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") and Fellow
* MIPA or FIPA ( Member or Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants who use the designation " Public Accountant ") conferred by the Institute of Public Accountants ( Australia )
Moschen received high regard from the international circus community for his range of innovative new techniques, and he was made a MacArthur Fellow ( received a " Genius Award ") in 1990.
* Honorary Fellow ( 2001 ), American Association for the Advancement of Science (" for distinguished contributions to ... a common scientific and humanistic understanding of knowledge and its advancement ")
Daihatsu Fellow Max L38 ( European-spec car, labelled " Daihatsu 360 ")
It uses older themes, such as " God Save the King ," " Rule Britannia " for the British, and " Marlbrough s ' en va-t-en guerre " (" Marlborough Has Left for the War ") for the French – the tune now known as " The Bear Went Over the Mountain " or " For He's a Jolly Good Fellow.
* Honorary title ( academic ) ( e. g.: " Honorary Professor ", " Visiting Fellow ")
The capitaine de corvette d ' Estienne d ' Orves was later posthumously promoted to capitaine de frégate (" frigate captain ") and made a Compagnon de la Libération (" Fellow of the Liberation ").
* episodes 379 (" The Last Way Out "), 385 (" The Friendly Fellow "), 394 (" Patterns & Stripes Don't Mix "), 410 (" Bill "), and 463 (" The Life & Times Of Tina Kennedy ") as part of the program's 30th anniversary celebration in 1994

") and watchman
Detailed descriptions of the spear's special use and terrible effect are to be found in the Middle Irish texts Togail Bruidne Dá Derga (" The Destruction of the Hostel of Da Derga ") ( Recension II ) and Mesca Ulad (" The Intoxication of the Ulstermen "), both of which employ the so-called " watchman device " to describe the fearful appearance of the warrior Dubthach Dóeltenga.

") and Constable
The proposer and seconder must attend in person the Electoral Assembly (" nomination meeting ") presided by the Constable ( or Chef de Police or Procureur du Bien Public ) of the respective parish held at the respective parish's parish hall ( Public Hall in the case of St. Martin ) or other place as may be specified.
The elected Connétable ( or " Constable ") heads the administration of each of the twelve parishes.

") and Visit
** Der letzte Besuch (" The Last Visit ")
**" Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house " (" A Visit from St. Nicholas ")
In one particular episode (" Cousin Maude's Visit ") Maude ( Beatrice Arthur ) mentioned that Archie Bunker ( Carroll O ' Connor ) always laughed out loud at Kabibble, who she thought was " as funny as a migraine.
*" Pebble-Dash " or Shoo-Fly Pie, a page from a 1915 cookbook ( Mary At The Farm And Book Of Recipes Compiled During Her Visit Among The " Pennsylvania Germans ") at the website of the Michigan State University Library
A follow up painting to his first Amager painting was " Et Besøg hos Bedstefaderen " (" A Visit to Grandfather ’ s House ") painted in 1853, which assured him a successful career with its wide popularity and many reproductions.
* 2000: Bull ( episode: " Visit ")

") and continues
However, the tradition of not losing rural roots continues today, and minestrone is now known in Italy as belonging to the style of cooking called " cucina povera " ( literally " poor kitchen ") meaning dishes that have rustic, rural roots, as opposed to " cucina nobile " or the cooking style of the artistocracy and nobles.
Finally, everything comes to what is a plain flat plain at the lowest elevation possible ( called " baseline ") This plain was called by Davis ' " peneplain " meaning " almost plain " Then the rejuvenation occurs and there is another mountain lift and the cycle continues.
This causes the north and east of Tanzania to experience two distinct wet periods – the short rains ( or " Vuli ") in October to December and the long rains ( or " Masika ) from March to May – while the southern, western, and central parts of the country experience one wet season that continues October through to April or May.
* The Famine in Ethiopia continues ; USA for Africa (" We Are the World ") and Live Aid raise funds for famine relief.
For example, the Didache ( or " Teaching of the Twelve ") instructs Christians to fast every Wednesday and Friday, a practice the Orthodox Church continues to this day.
Today SWEPCO continues to provide electrical power, and SWEPCO Lake ( known by locals as " hot lake ") is used for fishing and recreation.
* The White Dragon 1978, by Anne McCaffrey ( 1978 ; although published prior to Dragondrums, The White Dragon continues the adventures of certain Dragondrums characters ; McCaffrey recommends reading Dragonsong, Dragonsinger and Dragondrums before The White Dragon ; The White Dragon incorporates McCaffrey's story " A Time When ")
Evidence of the cult of Kim Il-sung continues into the 21st century ( despite his death in 1994 ) with the erection of Yeong Saeng (" eternal life ") monuments throughout the country, each dedicated to the departed " Great Leader ", at which citizens are expected to pay annual tribute on his official birthday or the anniversary of his death.
The lighting designer will work constantly with the board operator to refine the lighting states as the technical rehearsal continues, but because the focus of a " tech " rehearsal is the production's technical aspects, the LD may require the performers to pause (" hold ") frequently.
It continues the legacy of a botanical garden established in 1876 by the Verein der Naturfreunde (" Society of Friends of Nature ") on a nearby site and it is therefore considered the oldest one in the Czech Republic.
In the case of Caim, in Scotland “ Caim ” the Celtic protective spirit became “ Caim ” a prayer of protection, In Wales, Caim became and continues to be to this day a commonplace first name for males which means amddiffynydd ( Welsh: " protector ")
" Daughter " features vocalist Eddie Vedder singing lyrics to Neil Young's " Rockin ' in the Free World " ( as the band continues a quiet jam to " Daughter ") along with lyrics to Pearl Jam's own " W. M. A.
In a description of the border between the County of Werdenfels and Austria, it states that the same border runs " from the Zugspitz and over the Derle " ( von dem Zugspitz und über den Derle ") and continues to a bridge over the River Loisach.
Despite relatively lackluster performance ( Jane's describes it as having " an indifferent charge to weight ratio ", " unsophisticated aerodynamic shape ", " erratic fragmentation ") compared to more modern high explosive rounds, it continues to be used by many countries, in particular in training exercises because of its low cost, high availability and smaller danger area than more modern designs.
* " Wie weit ist es bis zum Horizont " (" How far to the horizon ") wonders about the metaphor of the distance to the horizon, but continues to calculate it with equations
Vicki Lawrence had a U. S. No. 1 hit record in 1973 (" The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia ") and went on to star in several shows of her own ( Mama's Family, the NBC daytime edition of Win, Lose or Draw, and her short-lived talk show, Vicki ) and continues to perform around America writing and performing comedy sketches.
The control layout ( often called " form factor ") for the camera's most important functions was also established with these cameras, and continues to define an ENG camera to this day.
The U. S. had no unincorporated territories ( also called " overseas possessions " or " insular areas ") until 1856 but continues to control several of them today.
* G ' Kar continues to write his own book (" Point of No Return ") and has shown it to other Narn and to Garibaldi.
Marshall quickly enlists Eric Weiss to become legally ordained online ( through the " Internet Church of Mammals ") so he can marry the two ( while Marshall continues to guide Sydney and Vaughn through their mission ), bolting at the last second to take his wife to the hospital.
Deeds rescues her ( as well as mercilessly beating her " robber ") and she continues to go out with him under the disguise of Pam Dawson, a school nurse from Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa ( a town she made up on the spot when asked where she was from, which later turns out to be a real place ( Syosset, New York ).
Always able to adapt, Bosko continues their date as a boating trip and plays the last refrain ( a reprise of " Singin ' in the Bathtub ") using lilypads as a marimba.
") Even so, Roberto continues that his inability to perceive pain is a severe danger because Niedermann has no way of understanding when his body is being put in mortal danger by way of punches, blows, burns, or even gunshots.
Woolen mills ( known in Spanish as " obrajes " or " mills ") were created during the viceroyalty, when the tissue and the tissue became a tradition that continues today.
As the sophistication of biology and chemistry became more understood, the primary purpose for total synthesis changed, although some total synthesis continues to be a tool for biological verification, for example if a compound contains ambiguous stereochemistry or to create analogs (" chemical mutations ") to directly assess or improve the mechanism of biological activity.

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