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Occasionally and would
Occasionally he would look across the aisle at Margaret, fourteen and demure in a fresh green organdy dress, sitting in the sixth-grade row, and he could hardly believe she would do what Charles had said she did.
Occasionally, for no reason that I could see, they would suddenly alter the angle of their trot.
Occasionally if I pushed him too far he'd give me a look out of narrowed eyes and the hard cruel bony skull would show through that smooth face of his.
Occasionally they would write to the slaves.
Occasionally gay young blades would write vividly to boon companions at home about their amorous exploits in Richmond, Petersburg, Washington, or Nashville.
Occasionally, if a Censor was unable to carry out one of his tasks, an Aedile would perform the task instead.
Occasionally, extending the game, he would publish anonymous small announcements in local journals, offering some of these buildings, e. g. a " castle in lead ", for sale or rent.
Occasionally, in the later years, Roni Stoneman ( in her role as Ida Lee Nagger ) would sometimes do the first verse.
Occasionally her eyes alone would dance, as at one moment she gently lowered her lids, and at another imperiously signalled with threatening glances.
Occasionally, foodservice establishments of this category would be called upon to help cater at the customers ’ homes, and like foodservice establishments with names ending with the Chinese character ting, they could not do the job on their own but must work with others, but they could never be the lead, like foodservice establishments with names ending with the Chinese character ting could.
Occasionally, when catering at the customers ’ homes, foodservice establishments of this category would only provide the few specialty dishes they are famous for.
Occasionally, when catering at the customers ’ homes, foodservice establishments of this category would only provide the few specialty dishes they are famous for, just like foodservice establishments with names ending with the Chinese character lou.
Occasionally, though, parts of episodes would be animated at a near-theatrical quality level.
" Occasionally, Chase would change the wording slightly in order to keep the joke fresh, e. g. " Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still valiantly holding on in his fight to remain dead.
Occasionally the photographer took pictures of the family at the funeral as well, as this was one of the few times that people would all be together.
Occasionally, Arlecchino would pursue the innamorata, though rarely with success, as in the Recueil Fossard of the 16th century where he is shown trying to woo Donna Lucia for himself by masquerading as a foreign nobleman.
Occasionally, under the name Arlecchina she would wear a motley similar to her counterpart Arlecchino ( or Harlequin ).
Occasionally, a lead character would wear a conventionalized version of more historically accurate garb, but secondary characters would nonetheless remain in contemporary clothing.
Occasionally, a show would flash back to McGarrett's younger years or to a romantic figure.
Occasionally an author, too, would be reported missing or dead, as well as staff who were now scattered over the battlefields of the globe.
Occasionally, tribal chieftains would emerge, raiding enemy settlements and rewarding loyal followers from the spoils or by tariffs levied on merchants.
Occasionally arches would fall down when the frame was removed if construction or planning had been incorrect.
Occasionally Shearer would burst into tears, but this seemed to make " no more impression than rain on a raincoat.

Occasionally and competitions
Occasionally, three-player drill contests and hip hop dance competitions are held in the park.
Occasionally, a separate Wales team play limited-overs competitions.
Occasionally, the show features phone-in competitions for home viewers.
Occasionally, drumoff competitions or tournaments are organized in which the competing drumlines are judged on criteria such as musicianship, visual impact, crowd involvement, and general entertainment value.

Occasionally and at
Occasionally, you may come across one or two bumblebees in the cold season, when you are turning over sods in your garden, but you have to be a really keen observer to see them at all.
Occasionally they heard gun-shot signals and a number of horsemen were sighted on the hills, disappearing at the posse's approach.
Occasionally a code word achieves an independent existence ( and meaning ) while the original equivalent phrase is forgotten or at least no longer has the precise meaning attributed to the code word.
Occasionally, a cardinal wears a scarlet ferraiolo which is a cape worn over the shoulders, tied at the neck in a bow by narrow strips of cloth in the front, without any ' trim ' or piping on it.
Occasionally opposing teams will wear their white jerseys at home to try to invoke the curse.
Occasionally Scottish troops made up large proportions of the active combatants, and suffered corresponding loses, as at the Battle of Loos, where there were three full Scots divisions and other Scottish units.
Occasionally the celebrants at religious ceremonies shed all clothes in a symbolic gesture of purity.
Occasionally a cliff touches the river, but in general the lands are subject to yearly inundations throughout its course, the river rising at times above 50 feet ( 15 m ), the numerous lakes to the right and left serving as reservoirs.
Occasionally, the old ( occluded ) mesocyclone and the new mesocyclone produce a tornado at the same time.
Occasionally, rising air parcels surpass the equilibrium level ( due to momentum ) and form an overshooting top culminating at the maximum parcel level.
Occasionally ( as in his review of Basic Instinct 2 ), Ebert's star rating may seem at odds with his written opinion.
Occasionally, some front line PT boats received ad hoc up-fits at forward bases, where they mounted such weapons as 37mm aircraft cannons, rocket launchers, or mortars.
Occasionally he took another post, as a teacher, for instance, at the universities of Montpellier and Toulouse in southern France, but it was as a preacher that Anthony revealed his supreme gift.
Occasionally, however, she was depicted holding a lioness mask, hinting at her potential ferocity.
Occasionally, Steller Sea Lions haul out on St. Paul, but usually take refuge in the rookery at Walrus Island, some 10 miles northeast of St. Paul.
Occasionally, the symptoms can recur at a later period.

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