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** and peculiar
** peculiar writing abnormalities ( large, unequal letters, irregular underlining );
** a peculiar pattern of dysarthria ( slurred speech, sometimes characterised by explosive variations in voice intensity despite a regular rhythm ).
** Oceanic Islands, exploring the floral diversity peculiar to island archipelagos

** and function
** Every surjective function has a right inverse.
** Online backup function
**, a C mathematical function that computes the complex conjugate
** Flag register-The function for the calculation is stored here until the calculator needs it.
** Normal dynamics, is a stochastic motion having a Gaussian probability density function in position with variance MSD that follows, MSD ~ t, where MSD is the mean squared displacement of the process, and t is the time the process is seen ( normal dynamics and Brownian dynamics are very similar ; the term used depends on the field )
** For example, consider the map ( which is the " realification " of the complex square function ) where U
** Ionic strength, a function of the concentration of all ions present in a solution
** ActionScript ( version 3. 0 is not interpreted, that's why eval () function was removed )
** Limit of a function
** phrase, clause, grammatical function, grammatical voice
** ( n / p ), the Legendre symbol, considered as a function of n where p is a fixed prime number.
** Promotes lung function by supporting alveoli ( in rodents but probably in humans ).
** Estrogen together with progesterone promotes and maintains the uterus lining in preparation for implantation of fertilized egg and maintenance of uterus function during gestation period.
** In complex analysis, the Omega constant, a solution of Lambert's W function
** The Wright Omega function
** In number theory, an arithmetic function
** Parity function, a Boolean function whose value is 1 if the input vector has an odd number of ones
** The elevator evidently malfunctioned ( it was not intended to fall nor is that a proper function of a correctly functioning elevator ).
** see concerns about schedule variance as this is a function of it, as illustrated in the equation above.
** Survival function
** Likelihood function
** The period of a periodic function
** Gottfried Leibniz uses infinitesimal calculus on a function.
** pseudoterminal, for an axillary bud taking over the function of a terminal bud ( characteristic of species whose growth is sympodial: terminal bud dies and is replaced by the closer axillary bud, for examples beech, persimmon, Platanus have sympodial growth ).

** and pectoral
** major and minor pectoral muscles
** Anterior or pectoral glands
** In many fish, the pectoral fins aid in walking, especially in the lobe-like fins of some anglerfish and in the mudskipper.
** Certain rays of the pectoral fins may be adapted into finger-like projections, such as in sea robins and flying gurnards.

** and fins
** FinFET, source / drain region shapes fins on the silicon surface.
In Devonian | Late Devonian vertebrate speciation, descendants of Pelagic zone | pelagic Sarcopterygii | lobe-finned fish – like Eusthenopteron – exhibited a sequence of adaptations: * Panderichthys, suited to muddy shallows ; * Tiktaalik with limb-like fins that could take it up onto land ; * Tetrapod | Early tetrapods in weed-filled swamps, such as: ** Acanthostega which had feet with eight digits, ** Ichthyostega with limbs.
** Sport spearfishing became common in the Mediterranean, and spearfishers gradually developed the common sport diving mask and fins and snorkel, with Georges Beuchat in Marseille, France, which created the speargun and Italian sport spearfishers started using oxygen rebreathers.
** In April Louis de Corlieu registers a new patent ( number 767013, which in addition of two fins for the feet included two spoon-shaped fins for the hands ) and calls this equipment propulseurs de natation et de sauvetage ( which can be translated as " swimming and rescue impulse device ").
** After the supply of war-surplus frogman's fins dried up, for a long time fins were not available to the public, and some had to resort to such things as gluing marine ply to plimsolls.
In Devonian | Late Devonian vertebrate speciation, descendants of Pelagic zone | pelagic lobe-finned fish — like Eusthenopteron — exhibited a sequence of adaptations: * Panderichthys, suited to muddy shallows ; * Tiktaalik with limb-like fins that could take it onto land ; * Early tetrapod s in weed-filled swamps, such as: ** Acanthostega, which had feet with eight digits, ** Ichthyostega with limbs.
** In gobies, the pelvic fins are often fused into a single sucker disk.

** and highly
** Dean Cain in the 1990s series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman showed Clark as a normal and shy everyman demonstrating occasional touches of clumsiness ( e. g., pretending to burn his mouth on coffee ), but still a highly skilled journalist, much like the current post-Crisis portrayal.
** A Highland tradition, highly influenced by the ornamentation and mixolydian scale of the Great Highland Bagpipe, as well as smoother bowing than other Scottish fiddle styles and a swinging of the 6 / 8 jig rhythm.
** Midwestern fiddling, highly influenced by Scandinavian music.
** Chamois leather also falls into the category of aldehyde tanning and like brain tanning produces a highly water absorbent leather.
** Istituto Tecnico: it is a technical school originally reserved for those who sought a highly qualified work, but today more and more used as a different route to access university.
** In Panama, a military coup d ' état, led by Col. Boris Martinez and Col. Omar Torrijos, overthrows the democratically elected ( but highly controversial ) government of President Arnulfo Arias.
** ABC-TV telecasts a highly acclaimed 90-minute television adaptation of the musical Brigadoon, starring Robert Goulet, Peter Falk, and Sally Ann Howes.
** Theofana, a wife of Novgorod posadnik Ostromir, a grandson of semi-legendary Dobrynya ( highly doubtful is the fact of her being Anna's offspring )
** Westward Expansion: A History of the American Frontier ( 1952 and later editions ), the most detailed textbook, with highly detailed annotated bibliographies
** SMPTE 390M: OP-Atom ( a very simple and highly constrained layout for simple MXF files )
** Model 1939 – First production models, these tanks were prone to frequent breakdowns, but were highly resistant to anti-tank weapons during the Winter War.
** On the southeast coast near Shanghai was the State of Yue, which was highly active in the late Spring and Autumn era but was eventually annexed by Chu.
** Dissected plateau, a highly eroded plateau which may have sharp relief
** Chinese and languages of Southeast Asia are highly analytic languages.
** In contrast, the conservative popular historian Paul Johnson in A History of the Modern World from 1917 to the 1980s ( 1983 ) was highly critical of his judgment.
** An exact-match integer 8 × 8 spatial block transform, allowing highly correlated regions to be compressed more efficiently than with the 4 × 4 transform.
** A common simple and highly structured variable length coding ( VLC ) technique for many of the syntax elements not coded by CABAC or CAVLC, referred to as Exponential-Golomb coding ( or Exp-Golomb ).
** Orlando Salido stops Juan Manuel López in the 10th round of their highly anticipated rematch one year after their first encounter.
** Morrow Cookbooks, a highly respected series of cookbooks
** Neutron radiation is not as readily absorbed as charged particle radiation, which makes this type highly penetrating.
** 3rd class ( 3 October 1996 )-for outstanding scientific achievements and the training of highly qualified personnel
** Chickenpox, a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus ( VZV )
** attractiveness ( highly subjective, variable, and impermanent )
** highly skilled workers earn more than low-skilled / no skills

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