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** and British
** British American Racing, a Formula One constructor
** Terminology of the British Isles, discusses the sometimes ambiguous or contentious names for parts of the island group
** bmi baby, a defunct low-cost airline, subsidiary of British Midland International
** bmi regional, a regional airline, subsidiary of British Midland International
** Mine Exploder T2 Flail: British Crab I mine flail.
** Mine Exploder T3 Flail: Based on British Scorpion flail.
** Mine Exploder T4: British Crab II mine flail.
** New England fiddling, with strong influences from Québécois and British repertoires.
** Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
** Petroleum spirit ( North American term: gasoline, British term: petrol )
** Colonial heads of British Cameroon ( Cameroons )
** Lotus F1 Team, a British Formula One team that started competing in 2012 season
** Team Lotus, a British Formula One racing team that competed between 1954 and 1994
** BMS: British Mycological Society ( United Kingdom )
** Norse activity in the British Isles
** British Agricultural Revolution / Neolithic Revolution
** Table of contents, bibliography of On the Origin of Species – links to text and images of all six British editions of The Origin of Species, the 6th edition with additions and corrections ( final text ), the first American edition, and translations into Danish, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish.
** Online Variorum, showing every change between the six British editions.
** 2 Empire Awards nominations "' Best British Film, Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy "'
** British Independent Film Awards nomination for Best Achievement in Production
** Theatre of the United Kingdom – introduced by the Romans and part of the British culture since at least 1585.
** Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing, responsible for tackling fare evasion on buses, delivering policing services that tackle crime and disorder on public transport in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Service's Transport Operational Command Unit ( TOCU ) and the British Transport Police.
** Whippet Club of British Columbia
** Ben Ainslie, British sailor

** and Airways
** South African Airways Provincial Challenges ( 16 provincial teams and Namibia )
** Republic Airlines, a regional air carrier affiliated with US Airways
** TNT Airways ( part of TNT Express ), in Belgium and Papua New Guinea
** Virgin Atlantic Airways makes its inaugural flight.
** Zagreb mid-air collision: A British Airways Trident and a Yugoslav DC-9 collide near Zagreb, Yugoslavia ( now Croatia ), killing all 176 aboard.
** Thai Airways Flight 311 operated by Airbus A310-300 crashes into a mountain north of Kathmandu, Nepal killing all 113 people on board.
** Nigeria Airways Flight 2120, a Douglas DC-8 operated by Canadian airline Nolisair, catches fire and crashes in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing all 261 people on board.
** Pan American World Airways ends operations.
** Pan American Airways offers the first commercially scheduled 747 service from John F. Kennedy International Airport to London Heathrow Airport.
** New Zealand National Airways Corporation the Domestic airline of New Zealand was merged with New Zealand's international airline, Air New Zealand.
** Braniff International Airways is declared bankrupt and ceases all flights.
** British Airways is privatised and listed on the London Stock Exchange.
** Pan American Airways ( 1998 – 2004 ), the third airline with the same name
** Boston-Maine Airways, sister company to this airline, which operated service under the Pan Am Clipper Connection brand
** US Airways Express operated by PSA Airlines ( Charlotte )
** Ghana Airways ' IATA code
** an airline brand operated by defunct regional airline Boston-Maine Airways for the airline holding company Pan Am Systems.
** XL Airways UK, a defunct British airline which was part of XL Leisure Group
** The Pan American World Airways Martin M-130 flying boat China Clipper, operating as Flight 161, strikes a blacked-out boat and crashes while landing at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, killing between 23 and 25 of the 30 people on board.
** While on approach to Washington Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virginia, Trans World Airways Flight 514, a Boeing 727-231, crashes into Mount Weather in Clarke County, Virginia, killing all 92 people on board and severing the underground main telephone line of the United States Governments Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, to which the crash brings undesired attention.
** Helios Airways Flight 522, Helios Airways Boeing 737-31S flight that crashed on August 14, 2005 into a mountain north of Marathon and Varnavas, Greece
** British Overseas Airways Corporation
** Sportsflight Airways

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