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** and reciprocity
** Community ( reciprocity )
** Quadratic reciprocity, a fundamental result in number theory
** Cubic reciprocity, theorems that state conditions under which the congruence x < sup > 3 </ sup > ≡ p ( mod q ) is solvable
** Quartic reciprocity, a collection of theorems in elementary and algebraic number theory that state conditions under which the congruence x < sup > 4 </ sup > ≡ p ( mod q ) is solvable
** Stanley's reciprocity theorem
** April 8-He becomes the first to prove the quadratic reciprocity law, enabling determination of the solvability of any quadratic equation in modular arithmetic.
** Indirect reciprocity ( for example, reputation )
** Strong reciprocity
** Axiom 5: High levels of uncertainty produce high rates of reciprocity.

** and law
** genetic interactions — Mendel's law of segregation — genetic mosaic — maternal effect — penetrance — complementation — suppression — epistasis — genetic linkage
** Civil law ( area ), a branch of Continental law which is the general part of private law
** Canon law ( Catholic Church )
** Romano-Germanic subgroup ( comprising those legal systems where legal science was formulated according to Roman Law-see also Civil law ( legal system ))
** Lenz's law: negative feedback loop between electric and magnetic fields
** Australian family law
** Even Ha ' ezer: " The Rock of the Helpmate " marriage, divorce and other issues in family law.
** Choshen Mishpat: " The Breastplate of Judgment " The administration and adjudication of civil law.
** Eddy currents: From Faraday's law of induction, the changing magnetic field can induce circulating loops of electric current in the conductive metal core.
** Common law
** Civil law ( legal system )
** Canon law
** Sharia law
** Statutory law
** Constitutional law
** Sources of international law
** Canon law ( Catholic Church )
** Public international law
** Conflict of laws ( private international law )
** Supranational law
** Manusmṛti or The Laws of Manu, an important work of Hindu law and ancient Indian society
** The president has a very limited form of suspensive veto: when presented with a law, he or she can request another reading of it by Parliament, but only once per law.

** and general
** This German publication is both one of the most comprehensive general introductions to the life and works of the philosopher and physician Avicenna ( Ibn Sīnā, d. 1037 ) and an extensive and careful survey of his contribution to the history of science.
** Xie Ai ( died 354 ), general
** Hopelessness in dating ( and general lack of social skills )
** limits. h, the header of a general purpose standard library of the C programming language
** A general point in time
** The public ( a. k. a. " the general public ") – the totality of such groups.
** Generalize Type – create more general types to allow for more code sharing
** general assessment: excellent domestic and international services
** Liceo: it is the general purpose kind of school, traditionally chosen by those wanting to pursue higher education ( university or arts academy ).
** Institute of TAFE Tasmania ( general )
** Universally a general lack of energy
** Universally a general lack of energy
** A more automatic and general vectorized interrupt system, mode 2, as well as a fixed vector interrupt system, mode 1, for simple systems with minimal hardware ( mode 0 being the 8080-compatible mode ).
** Jarl Wahlström, Salvation Army general ( b. 1918 )
** The Sandinista Front wins the Nicaraguan general elections.
** Peter Lumsden, British general in Indian army ( b. 1829 )
** Richard Taylor, American Confederate general ( d. 1879 )
** Japanese general election, 1993: The loss of majority of the Liberal Democratic Party results in a coalition taking power.
** Magic: the Gathering undergoes its first general release.
** Yoshifumi Hibako, Japanese general
** Edwin Meese, American attorney general
** Martial law is declared in Britain because of the general strike.
** UK General Strike 1926: In the United Kingdom, a general strike by trade unions ends ( the strike began on May 3 ).
** Cordobazo: A general strike and civil unrest break out in Córdoba, Argentina.

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