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**: and Argument
**: Argument: Cutting people is a crime.
**: Argument: It is illegal for a stranger to enter someone's home uninvited.
**: Argument: Oliver believes that humans can fly, therefore humans can fly.
**: Argument: If people have the flu, they cough.
**: Argument: If it rains, the ground gets wet.
**: Argument: If it is raining outside, it must be cloudy.
**: Argument: Aspirin users are at risk of becoming dependent on the drug, because aspirin is an addictive substance.
**: Argument: I hear the rain falling outside my window ; therefore, the sun is not shining.
**: Argument: Have you stopped beating your wife?

**: and met
**: Problem: Those who have been met are not a representative subset of the entire set.

**: and has
**: Problem: B has misrepresented A's claim by falsely suggesting that A claimed that only sunny days are good, and then B refuted the misrepresented version of the claim, rather than refuting A's original assertion.
**: Problem: The son has made an exaggeration of what the mom said when it is not what she said.
**: This tribe has 2 genera: Humbertochloa, Phyllorhachis.
**: This tribe only has one genus: Streptogyna.
**: Has players play the part of Granny, who has discovered plans for an alien invasion that must be stopped at all costs.
**: It has Gamma Cannons as its weapons.

**: and all
**: Person B: If all days were sunny, we'd never have rain, and without rain, we'd have famine and death.
**: Person A: Well, all true Scotsmen like haggis.

**: and people
**: Problem: Cutting people is not a crime in certain situations.
**: Category: Burmese people
**: Category: LGBT people from Puerto Rico

**: and have
**: Problem: The premise and the conclusion have the same meaning.
**: Mom: You have been playing video games for too long these past few days.
**: As a result of the rift in the party, some party organs have started actively supporting the rival Armenakan-Democratic Liberal Party and the latter's policies, most notably Azg in Armenia, Armenian Mirror-Spectator in the United States and Abaka in Canada.

**: and .
**: In Muay Thai, kicking to mid-body and head are scored highly generating a large number of points on judges ' scorecards.
* CNC * CNCP **: X-C – max.
* CNC **: X-C – max.
**: Problem: Oliver can be wrong.
**: Problem: Other things, such as asthma, can cause someone to cough.
**: Problem: There are other ways by which the ground could get wet ( e. g. someone spilled water ).
**: Problem: Rain is a sufficient condition of cloudiness, but cloudy conditions do not necessarily imply rain.
**: Problem: The conclusion is false because the sun can shine while it is raining.
**: Problem: Either a yes or no answer is an admission of guilt to beating your wife.
**: Person A: Sunny days are good.

Argument and Every
# " Personality " Argument: this argument is based on a quote from Hegel: " Every man has the right to turn his will upon a thing or make the thing an object of his will, that is to say, to set aside the mere thing and recreate it as his own ".

Argument and person
# Natural Rights / Justice Argument: this argument is based on Locke ’ s idea that a person has a natural right over the labour and / or products which is produced by his / her body.

Argument and has
In a lively exchange over what has come to be referred to as " The Chinese room Argument ", John Searle sought to refute the claim of proponents of what he calls ' Strong Artificial Intelligence ( AI )' that a computer program can be conscious, though he does agree with advocates of " Weak AI " that computer programs can be formatted to " simulate " conscious states.
" The sheer volume of the literature that has grown up around it inspired Pat Hayes to quip that the field of cognitive science ought to be redefined as " the ongoing research program of showing Searle's Chinese Room Argument to be false.
Jean Paul van Bendegem has argued that the Tile Argument can be resolved, and that discretization can therefore remove the paradox.
: Example Argument: All heavy things have a great mass ; Jim has a " heavy heart "; therefore Jim's heart has a great mass.
The other argument often attributed to Mackie, often called the Argument from Disagreement, maintains that any moral claim ( e. g. " Killing babies is wrong ") entails a correspondent " reasons claim " (" one has reason not to kill babies ").
# Argument from continuity in the nervous system: Modern neurological research has shown that the brain is not digital.
In The Argument Culture ( 1998 ), Deborah Tannen suggests that the dialogue of Western culture is characterized by a warlike atmosphere in which the winning side has truth ( like a trophy ).
In particular, he has been developing and evaluating an approach to improving these skills, known variously as The Reason Method, and LAMP (" Lots of Argument Mapping Practice ").
Al-Kindi's argument has been taken up by some contemporary Western philosophers and dubbed the Kalam Cosmological Argument.
Seeing that the Affinity Argument has possibly failed to show the immortality of the soul, Phaedo pauses his narration.
His has several famous works including Annotations to Guoyu ( 國語注 ), Argument and Interpretation of Names ( 辯釋名 ).
The Master Argument has been seen by several prominent philosophers as having a crucial mistake ; see criticisms of idealism.

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