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Throughout and film
Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Kurosawa directed approximately a film a year, including a number of highly regarded films such as Ikiru ( 1952 ), Seven Samurai ( 1954 ) and Yojimbo ( 1961 ).
Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, De Palma worked repeatedly with actors Jennifer Salt, Amy Irving, Nancy Allen ( his wife from 1979 to 1983 ), Gary Sinise, John Lithgow, William Finley, Charles Durning, Gerrit Graham, cinematographers Stephen H. Burum and Vilmos Zsigmond ( see List of noted film director and cinematographer collaborations ), set designer Jack Fisk, and composers Bernard Herrmann, John Williams and Pino Donaggio.
Throughout his childhood and teenage years he worked in television, film, and radio.
Throughout history, succubi have been popular characters in music, literature, film, television, and especially as video game and anime characters.
Throughout the 1970s, Vangelis composed music scores for several animal documentaries, including L ' Apocalypse Des Animaux, La Fête sauvage and Opéra sauvage ; the success of these scores brought him into the film scoring mainstream.
Throughout his career Capra depended upon his skill as an editor to achieve the contrast of the individual and the group, critical in the success of his Hollywood movies .” Capra thought it would be most effective to use the enemy ’ s original film and propaganda in the series in order to expose the enemies with their own images.
Throughout the early history of film distribution, theater owners hired orchestras to attend film showings and provide soundtracks.
Throughout the course of the film, he becomes romantically involved with a Russian woman, whom he later impregnates, as they attempt to survive the prolonged siege and the secret police, because relationships with foreigners are forbidden.
Throughout the year, the specially-commissioned film Blackadder: Back & Forth was shown in Skyscape ( a separate cinema on the site sponsored by BSkyB ).
Throughout his career, he claimed that his 1921 film, Rhythmus 21, was the first abstract film ever created.
Throughout development and pre-production of The Last Crusade, Spielberg admitted he was " consciously regressing " in making the film.
Throughout the film C-3PO is a foil to R2-D2's jokes, even when C-3PO translates R2-D2's machine speech for the audience.
Throughout the film, the Aracuan Bird appears at random moments.
Throughout her troubled childhood, she had continued to aspire to a future career ; she kept a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about successful women in predominantly male-oriented fields, including film direction and production, law, advertising, management and mechanical engineering.
Throughout his career he has won many awards from international film festivals and academies.
Throughout the 702-performance run of Gypsy, Mervyn LeRoy saw it numerous times, and he repeatedly assured Merman that he planned to cast her in the film adaptation he was preparing.
Throughout the film, Josh teases Cher, but at the same time shows his caring and concern for her.
Throughout the year, the Art Discovery Series presents plays, concerts, and musicals, and in the summer, there are regular band concerts at Veterans ' Park, as well as many activities at the Sierra Vista Public Library such as a film series, lectures, readings, and other programs for children and adults.
Throughout his childhood, Mirkin had an interest in film, and explored both writing and filming.
Throughout the film after being widowed, she expresses concern for Peter's being out late and coming home injured, though he refuses to admit to her where he's been.
Throughout each series and film, Sarek is shown to have great compassion for humanity and Earth.
Throughout her career, she championed the rights of black actors and characters to be depicted with dignity on film.

Throughout and Judith
Throughout the 1980s Herb and his wife Judith worked with Myles Horton on his autobiography, The Long Haul ( Doubleday, New York, 1990 ).

Throughout and O
Throughout this time O ' Brien worked with Hoyt on a series of cancelled projects included Atlantis for First National studio, Frankenstein, and Creation for RKO Pictures, which was finally cancelled in 1931 with only 20-minutes of effects footage to show for an estimated $ 120, 000 development cost.
Throughout the 1950s, the foundation provided arts and humanities fellowships that supported the work of figures like Josef Albers, James Baldwin, Saul Bellow, Herbert Blau, E. E. Cummings, Flannery O ' Connor, Jacob Lawrence, Maurice Valency, Robert Lowell, and Margaret Mead.
Throughout her childhood, Margaret O ' Brien's awards were displayed in a special room.
Throughout the 1950s the Irish government would discuss the provision of an Irish television service, this was headed up by Leon O ' Broin, the secretary at the Department of Post and Telegraphs.
Throughout the late ` 50s and most of the ` 60s, Clark's on-camera sidekick was announcer Charlie O ' Donnell, who later went on to announce Wheel of Fortune and other programs hosted or produced by Clark, such as The $ 100, 000 Pyramid.
Throughout his illustrious career, Richard Garrick performed along with some of the brightest actors and actresses in stage and film history, including James Arness, Ed Begley, Marlon Brando, Lee J. Cobb, James Dean, Julie Harris, Brian Keith, Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh, Karl Malden, Victor Mature, Ethel Merman, Marilyn Monroe, Patricia Neal, Donald O ' Connor, Maureen O ' Sullivan, Anthony Quinn, Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers, Jean Simmons, Richard Todd, Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner, John Wayne, Dennis Weaver and Richard Widmark.
Throughout the first five series, when Ardal O ' Hanlon played the main role, ratings were consistent enough for further series to be commissioned by the BBC, with some episodes reaching 5-8m viewers.
Throughout the run, there were many celebrity Cat in the Hat replacements, including Rosie O ' Donnell and Cathy Rigby.
Throughout the Eighties and Nineties, O ' Hara appeared in many supporting roles, including Martin Scorsese's After Hours and Heartburn, with Meryl Streep.
Throughout the greater part of the 13th century a state of comparative peace existed at Tallaght, but subsequently the O ' Byrnes and O ' Tooles, in what would become County Wicklow, took offensive action and were joined by many of the Archbishop's tenants.
Throughout the time that the O ' Briens ruled in medieval Ireland, the system of tanistry was used to decide succession, rather than primogeniture used by much of feudal Europe.
Throughout the run of the series, O ' Hare served as the creative director and supervising producer on Camp Lazlo.
Throughout their careers, Instant Funk would be the back-up band for many stars, including Lou Rawls, Loleatta Holloway, The O ' Jays, MFSB, Curtis Mayfield and Evelyn Champagne King ( they are the backing band on the hit single, " Shame ").
Throughout the final season O ' Donnell called on Caroline Rhea to host the program every Friday.
Throughout the years, Nick News has featured special guests of honor, such as Al Gore, Bill Cosby, Faith Hill, Rosie O ' Donnell, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton and Dr. Phil.
Throughout 1993 – 94, O ' Leary was a regular player in the Leeds side until he suffered an achilles injury, which ruled him out for the whole of the following season.
Throughout the day, in spite of intense shelling and machine-gun fire, this gallant N. C. O.
Throughout many of his endeavors, Marshall turned most of his business associations into friendships ; including J. R. Parten, Fred Koch and his sons, Oscar Wyatt and E. O.
Throughout August 2011, she retires to the Convent of Arrábida with her Musicians and, in the surroundings of the mountain, set up a recording studio where they record the seventeen tracks that give birth to the album " O Mistério ".
Throughout his lifetime, Phillips acquired paintings by many artists who were not fully recognized at the time, among them John Marin, Georgia O ' Keeffe, Arthur Dove, Nicolas de Staël, Milton Avery and Augustus Vincent Tack.
Throughout their career, Uchoten did a number of covers, of artists including King Crimson, Gilbert O ' Sullivan, Lizard, P-Model and Takuro Yoshida.
Given a simply connected open subset D of C < sup > n </ sup >, there is an associated sheaf O < sub > D </ sub > of holomorphic functions on D. Throughout, U is any open subset of D. Then the set O < sub > D </ sub >( U ) of holomorphic functions from U to C has a natural ( componentwise ) C-algebra structure and one can collate sections that agree on intersections to create larger sections ; this is outlined in more detail at sheaf.

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