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** and cash
** Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery: The second largest cash robbery in U. S. history ($ 17. 3 million, mostly in small bills ) occurs at the Charlotte, North Carolina office of Wells Fargo.
** Over $ 10, 000 cash is found in the purse of Watergate conspirator Howard Hunt's wife.
** What cash flows will it produce?
** Are the cash flows dependent on some other asset or event?
** Individual officials routinely handle cash, instead of handling payments by giro or on a separate cash desk — illegitimate withdrawals from supervised bank accounts are much more difficult to conceal.
** RAF Latvija-collector-4x2 cash collector on RAF-2203 chassis
** Casino cage, the location where chips are exchanged to or from cash in a casino
** Kavre District: A moneylender's house is raided at night, properties and cash reportedly worth 1. 3 million rupees seized, and loan documents worth several million rupees reportedly destroyed.
** Combined Retail / Internet value transfer systems, e. g. cash at retail in exchange for electronic money such as PaidByCash.
** Education planning-the cash value of a VUL can be used to help fund children's education, as long as the policy is started very early.
** development of more productive, commercial agriculture & cash crops not consumed by producers and / or largely exported
** BAI ( file format ), BAI EDI format for cash management balance reporting
** Cash crops-the principal cash crops are coconut, palm oil and Para rubber
** An interest-only stripped mortgage-backed security ( IO ) is a bond with cash flows backed by the interest component of property owner's mortgage payments.
** A principal-only stripped mortgage-backed security ( PO ) is a bond with cash flows backed by the principal repayment component of property owner's mortgage payments.
** In 2009, Makro is the third largest cash & carry wholesaler in the UK with a turnover of £ 1. 1bn and a portfolio of 30 depots nationally.
** A life annuity ( provided there is at least $ 3, 500 available in the account to purchase the annuity ), based on one of several different features depending on what is chosen ( single life or joint, survivor benefit, cash refund or " 10-year certain ").
** A cash prize of less than $ 10 for revealing the three numbers in the piggy bank prize's blanks in Any Number ( before completing the price of either one of the two more desirable prizes ).
** This is not socially optimal, because the government can costlessly produce the cash until the supply is plentiful.
** Rainmaker ( business ), generating new business or additional cash flow
** Amelia's short on cash, and she really wants new shoes.

** and prize
** Knuth Prize, a prize for outstanding contributions to the foundations of computer science
** Out of Competition – These films are also projected in the Théâtre Lumière but do not compete for the main prize.
** Also on NBC, the biggest prize in American daytime television game shows at the time was won on Jackpot, $ 38, 750, won between two contestants
** Winner, Spiel des Jahres 2001 special prize for best use of literature in a game
** Congregational Church History from the Reformation to 1662, London, 1862, awarded the bicentenary prize offered by the Congregational Union
** French ( Poetry )-there was no prize given this year, as there were fewer than 5 submissions.
** Charles Brenton Huggins, physician, physiologist, cancer researcher and Nobel prize laureate ( born 1901 )
** Sir John Pople ( b. 1925 ), British Nobel prize winning chemist.
** The De Morgan Medal, a mathematics prize awarded by the London Mathematical Society.
** 39th Annual Japan Record Awards " Excellent work prize "-" However "
** 40th Annual Japan Record Awards " Excellent work prize "-" Soul Love "
** 41st Annual Japan Record Awards " Excellent work prize "-" Winter, Again "
** Special prize for their career at the " Space Shower Music Video Awards "
** On game shows in the UK, the term is " star prize ", while in Australia, it is " major prize ".
** Carnegie Art Award, a Swedish art prize
** Grand Prix, best film in category C and critics prize from VIII Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films, 1988
** Nika – the highest prize of the USSR film industry 1989
** Audience best animated film prize from film festival de Cinema & Video in Portugal, 2006
** ANOBA prize, 2009
** Silver Jabberwocky prize from the 16th Etiuda & Anima Film Festival, Poland 2009
** Art Attack: Reader art sent into the magazine, with that month's best art winning a game-related prize.
** 1999 special jury prize ( tied with A Simple Plan ).

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