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** and Altenberg
** Altenberg Abbey, Cistercian monastery in Altenberg ( Bergisches Land )
** " Altenberg Cathedral ", the former church of this Cistercian monastery
** Altenberg, the German name for Vieille Montagne (" old mountain " in French ), the former zinc mine in Kelmis, Moresnet

** and bobsleigh
** Whistler Sliding Centre, a Canadian bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
** Doug Anakin ( b. 1930 ), Canadian bobsleigh athlete

** and skeleton
** Adam Pengilly, British skeleton racer
** In London, scientists report their DNA analysis findings from a Neanderthal skeleton, which support the out of Africa theory of human evolution, placing an " African Eve " at 100, 000 to 200, 000 years ago.
** hydrostatic pressure gives the body a supportive framework that acts as a skeleton.
** Human rib cage, a part of the human skeleton within the thoracic area
** includes their skeleton Seamaster and Central Tourbillon DeVille.
** Neovenator salerii: The holotype skeleton was found on the island.

** and track
** Standard gauge: 7, 394 km gauge ( 2, 270 km electrified ; 1, 236 km double track )
** Ground track, the path on the surface of the Earth directly below an aircraft or satellite
** Ocean track, in flight planning, the path of an aircraft as determined by heading, slip, and wind effects
** Ana Guevara, Mexican track and field athlete
** Bob Richards, American track and field athlete
** Colette Besson, French track and field athlete ( d. 2005 )
** Railroad track maintenance
** Limtrain in Saitama ( short-lived demonstration track, 1988 )
** Montpelier Junction, the section of track outside Brighton railway station
** Wimbledon Stadium, a dog racing track located in Earlsfield in southwest London, England
** Dover Downs, horse harness racing track
** Dover International Speedway, a NASCAR race track located at Dover Downs
** a bonus track on their 2006 CD reissue of their Frontiers ( album )
** " The Circus " ( Erasure song ), the title track of the above album
** " Circus " ( song ), second single and title track of the above
** His ' n ' Hers ' first track is called " Joyriders ".
** Martinsville Speedway, an auto racing track located just outside the Virginia city
** The " Sokho " tracka 13 km track heading towards Tel Sokho and then heads back.
** Track " Borgyne " – a 22 km track which passes through the ancient ruins of Etri and Borgyne, and then heads back.
** Darlington Raceway, a stock car racing track hosted by the South Carolina town
** Mother Earth ( Within Temptation song ), the title track from said album
** " Imagine " ( song ), the title track
** Resistance, the title track from the same album.

** and venue
** Montage Mountain Amphitheatre, a music venue in Pennsylvania
** location of Calder Park Raceway, a motorsport venue
** Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola a nightclub-style venue that allows jazz to be performed in its traditional venue
** The Free Software Foundation staged a protest outside the venue, wearing yellow hazmat suits and handing out pamphlets claiming that Microsoft products are " Defective by Design " because of the Digital Rights Management technologies included in them.
** Immediately following PDC 2008, held at the same venue, October 27-30.
** Southwell Racecourse, horse racing venue located near Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire
** Bass – Clear Powerstroke 3 / Powersonic ( depending on venue )| Ebony Powerstroke 3
** Marine Messe Fukuoka, an indoor arena, which was the main venue for 2001 World Aquatics Championships
** Merriweather Post Pavilion ( album ), the Animal Collective album named after the venue
** On January 1, Andy Czezowski opens The Roxy in London solely as a venue for punk acts.
** The Main Building ( at 3 Maja St ) serves as the chief venue for temporary exhibitions.
** Cedar Park Center, a concert venue and sports arena, in Cedar Park, Texas
** Culinary Dropout-Modern Gastro-pub & music venue
** SIF Stadion, the home sports venue of the Stavanger IF team
** Kelvin Hall, an international boxing and athletics venue
** Brodick Village Hall ( concert venue )
** King's Theatre ( concert venue )
** Usher Hall ( concert venue, from where Connolly performs a pre-show piece to camera )

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