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") and Conversely
Conversely, the vowel marks of the Tigrinya abugida and the Amharic abugida ( ironically, the original source of the term " abugida ") have been so completely assimilated into their consonants that the modifications are no longer systematic and have to be learned as a syllabary rather than as a segmental script.
Conversely, British English favours fitted as the past tense of fit generally, whereas the preference of American English is more complex: AmEng prefers fitted for the metaphorical sense of having made an object " fit " ( i. e., suited ) for a purpose ; in spatial transitive contexts, AmEng uses fitted for the sense of having made an object conform to an unchanged object that it surrounds ( e. g., " fitted X around Y ") but fit for the sense of having made an object conform to an unchanged object that surrounds it ( e. g., " fit X into Y "); and for the spatial senses ( both intransitive and transitive ) of having been matching with respect to contour, with no alteration of either object implied, AmEng prefers fit (" The clothes fit.
Conversely, a particular map between particular objects may be called an unnatural isomorphism ( or " this isomorphism is not natural ") if the map cannot be extended to a natural transformation on the entire category.
Conversely, the Chinese logogram for water (" 水 ") may have a slightly different appearance in Japanese texts than it does in Chinese texts, and local typefaces may reflect this.
Conversely, the north ( on the " rive droite ") has a gentle depression to about above sea level ( at Saint-Marceau ) between the Loire and the Loiret, designated a " zone inondable " ( flood-risk zone ).
Conversely in one episode (" Major Boobage ") Cartman acts as an Oskar Schindler character for the town's cats, a rare case of a subplot based on Cartman's altruism.
Conversely, no future law of a State would be void for inconsistency with ( being " repugnant to ") any UK law applying with " paramount force " in Australia ; a State ( like the Commonwealth ) would have power to repeal or amend such an existing UK law so far as it applied to the State ( s 3 ).
Conversely, after the war, a strong trend of Entnazifizierung (" denazification ") took place.
Conversely, the Canadian issue of this album featured a different song (" Mirrors ") on side 2, track 2.
Conversely, Saturn, the most distant ( and hence the " coldest ") of the planets known to ancients, was accorded the rulership of Aquarius and Capricorn, the signs opposite Leo and Cancer, respectively.

") and fire
According to Fundinn Noregr, Ægir is a son of the giant Fornjótr and brother of Logi (" fire ") and Kári (" wind ").
In the Pali literature, the mahabhuta (" great elements ") or catudhatu (" four elements ") are earth, water, fire and air.
In Argentina, an asado ( Spanish for " grilled ") is prepared on a grill held over an open pit or fire made upon the ground, on which a whole animal or smaller cuts are grilled.
A shotgun usually retains its ancestor's smooth bore, and while originally designed to fire a packet of relatively small shot pellets, is also capable of firing larger slugs, or specialty ( often " less lethal ") rounds such as bean bags, tear gas or breaching rounds.
The first chronicled use of " fire spears " ( or " fire lances ") is at the siege of De ' an in 1132.
But then, says Cleanthes, Zeus uses the fire to " straighten out the common logos " that travels about ( phoitan, " to frequent ") mixing with the greater and lesser lights ( heavenly bodies ).
The head of the household would smother ( or " smoor ") the fire and rake the ashes smooth.
A common aiming system is to alternate solid (" ball ") rounds and tracer ammunition rounds ( usually one tracer round for every four ball rounds ), so shooters can see the trajectory and " walk " the fire into the target, and direct the fire of other soldiers.
The MAC-10 ( also known as the " Ingram Model 10 ") and MAC-11 ( also called the " Ingram Model 11 ") were 1970s blowback designed weapons with the magazine in the pistol grip and a fire selector switch.
The square in front of the cathedral ( sometimes called the Neuer Markt, or " new marketplace ") was occupied by an imperial palace ( Kaiserpfalz ), which was destroyed in the fire of 1207.
The fire in 1681 ( the " Horneman Fire ") led to an almost total reconstruction of the city, overseen by General Johan Caspar von Cicignon, originally from Luxembourg.
The geomagnetic storm – like E3 pulse ( from the test designated as " Test 184 ") even induced an electric current surge in a long underground power line that caused a fire in the power plant in the city of Karaganda.
The crew's performance improves and Vostrikov decides to carry out the K-19's first mission, which is to surface in the Arctic and fire an unarmed (" test ") ballistic missile.
Those hardened forts had also been equipped with regular field guns installed in reinforced concrete bunkers (" Casemates de Bourges ") looking sideways, thus providing flanking fire across the intervals between the forts.
") The Hayman fire was named for a mining ghost town near Tappan Gulch.
Ningizzida has been popularised in the 20th C. by Raku Kei Reiki ( a. k. a. " The Way of the Fire Dragon ") where " Nin Giz Zida " is believed to be a fire serpent of Tibetan rather than Sumerian origin.
* Noctiluca ( sea ghost or " fire of sea ")
When ergotism ( more popularly known in the Middle Ages as " St. Anthony's fire ") afflicted many victims, the crypt of the original church became a hospital to care for the sick.
* mogionti ( Ionic pyressousi ) " they are on fire, have fever " (= Attic mogousi " they suffer, take pains to ")

") and is
The leader is only a spokesperson for the group when it has to deal with other groups (" international relations ") but has no inside authority, and may be violently removed if he attempts to abuse this position.
He was worshipped as Acraephius ( ; Ἀκραιφιος, Akraiphios, literally " Acraephian ") or Acraephiaeus ( ; Ἀκραιφιαίος, Akraiphiaios, literally " Acraephian ") in the Boeotian town of Acraephia ( Ἀκραιφία ), reputedly founded by his son Acraepheus ; and as Smintheus ( ; Σμινθεύς, Smintheus, " Sminthian "— that is, " of the town of Sminthos or Sminthe ") near the Troad town of Hamaxitus.
The arithmetic mean of a variable is often denoted by a bar, for example ( read " x bar ") would be the mean of some sample space.
The order Caudata ( from the Latin cauda meaning " tail ") consists of the salamanders, elongated, low-slung animals that mostly resemble lizards in form, though this is a symplesiomorphic trait and the two groups are no more closely related than salamanders are to mammals.
Anatomy ( from the Ancient Greek, anatemnein: ana, " separate, apart from ", and temnein, " to cut up, cut open ") is a branch of biology and medicine that considers the structure of living things.
The term " android " can mean either one of these, while a cyborg (" cybernetic organism " or " bionic man ") would be a creature that is a combination of organic and mechanical parts.
Computers ( and computors ), models of computation: A computer ( or human " computor ") is a restricted type of machine, a " discrete deterministic mechanical device " that blindly follows its instructions.
The three sepals are generally colourful and bright ( which is why they are sometimes called outer tepals ), with one on each side (" lateral sepals ") and one usually at the top of the flower (" dorsal sepal "), sometimes forming a hood.
Related to this is lexicostatistics, which attempts to determine the degree of relation between a set of languages by comparing the percentage of basic vocabulary ( words like " I ", " you ", " heart ", " stone ", " two ", " be ", " and ") they share in common.
A street sign in Vienna, " Fußgeher " is normally replaced with " Fußgänger " ( in English " Pedestrian ") in Germany.
") This method cannot, however, be used to show that every countable family of nonempty sets has a choice function, as is asserted by the axiom of countable choice.
One example is the Banach – Tarski paradox which says that it is possible to decompose (" carve up ") the 3-dimensional solid unit ball into finitely many pieces and, using only rotations and translations, reassemble the pieces into two solid balls each with the same volume as the original.
The obituary stated (" The merchant of death is dead ") and went on to say, " Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.
This had the effect of inculcating the principle of lex orandi, lex credendi (" the law of prayer is the law of belief ") as the foundation of Anglican identity and confession.
The word archipelago is derived from the Greek ἄρχι-– arkhi-(" chief ") and πέλαγος – pélagos (" sea ") through the Italian arcipelago.
The term Angst distinguishes itself from the word Furcht ( German for " fear ") in that Furcht is a negative anticipation regarding a concrete threat, while Angst is a ( possibly nondirectional ) emotion, though the terms are colloquially sometimes used synonymously.
The theme of angst is portrayed in Mahler's Symphony No. 6 (" The Tragic ") and in Alban Berg's poignant Violin Concerto dedicated, " To the memory of an angel ".
The axioms are referred to as " 4 + 1 " because for nearly two millennia the fifth ( parallel ) postulate (" through a point outside a line there is exactly one parallel ") was suspected of being derivable from the first four.
If one also removes the second postulate (" a line can be extended indefinitely ") then elliptic geometry arises, where there is no parallel through a point outside a line, and in which the interior angles of a triangle add up to more than 180 degrees.
" American shot " is a translation of a phrase from French film criticism, " plan américain " and refers to a medium-long (" knee ") film shot of a group of characters, who are arranged so that all are visible to the camera.

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