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*** Saint Louis
*** Saint Joseph
*** Cuisine of Saint Helena
*** For the 1970s series starring Ian Ogilvy, see Return of the Saint
*** The Saint ( soundtrack ), a soundtrack album from the 1997 film
*** The Saint ( novel ), a novelization of the 1997 film, by Burl Barer
*** Saint John of the Cross
*** Saint Teresa of Ávila
*** The Saint-Jean-Baptiste parades of first half of the 20th century usually featured a curly-haired boy representing Saint John the Baptist.
*** Parkway Saint Joseph, Missouri, boulevard system in Saint Joseph, Missouri
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*** Telegraph-Journal ( Saint John NB
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*** and Archbishop
*** Archbishop Flavian of Constantinople ( died 449 )
*** Emeritus Archbishop Paul Khumalo, C. M. M.

Saint and Archbishop
Saint Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan, successfully reformed their discipline, grown lax, in 1579.
Saint Ansgar, Anskar or Oscar, ( September 8, 801 – February 3, 865, in Bremen ) was an Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen.
:" There is the port of Saint Ansgar and the tomb of the holy Archbishop Unni, and a familiar haven, it is said, for the holy confessors of our diocese.
All Christian monasticism stems, either directly or indirectly, from the Egyptian example: Saint Basil the Great Archbishop of Caesaria of Cappadocia, founder and organizer of the monastic movement in Asia Minor, visited Egypt around AD 357 and his rule is followed by the Eastern Orthodox Churches ; Saint Jerome who translated the Bible into Latin, came to Egypt, while en route to Jerusalem, around AD 400 and left details of his experiences in his letters ; Benedict founded the Benedictine Order in the 6th century on the model of Saint Pachomius, but in a stricter form.
* His full title is Pope and Lord Archbishop of the Great City of Alexandria and Patriarch of All Africa on the Holy Orthodox and Apostolic Throne of Saint Mark the Evangelist and Holy Apostle that is, in Egypt, Pentapolis, Libya, Nubia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and all Africa.
The Duke also insisted to his companions that his death be kept a secret until Louis was informed – the men were to journey from Saint James across the Pyrenees as quickly as possible, to call at Bordeaux to notify the Archbishop, and then to make all speed to Paris, to inform the King.
Saint Francis Xavier's relics are kept in a silver casket, elevated inside the Bom Jesus Basilica and are exposed ( brought at ground level ) when the Archbishop of Goa e Damão decides.
Saint Isidore of Seville ( Spanish: or, Latin: ) ( c. 560 – 4 April 636 ) served as Archbishop of Seville for more than three decades and is considered, as the historian Montalembert put it in an oft-quoted phrase, " the last scholar of the ancient world ".
* An elder brother, Saint Leander of Seville, immediately preceded Saint Isidore as Archbishop of Seville and, while in office, opposed king Liuvigild.
In this institution, the first of its kind in Iberia, a body of learned men including Archbishop Saint Leander of Seville taught the trivium and quadrivium, the classic liberal arts.
The aged Archbishop Saint Isidore presided over its deliberations and originated of most enactments of the council.
* 1389 – Saint Antoninus of Florence, Archbishop of Florence ( d. 1459 )
He expected absolute obedience, so much so that it took the mediation of Archbishop Adalbert of Mainz to prevent the suspension of Saint Otto of Bamberg for non-attendance.
He also ordained Saint Willibrord as bishop of the Frisians, and the Liber Pontificalis states he also ordained Berhtwald as Archbishop of Canterbury.
* Saint Malachy, the Archbishop of Armagh, to whom were attributed several miracles and a vision of the identity of the last 112 Popes
In 1904 he became the first Orthodox bishop to be consecrated in North America ; the consecration was performed by Archbishop ( Saint ) Tikhon of Moscow and Bishop Innocent in New York City.
* Anselm, Saint, Abbot of Bec and Archbishop of Canterbury
* Edmund of Abingdon, Saint, theologian, Archbishop of Canterbury
* Engelbert II of Berg, Saint, Archbishop of Cologne
* Galdino della Sala, Saint, Archbishop of Milan
* Lawrence O ' Toole, Saint, Archbishop of Dublin

Saint and Metz
Mainland European sources rarely concern themselves with affairs in Britain, and even less commonly with events in northern Britain, but the life of Saint Cathróe of Metz, a work of hagiography written in Germany at the end of the 10th century, provides plausible details of the saint's early life in north Britain.
The characteristics they shared with many Merovingian female saints may be mentioned: Regenulfa of Incourt, a 7th-century virgin in French-speaking Brabant of the ancestral line of the dukes of Brabant fled from a proposal of marriage to live isolated in the forest, where a curative spring sprang forth at her touch ; Ermelindis of Meldert, a 6th-century virgin related to Pepin I, inhabited several isolated villas ; Begga of Andenne, the mother of Pepin II, founded seven churches in Andenne during her widowhood ; the purely legendary " Oda of Amay " was drawn into the Carolingian line by spurious genealogy in her 13th-century vita, which made her the mother of Arnulf, Bishop of Metz, but she has been identified with the historical Saint Chrodoara ; finally, the widely-venerated Gertrude of Nivelles, sister of Begga in the Carolingian ancestry, was abbess of a nunnery established by her mother.
When the Carolingians acceded to the Frankish throne, the town preserved the good-will of the rulers as it had long been a base of their family and their primal ancestors ; Saint Arnuff and Chlodulf had been bishops of Metz.
Saint Arnulf of Metz ( c. 582 – 640 ) was a Frankish bishop of Metz and advisor to the Merovingian court of Austrasia, who retired to the Abbey of Remiremont.
Presumably Arnulf was named after Saint Arnulf of Metz, a progenitor of the Carolingian dynasty.
Ansegisel ( also Ansgise, Ansegus, or Anchises ) ( c. 602 or 610 – murdered before 679 or 662 ) was the son of Saint Arnulf, bishop of Metz and his wife Saint Doda.
The team's crest features the Lorraine cross, symbolic of the team's regional affiliation, and the dragon called the Graoully, which in local legend was tamed by Saint Clement of Metz.
* Saint Clement of Metz fl.
The dynasty is usually considered to have been founded by Saint Arnulf, bishop of Metz in the early seventh century, who wielded a great deal of power and influence in the Merovingian kingdoms.
They entrusted its government to Cancor's nephew Chrodegang, Archbishop of Metz, who dedicated the church and monastery to Saint Peter and became its first abbot.
* Saint Waldrada, first abbess of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains in Metz in France ( ca. 620 )
Saint Chrodegang ( died 6 March 766 ) was the Frankish Bishop of Metz from 742 or 748 until his death.

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