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** and Commentarii
** Commentarii de Bello Civili, " Commentaries on the Civil War "
** De Historia Stirpium Commentarii Insignes ( German edition, 1542 ).

** and de
** Alphonsus Maria de Liguori
** Alphonsus Maria de Liguori
** Dominic de Guzman, founder of the Dominican Order.
** Jean-Eudes de Mézeray
** Louis de Montfort
** Elena Sanz de Limantour ( 1922 – 1979 ), married in 1949 to Robert Borgs, and had issue:
** María Luisa Sanz de Limantour ( 1925 -), married in 1944 to Alberto Wittig y Cooke, son of Alberto Wittig and wife Cecilia Cooke, and had issue:
** La Diada de Sant Jordi ( Catalonia, Spain )
** Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle
** Kohlenstrasse ( Avenue de Bâle, Huningue ).
** Elsässerstrasse ( Avenue de Bâle, Saint-Louis )
** Note: Marker present commentary for this " somber work about the daily lives of fishermen on Brittany's Île de Sein " ( Film Comment ).
** The General Secretary, which is the highest-ranking official within the Party and usually the Chinese de facto paramount leader.
** Fort of São João Baptista de Ajudá
** Cirque de Mafate, Cirque de Salazie, Enclos Fouqué, and Cirque de Cilaos on Réunion
** Caldera de Taburiente ( Spain )
** Dulce de leche
** Día de las Velitas, begins after sunset.
** The Grande Arche, commonly known as Arche de la Défense, in Paris
** Chanson de Roland ( Old French )
** Carmen de Prodicione Guenonis, version of the story of the Song of Roland in Latin

** and Bello
** De Bello Gallico ( Books I – IV ), Latin text edition.
** Dominica-" Bello Hot Pepper Sauce ", a hot sauce made from scotch bonnets, manufactured by Perry W. Bellot, LTD, a family owned business that has been manufacturing this hot sauce for over forty years.

** and Gallico
** The Pride of the Yankees-Paul Gallico

** and Commentaries
** The Book of Leviticus, Douay Rheims Version, with Bishop Challoner Commentaries
** Caesar's Commentaries ( THE WAR IN GAUL-THE CIVIL WAR ), English translation by W. A. MACDEVITT, introduction by THOMAS DE QUINCEY ( 1915 ) ( incomplete )
** Commentaries on " The Design of Cultures ".
** The Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone, a 1769 major legal text of the 18th century ; often referred to as " Blackstone " or " Blackstone's Commentaries "
** Commentaries: comments about action in the present
** Commentaries

** and on
** Eunectes murinus, the green anaconda, the largest species, is found east of the Andes in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and on the island of Trinidad.
** For every non-empty set S there is a binary operation defined on S that makes it a group.
** The Vitali theorem on the existence of non-measurable sets which states that there is a subset of the real numbers that is not Lebesgue measurable.
** See also Salmond on " Citizenship and Allegiance ," in the Law Quarterly Review ( July 1901, January 1902 ).
** This is, on the whole, an informed and good account of the life and accomplishments of one of the greatest influences on the development of thought both Eastern and Western.
** This is a distinguished work which stands out from, and above, many of the books and articles which have ben written in this century on Avicenna ( Ibn Sīnā ) ( A. D. 980 – 1037 ).
** Earliest day on which Caribana celebration can fall, celebrated on the first Weekend of August.
** Earliest day on which Emancipation Day can fall, celebrated on the first Monday of August.
** Lughnasadh, traditionally begins on the eve of August 1.
** Cadius Rufus was executed on the charge of extortion.
** Various articles on Alcidamas ( 1856 – 1919, with links to further online material )
** Gordon-Reed, Annette speaking on CSPAN Booktv Andrew Johnson
** Khmer New Year, or Chol Chnam Thmey, most commonly celebrated on April 13 ( Cambodia )
** To use a long dash on Wikipedia, type in "".
** called a god on Malta ( 28: 6 )
** Ability to run on an IA-64 architecture processor, although this never went beyond beta
** Minimum level required for POWER4 hardware and the last release that worked on the Micro Channel architecture
** Ability to run in a Logical Partition on POWER4
** Ability to run on 64-bit architecture CPUs
** Run on RS / 6000 systems with PowerPC processors and PCI busses.
** Optional POKEY sound chip on cartridge for improved sounds.
** Headphone port ( stereo ; wired for mono on the original Lynx )

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