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Develop and strategy
* Develop a strategy to lower relative cost position through controlling cost drivers or reconfiguring the value chain.
** 1. 1 Develop and implement a risk-based IT audit strategy in compliance with IT audit standards to ensure that key areas are included.

Develop and for
* Develop and provide a comprehensive in-service education program on the safe and effective use of medical equipment for both medical and nursing staff.
* Develop and implement short and long term strategies for the development and direction of the department to effectively manage medical equipment and technology in the clinics.
# Develop a Global Partnership for Development: Donor countries have renewed their commitment.
* Develop proof-of-concept scripts for each application / component under test, using chosen test tools and strategies
* Develop and verify the product for this iteration.
* Develop and consolidate democracy and the rule of law, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
* Develop employees to be ready for advancement into key roles-primarily through the right set of experiences.
# Develop more cost-effective and efficient techniques for providing both upstream and
# Develop education and outreach programs that distribute information to governments, civic groups, educational systems and NGOs about critical habitat needs, threats and potential conservation actions for the American eel.
* AIESEC-The International Platform for Young People to Explore and Develop their Potential
* Develop the ability to communicate in both official languages for officer cadets
*( a ) Develop University's charter with the participation of the Academic Council and present said charter to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia for approval ;
*( b ) Develop and approve the University's internal regulations, code of ethics and procedures for disciplinary responsibility ;
In 2004, Hannigan wrote " Changing Our Tune ", a seminal cover article for the UK's Develop magazine, outlining some of the differences between scoring for games and conventional linear media forms such as film and television.
Develop and support centers for documentation services and supply of data ;
In 2010, Infinity Ward was ranked third by Develop 100 only running up to developer Nintendo and Bungie for the top 100 developers based on the sales of their games in the UK.
His notable music compositions are used in titles such as Dungeon Keeper 2, Populous: The Beginning, Warhammer: Dark Omen, Wing Commander amiga version, Duke Nukem 3D Total Meltdown, and he has since had sound design credits in games such as the Develop Magazine Audio Accomplishment nominated Race Driver: GRID, Develop Magazine Best art and sound nominated Sudeki, Shox, Formula One, and Theme Park World-which won a BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards award in 2000 for ' best sound in a video game '.
* Develop and promote the business case for sustainable development ;
# Develop and improve educational systems ’ capacity to engage in national strategies for educational monitoring and improvement
# Develop the student's abilities and understanding for later practice of the kendo kata.
For example, it recommended assisting " elementary and secondary schools in teaching about North America .” ( page 29 )Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers.
Pai's other works include a number of books on personality development for children and teenagers, (" How To Develop Self-confidence ", " How to Achieve Success ", " How To Develop A Super Memory ", UBS Publishers ) and a series of audio book versions of Amar Chitra Katha stories, " Storytime with Uncle Pai " ( Universal Music India, Dec 2001 ), where he plays the role of narrator-storyteller.

Develop and solar
Develop energy resources and projects such as solar electricity generation.

Develop and technology
Policy: Develop a deeper understanding of policy issues and their impact, and work for informed policies involving computing research and computing technology in general.

Develop and including
* Develop a high-level plan ( or project charter ), including requirements, resources, timelines and milestones
* Develop a detailed performance test plan ( including detailed scenarios and test cases, workloads, environment info, etc.
* Develop detailed performance test project plan, including all dependencies and associated time-lines
Develop the Jordan Rift Valley area, including joint economic, environmental, energy-related and tourism projects.
< li >• Develop the software infrastructure for ALL services ( including content, support and access services )</ li >
* Develop a scientific approach to the Kurdish issue, including towards its language, art and culture.
* " Develop strong and reliable basic services ( including spam-reduction )"

Develop and mapping
# Develop your own personal style of mind mapping.

Develop and planning
The first of these is: “ Develop and implement measures to promote the economic enfranchisement of young people ” through a range of measures ranging from micro-credit and entrepreneurship education through to reviewing macro-economic planning and trade regimes and how they affect young people.

Develop and with
Develop the performance tests in accordance with the test design.
Develop a stronger position in negotiating with vendors
# Develop iteratively, with risk as the primary iteration driver
* Develop and Enforce IT Policies with Control Compliance Suite
* Develop new and better interventions that incorporate the diverse needs and circumstances of people with mental illnesses
# Develop the ability to speak with force and conviction, both in your ordinary conversational tones and before public gatherings, where you must use more volume.
* Develop support networks and communicate with the networks in a positive manner
The university covers an area of 3000 something mu, 40 % of which is the greenery patches and it is praised as a garden campus ; and the neigh boring area of 55 square kilo meters belongs to " Hutuo River Environmental Develop Project ", therefore, with the construction of the project, this area will become a beautiful environmental scenic spot.
* Develop and manage exchange programs with foreign institutions ; student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs.
* Leadership – Develop servant-leaders who treat others with courtesy and respect ; who lead by example ; who uphold standards fairly and consistently.
* Develop your own filesystem with FUSE by Sumit Singh
Develop standards-compliant content with Adobe FrameMaker ® 10 software, publish in various formats with Adobe RoboHelp ® 9 software and Adobe Captivate ® 5 workflows, collaborate with reviewable PDF files, incorporate images using Adobe Photoshop ® CS5, and add demos and simulations using Adobe Captivate 5.
: " Develop and implement procedures to provide adequate passenger and crew lists to local authorities with minimum delay in emergencies.
The opening is fairly popular with beginners who strictly adhere to the opening principle: " Develop knights before bishops.
A customized, Chinese version of Sonika was released at the Fancy Frontier Develop Animation Festival, as well as with promotional versions with stickers and posters.
# Develop and implement strategies to reduce the stigma associated with being a consumer of mental health, substance abuse and suicide prevention services
** a. Spiritually: Develop a growing relationship with Christ through prayer, obedience to God ’ s Word, worship and service to Christ.

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