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Other and seventeenth-century
There are translations into English verse by the seventeenth-century poet Thomas Stanley ( 1651 ); by the an eighteenth-century " graveyard school " poet Thomas Parnell ( 1679-1718 ); by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch in The Vigil of Venus and Other Poems by " Q "; by F. L. Lucas ( 1939 ; reprinted in his Aphrodite, Cambridge, 1948 ); and by Allen Tate ( 1947 ; see his Collected Poems ).
Other visitor attractions are a seventeenth-century flour mill and coracle museum.

Other and composers
Other prominent Latin American composers are Leo Brouwer of Cuba, Antonio Lauro of Venezuela and Enrique Solares of Guatemala.
Other composers such as Erwin Schulhoff, Hans Heusser and Albert Savinio all wrote Dada music, while members of Les Six collaborated with members of the Dada movement and had their works performed at Dada gatherings.
Other composers that have written concertos from this period include Johann Baptist Vanhal, Franz Anton Hoffmeister ( 3 concertos ), Leopold Kozeluch, Anton Zimmermann, Antonio Capuzzi, Wenzel Pichl ( 2 concertos ), and Johannes Matthias Sperger ( 18 concertos ).
Other contemporary composers writing new harpsichord music in period styles include Grant Colburn, and Fernando De Luca.
Other important composers of Renaissance motets include:
Other opera composers of the time include Marschner, Schubert, Schumann and Lortzing, but the most significant figure was undoubtedly Wagner.
Other composers who made individual contributions to German opera in the early 20th century include Zemlinsky, Korngold, Schreker, Hindemith, Kurt Weill and the Italian-born Ferruccio Busoni.
Other important composers of string quartets include Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven.
Other leading ragtime composers include Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, Charles L. Johnson, Tom Turpin, May Aufderheide, Mike Bernard, George Botsford, Zez Confrey, Ben Harney, Luckey Roberts, James P. Johnson, Paul Sarebresole, and Wilbur Sweatman.
Other composers for viols include Moondog, Kevin Volans, Roy Whelden, Toyohiko Satoh, Roman Turovsky, Giorgio Pacchioni, Michael Starke, Emily Doolittle, and Jan Goorissen.
Other composers who wrote music in the style of the polka were Jaromír Weinberger, Dmitri Shostakovich and Igor Stravinsky.
Other composers of major violin concertos include Jean Sibelius, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Walton, Benjamin Britten, Frank Martin, Carl Nielsen, Paul Hindemith, Alfred Schnittke, György Ligeti, Philip Glass, John Adams, and Kan-no.
Other composers who may have been his early teachers include Gaetano Greco, Francesco Gasparini, and Bernardo Pasquini, all of whom may have influenced his musical style.
Other compositions are apocryphally ascribed to composers with their pen names.
Other marimbists / composers using this technique include Dean Gronemeier, Robert Paterson and Kai Stensgaard. Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins used it so swatter.
Other composers include Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki, Franciszek Lilius, Bartłomiej Pękiel, Stanisław Sylwester Szarzyński and Marcin Mielczewski.
Other 19th-century French composers like Meyerbeer, Hector Berlioz, Camille Saint-Saëns, Georges Bizet and Jules Massenet wrote attractive parts for baritones, too.
Other changes eventually took place as well, possibly because most composers of oratorios were also popular composers of operas.
Other composers such as Béla Bartók, Luciano Berio, Benjamin Britten, Aaron Copland, Olivier Messiaen, Arvo Pärt, Walter Piston, Ned Rorem, Alfred Schnittke, Dmitri Shostakovich, Igor Stravinsky, and even some jazz composers such as Yusef Lateef and Bill Evans used serialism only for some of their compositions or only for some sections of pieces.
Other composers included Nicolas Grenon, Alexander Agricola, and Jacob Obrecht.
Other examples of composers ' historically-inconsistent opus number usages include the cases of César Franck ( 1822 – 1890 ) and Béla Bartók ( 1881 – 1945 ) who initially enumerated, but then discontinued enumerating, their compositions.
Other composers who have led the orchestra include Ernst von Dohnányi in 1927, Ottorino Respighi in 1929, Arnold Schoenberg in 1945, Darius Milhaud in 1949, Manuel Rosenthal in 1950, Leon Kirchner in 1960, Jean Martinon in 1970 and Howard Hanson.

Other and soon
Other companies were soon to follow in Milan and Naples, and these early companies quickly attained a respectable production quality and were able to market their products both within Italy and abroad.
Other sources report that Hannibal told his father, " I swear so soon as age will permit ... I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome.
Other types followed soon thereafter, including the various tremolo and octave harmonicas.
Other Western artists such as the Grateful Dead, Incredible String Band, the Rolling Stones, the Move and Traffic soon incorporated Indian influences and instruments, and added Indian performers.
Other Ontario municipalities and then other provinces soon took up the holiday as well, leading to its Canada-wide status, but without any attribution to Simcoe.
Other missionaries, traders, hunters, and planters soon followed.
Other groups included Subway Sect, Eater, The Subversives, the aptly named London, and Chelsea, which soon spun off Generation X.
Other Scottish towns soon followed suit and set up their own police forces through acts of parliament.
Other countries soon followed.
Other countries soon followed with their own stamps.
Other standard iterative methods for matrix equation solutions can also be used, for example the Gauss – Seidel method, where updated values for each patch are used in the calculation as soon as they are computed, rather than all being updated synchronously at the end of each sweep.
Other churches rose in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and soon spread north into Connecticut and New York, and south into Virginia and the Carolinas.
Other manufacturers took note and soon other V6 engines were in use.
Other French army troops soon apprehend them.
Other companies, including CBS and Mutual, soon followed suit, each network signing hundreds of individual stations on as affiliates: stations which agreed to broadcast one network's programs.
Other premieres soon followed:
Other expeditions followed, and close relations were soon established between the two states.
Other European sea powers soon followed, and trade was established with many of the coastal peoples of West Africa.
Other settlers soon started to call the unusual place " Bryce's canyon ", which was later formalized into Bryce Canyon.
Other ways to get to Oregon were: using the York Factory Express route across Canada, and down the Columbia River ; ships from Hawaii, San Francisco, or other ports that stopped in Oregon ; emigrants trailing up from California, etc .. All provided a trickle of emigrants, but they were soon overwhelmed in numbers by the emigrants coming over the Oregon Trail.
Other uses, such as indicating permitted turning movements and pedestrian crossings soon followed.
Other European nations soon disputed the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas.
Other characters, including Guignol's wife Madelon and the gendarme Flagéolet soon followed, but these are never much more than foils for the two heroes.
Other members included theorist Raoul Vaneigem, the Dutch painter Constant Nieuwenhuys, the Italo-Scottish writer Alexander Trocchi, the English artist Ralph Rumney ( sole member of the London Psychogeographical Association, Rumney suffered expulsion relatively soon after the formation ), the Danish artist Asger Jorn ( who after parting with the SI also founded the Scandinavian Institute of Comparative Vandalism ), the architect and veteran of the Hungarian Uprising Attila Kotanyi, and the French writer Michele Bernstein.
Other donations soon followed, mainly in mainland Italy but also in the provinces, but the Church held all of these lands as a private landowner, not as a sovereign entity.

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