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** and Battle
** Battle of Fano Aurelian defeats the Alemanni, who begin to retreat from Italy
** Battle of Pavia Aurelian destroys the retreating Alemanni army.
** Battle of Lingones Caesar Constantius Chlorus defeats the Alemanni
** Battle of Vindonissa Constantius again defeats the Alemanni
** Battle of Albert ( 1914 )
** Battle of Albert ( 1916 )
** Battle of Albert ( 1918 )
** The Battle of Marathon by Elizabeth Barrett Browning ( 1820 )
** Lazarica or Battle of Kosovo by Joksim Nović-Otočanin ( 1847 )
** The Battle of Harpers Ferry ( September 12 – 15, 1862 ), a battle in the American Civil War that took place around what is now Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
** Battle of Marathon
** Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain and Operation Sea Lion, GDW ( 1982 ), boardgame: part of GDW's Europa system.
** Battle of Pagan in 1287, Mongol defeat of Pagan Kingdom
** Battle of Sedan ( 1870 ), 2 September 1870
** Battle of Sedan ( 1940 ), 12 – 15 May 1940
** Battle of Sinop, 1853 naval battle in the Sinop port
** The Battle of Trenton, New Jersey
** The Second Battle of Trenton
** Germany faces the United Kingdom in the Battle of Britain ( 1940 ).
** WWI: Battle of Passchendaele: After 3 months of fierce fighting, Canadian forces take Passchendaele in Belgium.
** WWI: Third Battle of Gaza: United Kingdom forces capture Gaza from the Ottoman Empire.
** WWI: Battle of Cambrai: British forces, using tanks, make early progress in an attack on German positions but are soon beaten back.
** Sri Lankan civil war – Battle of Pooneryn: Over 400 Sri Lankan military are killed.
** Chinese communist troops fail to take Quemoy in the Battle of Kuningtou ; their advance towards Taiwan is halted.

** and Placentia
** Battle of Placentia: The Alamanni invade Italy and sack the city of Piacenza.
** Placentia News-Times of Placentia
** On January 18, former Social Distortion bassist Brent Liles, who played on their first album Mommy's Little Monster and is featured in the tour documentary Another State of Mind, died after being hit by a semi truck while riding a dirt bike in Placentia, California.
** Battle of Placentia 271
** 271, Battle of Placentia, Battle of Fano, Battle of Pavia, Destruction of Alemannic army, Assassination of Gallic Emperor Victorinus, Emperor Aurelian repelled another Gothic invasion but abandoned the province of Dacia north of Danube forever, Construction of the Aurelian Wall begins.

** and
** Thoracic aorta the half of the descending aorta above the diaphragm
** Abdominal aorta the half of the descending aorta below the diaphragm
** France voltage change 3 kV DC – 25 kV AC
** Germany voltage change 3 kV DC – 15 kV AC
** Netherlands voltage change 3 kV DC – 1500 V DC
** Luxembourg no voltage change at the border ( the line Arlon-Luxembourg is at 3 kV DC and the line Gouvy-Luxembourg is at 25 kV AC )
** Channel Tunnel voltage remains at 25 kV AC.
** UK voltage remains at 25 kV AC voltage change 750 V DC third rail ( The Southern Region ).
** CS Caught stealing: times tagged out while attempting to steal a base
** SBA / ATT Stolen base attempts: total number of times the player has attempted to steal a base ( SB + CS )
** DI Defensive Indifference: if the catcher does not attempt to throw out a runner ( usually because the base would be insignificant ), the runner is not awarded a steal.
** Autecology: autotroph heterotroph acclimatization endotherm ectotherm hibernation homeostasis behavior circadian rhythm

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