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interpretive and trail
* Sams Walker Day Use Site offers an interpretive trail, access to the Columbia River, and opportunities to view wildlife.
The park contains a kiosk, paved trail, interpretive signage, a cabin reconstruction, and a picnic area.
Along the trail are interpretive signs that
An interpretive historical trail, named the Trail Through Time, also overlays the trail system and stops at various farms, cellars and mills.
There is a small car park and a clearly marked and signposted battlefield trail with interpretive boards which make it easy to visualise the battle.
A 1. 3 km trail features a recreated logging camp, a steam-powered amphibious tug called an " alligator ", logging equipment and interpretive panels about logging industry activities in the park.
A small garden with interpretive native plant signs is at the entrance to the trail.
AMIA also funds projects including: habitat conservation and restoration work, trail accessibility construction and maintenance, providing interpretive displays and written information, facilities and historical objects rehabilitation, and acquiring interpretive items.
An interpretive trail guide to the natural features of Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.
SPGA runs a regular recreational and interpretive hikes on the Giant and volunteer trail maintenance programs.
Other than a few picnic tables, the only feature between Arch Rock and mile 3 is the Lake Shore Nature Trail, a short interpretive trail on the inland side of the road.
* Miners Falls, interpretive trail
* Miners Falls — This self-guiding interpretive trail passes Miners Basin and ends at Miners Falls.
The Bureau of Land Management has restored roofs to rows of single-miner's quarters, established an interpretive trail for visitors to Swansea, and is engaged in efforts to shore up other structures.
The Hickison Petroglyph Recreational Area, located 28 miles east of Austin, features a short interpretive trail where visitors can see ancient drawings carved into the rocks.
In return for these fees, both countries have full-time trail maintenance crews, ranger / warden stations, well-designed campgrounds, and have placed numerous interpretive signs adjacent to notable historical sites and objects.
The Northland Loop Trail is a 0. 3 mile interpretive trail just south of Red Creek Campground on FS Rt 75 which accesses Alder Run Bog a typical, and much studied, " northern bog " or " southern muskeg ".
The heavily wooded park features a small interpretive display and a shady trail.
) interpretive trail that twists through a stand of old-growth western red cedar and hemlock trees, some more than 800 years old.
This section of the Wilderness Road is now a hiking trail, including an interpretive center about the road's history located on the Tennessee side.
A lakeside interpretive trail has 18 panels which discuss the natural and cultural resources in the local area.
The Friends play a key role in many special events, including the annual Candlelight Ski, annual campout, trail construction and interpretive presentations.

interpretive and leads
For its report the Commission additionally proposed creating a " meditation center " in the Valley of the Fallen for those not of the Catholic faith, the names shown of all victims who can be identifed on the esplanade that leads into the Basilica mausoleum and an “ interpretive center ” be built to explain how and why the Valley of the Fallen exists.
A 1 / 2 mile trail leads to an overlook of the battlefield and includes interpretive panels.

interpretive and through
The story has an interesting interpretive history ( see below ) and has become well-known through popular children's stories.
Weber was a key proponent of methodological antipositivism, arguing for the study of social action through interpretive ( rather than purely empiricist ) means, based on understanding the purpose and meaning that individuals attach to their own actions.
Study of social action through interpretive means ( Verstehen ) must be based upon understanding the subjective meaning and purpose that the individual attaches to their actions.
A system of trails and interpretive signs guides visitors through the ruins of the fort.
Schutz sought to provide a critical philosophical foundation for Max Weber's interpretive sociology through the use of phenomenological methods derived from the transcendental phenomenological investigations of Edmund Husserl.
Walking trails through prairie, woodlands, and wetlands are available, and interpretive trails are being developed.
To Herbert Blumer ’ s conceptual perspective, he put them in three core principles: that people act toward things, including each other, on the basis of the meanings they have for them ; that these meanings are derived through social interaction with others ; and that these meanings are managed and transformed through and interpretive process that people use to make sense of and handle the objects that constitute their social worlds.
Learning is emphasized as a core experience at the Walker through a mix of education programs, community building efforts, and interpretive projects.
We construct reality from our simple perception of an apple to our most complex scientific theories .... We perceive the world not through our eyes but through our brain, which applies interpretive structures to what is transmitted to us through our senses.
Shanks was a key figure in the development of post-processualism and interpretive archaeology during the 1980s, especially through his collaboration with Christopher Tilley which led to the publication of two influential books: ' Re-Constructing Archaeology ' and ' Social Theory and Archaeology ' ( both 1987 ).
In 2006, the Museum entered a Fee for Service agreement with the Town of Canmore to " act as the custodian of the Town's heritage, maintaining and preserving its artifacts, archives and to built heritage and to interpret this heritage through exhibitions and interpretive programming for residents and visitors on a year-round basis ".
A series of weekend interpretive programs is available late June through Labor Day weekend, and the Champoeg Promise program provides an interactive living history program for schoolchildren.
From Jaspers ' perspective it was assumed that the only way to comprehend a patient's experience is through his or her own description ( through an approach of empathic and non-theoretical enquiry ), as distinct from an interpretive or psychoanalytic approach which assumes the analyst might understand experiences or processes of which the patient is unaware, such as defense mechanisms or unconscious drives.
* Falls of the Ohio State Park — features an interpretive center which covers human history in the Louisville area, from pre-settlement all the way up through the 20th century.
Two interpretive trails are the Arkansas Trail through the Arkansas Arboretum and the Kingfisher Trail next to the Little Maumelle River.
These multi use trails also have an 18 hole disc golf course as well as interpretive signs that include information about the ecosystems through which they travel.
It offers an interpretive framework to trace unbroken connections between the lowest technical levels of computer operations through the phenomenological experience of users, the conceptual frameworks in discourse, and political and economic structures, all of which are increasingly mediated by information technologies.
These interpretive frameworks or linking grids were termed " myths " by Roland Barthes ( 1915-1980 ) and pervade all aspects of culture from personal conversation to the mass media's output ( for code exchange through the mass media, see Americanism ).
The park preserves information and resources associated with the origins and early development of jazz through interpretive techniques designed to educate and entertain.

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