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(...) and hope
(...) I address this letter to you in the fullest of confidence, and hope yet that you will encourage your soldiers to allow the matter to live on thus .. for the benefit of the cause itself, and for the aggrieved parents.

(...) and was
At this time, Centurashvili was only one month away from being discharged from the camp (...) And suddenly he surprisingly disappeared.
The wardens looked around the hills, stated Kulesh's evidence, that last time Kulesh had seen his workmate near the fireplace, Kulesh went out to work and Centurashvili left to warm himself more ; but when Kulesh returned to the fireplace, Centurashvili had vanished ; who knows, maybe he got frozen somewhere in snow, he was a weak guy (...) The wardens searched for two more days, and then assumed that it was an escape case, though they wondered why, since his imprisonment period was almost over (...) The crime was there.
In 1858, the last attempt was made by Johann Gustav Stickel, Jena University: " Das Etruskische (...) als Semitische Sprache erwiesen ".
But it is also pointed out by many researchers, with its Sillon industriel, ' Especially in the Haine, Sambre and Meuse valleys, between the Borinage and Liège, (...) there was a huge industrial development based on coal-mining and iron-making ...'.
" Michel De Coster, Professor at the Université de Liège wrote also: " The historians and the economists say that Belgium was the second industrial power of the world, in proportion to its population and its territory (...) But this rank is the one of Wallonia where the coal-mines, the blast furnaces, the iron and zinc factories, the wool industry, the glass industry, the weapons industry ... were concentrated "
During the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, Flanders was characterised by the presence of large urban centres (...) at the beginning of the nineteenth century this region ( Flanders ), with an urbanisation degree of more than 30 per cent, remained one of the most urbanised in the world.
Nineteenth century industrialisation did not affect the traditional urban infrastructure, except in Ghent (...) Also, in Wallonia the traditional urban network was largely unaffected by the industrialisation process, even though the proportion of city-dwellers rose from 17 to 45 per cent between 1831 and 1910.
Plutarch reports the peculiar customs associated with the Spartan wedding night: The custom was to capture women for marriage (...) The so-called ' bridesmaid ' took charge of the captured girl.
(...) Perhaps the plane was hit by a missile, we still don ’ t know.
Noted reviewer Graham Greene was effusive that this was Capra's finest film to date, describing Capra's treatment as " a kinship with his audience, a sense of common life, a morality ..." Variety noted " a sometimes too thin structure the players and director Frank Capra have contrived to convert (...) into fairly sturdy substance.
In German Social Democratic circles, the general strike suffered from the hereditary taint of its anarchist origins (...) Rosa Luxemburg, who studied the Belgian strike, was particularly impressed with its success in activating the political consciousness of the backward portions of the population.
In its preamble, it states that it was created by the Ticinese people ( popolo ) " in order to guaranty peaceful life together with respect for the dignity of man, fundamental liberties and social justice (...) faithful to its historic task to interpret Italian culture within the Helvetic Confederation ".
(...) The lions have temples and numerous spaces in which to roam ; the flesh of oxen is supplied to them daily (...) and the lions eat to the accompaniment of song in the Egyptian language ", thus the Greek name of the city Leontopolis was derived.
Andrea Romano, the voice director and caster for Animaniacs, said that the casters had " no trouble " choosing the role of Dot: " Tress MacNeille was just hilarious (...) And yet had that edge.
There were just waves of hatred bouncing around the place, (...) It was clear we had to get out of there ....

(...) and with
The skin on some pieces bristles with black hair (...) A former smith from Poltava, Kulesh worked together with Centurashvili.
" (...) In general, the word " materialistic " serves many of the younger writers in Germany as a mere phrase with which anything and everything is labeled without further study, that is, they stick on this label and then consider the question disposed of.
The meeting consolidated the Polish-German alliance, with Mieszko joining Otto's expedition against a Slavic land, which together they wholly devastated (...) with fire and tremendous depopulation.
(...) The birth of the KLA in 1996 coincided with the appointment of Hansjoerg Geiger as the new head of the BND ( German secret Service ).
When the score resumes with a Black move, an ellipsis (...) fills the position of the White move, for example:
The Japanese march through the city in groups of ten to twenty soldiers and loot the shops (...) I watched with my own eyes as they looted the café of our German baker Herr Kiessling.
In 1635 Mersenne met with Tommaso Campanella, but concluded that he could " teach nothing in the sciences (...) but still he has a good memory and a fertile imagination.
According to him, " when Tangi ' ia came to Rarotonga from Tahiti, he brought with him some rankless " manahune " (...) As they had no chance of rising in social status, some of them under the leadership of Rangi migrated to Mangaia to start a new life ( c. 1450-1475 ).
(...) Gordianus, their proconsul, and the object of their choice emperor, refused, with unfeigned reluctance, the dangerous honour, and begged with tears that they should suffer him to terminate in peace a long and innocent life, without staining his feeble age with civil blood.
:" Heliodotos dedicated this fragrant altar (...) so that the greatest of all kings Euthydemus, as well as his son, the glorious, victorious and remarkable Demetrius, be preserved of all pains, with the help of the Fortune with divine thoughts "
(...) we should not expect philosophy of science to provide today's scientists with any useful guidance about how to go about their work or about what they are likely to find.
(...) But only rarely did it seem to me to have anything to do with the work of science as I knew it.

(...) and NATO
As his requests were not met during this conference, Putin issued a decree intended to suspend the observance of its treaty obligations on July 14, 2007, effective 150 days later, stating that it was the result of " extraordinary circumstances (...) which affect the security of the Russian Federation and require immediate measures ," and notified NATO and its members.

(...) and could
In an early 1999 interview, Love said about the Venus: " I wanted a guitar that sounded really warm and pop, but which required just one box to go dirty (...) And something that could also be your first band guitar.
:" The double, original and, whatever the rutinarians say, even sympathetic suicide of Paul Lafargue and Laura Marx Spain, women keep their Spanish names | maiden surname after marriage, who knew and could live united and lovers until death, has awakened my memories (...)
I also clearified some difficulties they had (...) of course my Agha could not help making a mockery of this ; he almost choked laughing and told everyone I had come al the way from France to teach the Asian Muslims the Qur ' an.
(...) There was no way Dershowitz could have independently generated exactly those 20 errors — he must have copied them.
(...) The information superhighway brings together millions of individuals who could exchange information with one another.
In the preface to the biography of Wolff Claus Sybill writes that he could be described as a classic case study for the Nazi representative of the upper bourgeoisie: " Wolff himself is and remains (...)
He said, " the Monarchy and the Hungarian nation was longing for peace all the way until there were some series of proofs found which we found that the enemy was systematically trying to humiliate and destroy us as soon as possible (...) As we have found proofs that the Serbian government took part in organising the assassination, we could not do but to address an ultimatum to Serbia ... where we fixed that the war is preventive.
(...) It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin's political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.
(...) If we could assemble all the antimatter we've ever made at CERN and annihilate it with matter, we would have enough energy to light a single electric light bulb for a few minutes.
(...) Our band will be remembered forever by those who lived through the dictatorship because of that, because there was no dictatorship and could do almost nothing but sing songs of the prisoners.
Now the chances for a democratic, unified Iraq are dwindling fast (...) Iraq could have turned out differently.
(...) Just how civilian lives could be saved by this type of preparation, as opposed to aerial bombardment, is unknown.
" Later in life, Tegart admitted: " Their driving power (...) immense: if the army could be raised or the arms could reach an Indian port, the British would lose the War ".
(...) I could tell you the time and place you became Immortal, the name of your first love, but that's not important.

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