation of architects was the group Der Ring ( The Ring ) established by ten architects in Berlin in 1923-24, including: Otto Bartning, Peter Behrens, Hugo Häring, Erich Mendelsohn, Mies van der Rohe, Bruno Taut and Max Taut.
Still another theory is that it means " the mirage or reflecting river.
Still another important chapter in the story of the Revolution was written on May 5, 1783, when General Washington received Sir Guy Carleton at the DeWint House, where they discussed the terms of the peace treaty.
Still and Raw and the album Pulse, released on XIIIBis Records in Europe and Metropolis in the U. S. These represented another iteration of Front 242's explicitly stated goal of reinventing itself.
Still another definition is metaphysical, where al-hijab refers to " the veil which separates man or the world from God.
Still another variant of the narrative is found in Callimachus and the 5th century AD Greek writer Nonnus.
Still another explanation is that pleiotropic gene ( s ) affect the size of both brain and eyes simultaneously.

Still and song
Queen Boadicea features in the opening lyrics of the song " The Good Old Days " written by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat for British rock band The Libertines from their 2002 album " Up the bracket ", the line reads, " If Queen Boadicea is long dead and gone, Still then the spirit in her children's children's children, it lives on ".
* It is the subject of a ballet, Still Life at the Penguin Café, and a song, ' A Dream too Far ', in the ecological musical Rockford's Rock Opera.
In the late 1990s, Puerto Rican rapper Big Punisher became the first Latino solo artist to reach platinum sales for an LP with his debut album Capital Punishment, which included hit song Still Not a Player.
*" The Moor ", a song by the Swedish progressive death metal Opeth on their album Still Life
* For Phoebe Still a Baby, a song by the Cocteau Twins
Still, the song is written and discussed, and its proximity to the maxixe made it finally be designated as samba-maxixe.
The song was included on their respective solo albums: Paul Simon's Still Crazy After All These Years ; and Garfunkel's Breakaway.
* " I'm Still Here ", a song from Stephen Sondheim's 1971 musical, Follies: " I've slept in shanties, guest of the WPA, and I'm here.
* " Still in Saigon ", a song by Charlie Daniels
That same year, he reunited with Campbell for the album Still Within the Sound of My Voice, for which he wrote the title song.
Later in the film she and Robeson sang I Still Suits Me, a song written especially by Kern and Hammerstein for the film.
The 1955 song " Mary Lee " by The Rainbows on Red Robin Records, a Washington DC regional hit on Pilgrim 703, contains the background " do wop de wadda ": the 1956 song " In the Still of the Night " by The Five Satins features a plaintive " doo-wop, doo-wah " refrain in the bridge.
In 2008, Raitt donated a song to the Aid Still Required's CD to assist with relief efforts in Southeast Asia from the 2004 Tsunami.
Rapper Kid Rock refers to Eastpointe in his song " It's Still East Detroit To Me.
These were the " seven towers " referred to in the U2 song " Running to Stand Still ".
In 2008, she donated a song to Aid Still Required's CD to assist with the restoration of the devastation done to Southeast Asia from the 2004 Tsunami.
In August 2003, Gibb announced the release of a new single of " My Lover's Prayer ", a song first recorded by the Bee Gees in 1997 on the album Still Waters, with lead vocals by Gibb and singers Wanya Morris and Lance Bass.
* In the South Park episode " Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut ", Cartman reveals that he hates to leave things unfinished and that he has the urge to finish the song " Come Sail Away " whenever he hears the first few verses.
*" Golden ", a song by My Morning Jacket from the It Still Moves album
Still, it did not stop concentration camp inmates from secretly singing it, this is most likely since the song was originally a Yiddish song " Bei Mir Bistu Shein ", and had been popularized within the Jewish community before it was recorded as a more successful " cover " version by the Andrews sisters.
The opening song of The Rocky Horror Show and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, " Science Fiction Double Feature ", begins with the words " Michael Rennie was ill The Day the Earth Stood Still, but he told us where we stand ..." (" and Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear, Claude Rains was The Invisible Man ..." etc.
Still, Baldwin was recorded singing " Precious Lord ", a gospel song by Thomas A. Dorsey.

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