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), and Traité
Antoine Lavoisier, in his famed 1789 Traité Élémentaire de Chimie ( Elements of Chemistry ), refers to Bergmann ’ s work and discusses the concept of elective affinities or attractions.
* Schaeffer, Pierre ( 1966 ), Traité des objets musicaux.
One was an extremely free translation ( or rather a paraphrase ) of The Protreptic of Galen ( Paraphrase de C. GALIEN, sus l ' Exhortation de Menodote aux estudes des bonnes Artz, mesmement Medicine ), and in his so-called Traité des fardemens ( basically a medical cookbook containing, once again, materials borrowed mainly from others ) he included a description of the methods he used to treat the plague – none of which, not even the bloodletting, apparently worked.
Charles Comte, in Traité de la propriété ( 1834 ), attempted to justify the legitimacy of private property in response to the Bourbon Restoration.
His chief work is the Traité de l ' argumentation-la nouvelle rhétorique ( 1958 ), with Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca, which was translated into English as The New Rhetoric: A Treatise on Argumentation, by John Wilkinson and Purcell Weaver ( 1969 ).
Amédée-François Frézier published his revised work Traité des feux d ' artice pour le spectacle ( Treatise on Fireworks ) in 1747 ( originally 1706 ), covering the recreational and ceremonial uses of fireworks, rather than their military uses.
First came the Traité de la connaissance de Dieu et de soi-même ( 1677 ), then the Discours sur l ' histoire universelle ( 1679, published 1682 ), and lastly the Politique tirée de l ' Ecriture Sainte ( 1679, published 1709 ).
Le Solfège de l ’ Objet Sonore ( Music Theory of the Sound Object ), a sound recording that accompanied Traité des Objets Musicaux ( Treatise on Musical Objects ) by Pierre Schaeffer, was issued by ORTF ( French Broadcasting Authority ) as a long-playing record in 1967.
Among his own productions are a treatise, De la morale des pères, a history of ancient treaties contained in the Supplément au grand corps diplomatique, and the curious Traité du jeu ( 1709 ), in which he defends the morality of games of chance.
Another posthumous work was his Traité philosophique de la faiblesse de l ' esprit humain ( original spelling: Traité philosophique de la foiblesse de l ’ esprit humain ) ( Amsterdam, 1723 ), which he considered to be his best work.
Isou completes his first film, Traité de bave et d ’ éternité ( Treatise of Slime and Eternity ), which will soon be followed by Lemaître ’ s Le film est déjà commencé?
His principal works, in addition to those mentioned above, are Excellent discours de la vie et de la mort ( London, 1577 ), a bridal present to Charlotte Arbaleste ; Traité de l ' Église où l ' on traite des principales questions qui ont été mues sur ce point en nostre temps ( London, 1578 ); Traité de la vérité de la religion chrétienne contre les athées, épicuriens, payens, juifs, mahométans et autres infidèles ( Antwerp, 1581 ); Le mystère d ' iniquité, c ' est à dire, l ' histoire de la papauté ( Geneva, 1611 ).
The Revolution of Everyday Life ( Traité de savoir-vivre à l ' usage des jeunes générations ), published in the same year as The Society of the Spectacle, helped broaden and balance the presentation of the SI's theories and practices.
At Clermont, Conti had been a fellow student of Molière's for whom he secured an introduction to the court of Louis XIV, but afterwards, when writing a treatise against the stage entitled Traité de la comédie et des spectacles selon les traditions de l ' Église ( Paris, 1667 ), he charged the dramatist with keeping a school of atheism.
Richet's works on parascientific subjects, which dominated his late years, include Traité de Métapsychique ( Treatise on Metapsychics, 1922 ), Notre Sixième Sens ( Our Sixth Sense, 1928 ), L ' Avenir et la Prémonition ( The Future and Premonition, 1931 ) and La grande espérance ( The Great Hope, 1933 ).
His object in the Traité des vérités prèmieres ( 1717 ), his best-known work, is to discover the ultimate principle of knowledge.
* 1799 – François Marie Daudin writes Traité élémentaire et complet d ' Ornithologie ( Natural History of Birds ), one of the first " modern " handbooks of ornithology, combining Linnean binomial nomenclature with the anatomical and physiological descriptions of Buffon.
His works were Glossarium ad libros capitularium ( 1588 ), and Traité de l ' excommunication et de l ' interdit, etc.
:" Parterres are the low embellishments of gardens, which have great grace, especially when seen from an elevated position: they are made of borders of several shrubs and sub-shrubs of various colours, fashioned in different manners, as compartments, foliage, embroideries ( passements ), moresques, arabesques, grotesques, guilloches, rosettes, sunbursts ( gloires ), escutcheons, coats-of-arms, monograms and emblems ( devises )" — Traité du iardinage selon les raisons de la nature et de l ’ art, pp 81 – 82 ( quoted by Laird )

), and du
:* Les funérailles du général Marceau ( General Marceau's burial ), by P. H. Lamaire ( SOUTH façade, right ),
:* Le passage du pont d ' Arcole ( The Battle of Arcole ), by J. J. Feuchère ( NORTH façade, right ),
His wives were: Valide Sultan Ayse Seniyeperver, Valide Sultan Naksh-i-Dil Haseki Sultan ( there have been speculations that she was a cousin of Napoleon's wife Josephine ; see Aimée du Buc de Rivéry ), Hatice Ruh-şah, Hüma Şah, Ayşe, Bin-naz, Dil-pezir, Mehtabe, Misl-i Na-yab, Mu ' teber, Fatma Sheb-Safa, Nevres and Mihriban.
* Jürgen Klötgen, Prieuré d ' Abergavenny – Tribulations mancelles en Pays de Galles au temps du Pape Jean XXII ( d ' après des documents français et anglais du XIV ° siècle collationnés avec une source d ' histoire retrouvée aux Archives Secrètes du Vatican ), in Revue Historique et Archéologique du Maine, Le Mans, 1989, p. 65 – 88 ( 1319: cf John of Hastings, Lord of Abergavenny ; Adam de Orleton, Bishop of Hereford, John of Monmouth, Bishop of Llandaff ).
* West African Agricultural Market Observer / Observatoire du Marché Agricole ( RESIMAO ), a project of the West-African Market Information Network ( WAMIS-NET ), provides live market and commodity prices from fifty seven regional and local public agricultural markets across Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d ' Ivoire, Guinea, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Togo, and Nigeria.
Successful recreations have been performed by Anthemius of Tralles ( 6th century AD ), Proclus ( 6th century ) ( who by this means purportedly destroyed the fleet of Vitellus besieging Constantinople ), Ibn Sahl in his On Burning Mirrors and Lenses ( 10th century ), Alhazen in his Book of Optics ( 1021 ), Roger Bacon ( 13th century ), Giambattista della Porta and his friends ( 16th century ), Athanasius Kircher and Gaspar Schott ( 17th century ), the Comte du Buffon in 1740 in Paris, Ioannis Sakas in the 1970s in Greece, and others.
* Jean du Vergier de Hauranne, ( 1581 – 1643 ), theologian, who introduced Jansenism into France.
* Guillaume du Tillot ( 1711 – 1774 ), politician
After Habré consolidated his authority and assumed the presidency in 1982, his victorious army, the Armed Forces of the North ( Forces Armées du Nord — FAN ), became the nucleus of a new national army.
in negotiating a peace agreement was signed in Tripoli in February 2007, between President Bozizé and the head of the Front démocratique du people centrafricain ( FDPC ) rebel movement ( who is also said to have close ties to Union of Democratic Forces for Unity ( UFDR ), the rebel group that seized several cities in northern C. A. R.
The first to use pound locks was the Briare Canal connecting the Loire and Seine ( 1642 ), followed by the more ambitious Canal du Midi ( 1683 ) connecting the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.
Image: Claude Monet 029. jpg | La maison du pêcheur à Varengeville ( The Fisherman's house at Varengeville ), 1882, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam
* Bickerton, E. ( 2009 ), A Short History of Cahiers du Cinéma.

), and Sommeil
Le Sommeil ( Sleep ), 1866, Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris
* Le Sommeil ( The Sleepers ), a painting by Gustave Courbet
Desnos ' poetry has been set to music by a number of composers, including Witold Lutosławski with Les Espaces du Sommeil ( 1975 ) and Chantefleurs et Chantefables ( 1991 ), Francis Poulenc ( Dernier poème, 1956 ) and Henri Dutilleux with Le Temps l ' Horloge ( 2007 ).

), and ou
Apologie pour l ' histoire ou Métier d ' historien ( 1949 ), translated as The Historian's Craft ( 1953 ) excerpt of 1992 introduction by Peter Burke, and text search
In France, there was Lettres persanes ( 1721 ) by Montesquieu, followed by Julie, ou la nouvelle Héloïse ( 1761 ) by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Laclos ' Les Liaisons dangereuses ( 1782 ), which used the epistolary form to great dramatic effect, because the sequence of events was not always related directly or explicitly.
French regional cuisines use locally grown fungi, such as truffe ( truffle ), champignon de Paris ( button mushroom ), chanterelle ou girolle ( chanterelle ), pleurote ( en huître ) ( oyster mushrooms ), and cèpes ( porcini ).
* Julie, or the New Heloise ( Julie, ou la nouvelle Héloïse ), 1761
* Émile: or, on Education ( Émile ou de l ' éducation ), 1762
In a map drawn in the Relation des Jésuites ( 1662 – 1663 ), the lake bears the legend " Lac Ontario ou des Iroquois " with the name " Ondiara " in smaller type.
Apologie pour l ' histoire ou Métier d ' historien ( 1949 ), translated as The Historian's Craft ( 1953 ) excerpt of 1992 introduction by Peter Burke, and text search ; Original French text
Max Ernst, L ' Ange du Foyer ou le Triomphe du Surréalisme ( 1937 ), private collection.
On April 24, 1616 they tried to moor at the " Island of Good Hope " ( Niuafo ' ou ), but a less welcoming reception there made them decide to sail on.
Le nozze di Figaro, ossia la folle giornata ( The Marriage of Figaro, or The Day of Madness ), K. 492, is an opera buffa ( comic opera ) composed in 1786 in four acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with a libretto in Italian by Lorenzo Da Ponte, based on a stage comedy by Pierre Beaumarchais, La folle journée, ou le Mariage de Figaro ( 1784 ).
On Thursday Dijous Gras is celebrated, also called ' the omelette day ' ( el dia de la truita ), coques ( de llardons, butifarra d ' ou, butifarra ) and omelettes are eaten.
In High-Change in Bond Street ,— ou — la Politesse du Grande Monde ( 1796 ), James Gillray caricatured the lack of etiquette in a group of men leering at women and crowding them off a pavement.
" Firmicus Maternus: Un astrologue converti au christianisme ou la rhétorique du rejet sans appel ," in D. Tollet ( ed ), La religion que j ' ai quittée ( Paris, 2007 ), 39-63.
Antoine, the playwright-protagonist of Cher Antoine ; ou, L ' Amour raté ( Dear Antoine ; or, The Love That Failed ), asserts that the world must take notice of these pièces secrètes ( secret dramas ) and Anouilh scholars have proposed this name, " pièces secrètes ," to classify the collected works of his latest period.
* La pourpre de Judée: ou, Les délices du genre humain ( 1967 ), a French novel by Maurice Clavel
In certain Doric dialects ( Severe Doric ), e and o lengthen by compensatory lengthening or contraction to eta or omega ~ Attic ei and ou ( spurious diphthongs ).
The film's plot can claim a tradition in fiction reaching back to Alexandre Duval's " Shakespeare amoureux ou la Piece a l ' Etude " ( 1804 ), in which Shakespeare falls in love with an actress who is playing Richard III.
Cara ou Coroa ( A Cara O Cruz in Portuguese ),
* Emile, or On Education ( 1762 ), a treatise on education by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, originally titled Émile ou de l ' education
* Gumdjedjen ( Arabic Ikumleilen ), subtribe of the Ida ou el Hadj: 700 ( out of Ida ou el Hadj population of 4600 )

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