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** and Commodore
** Commodore Amiga, a family of personal computers introduced to the market in 1985 after Commodore International purchased the original developers, Amiga Corporation
** Commodore 64 ( or C64 or C = 64 ), an 8-bit home computer released by Commodore International in August 1982, the single best-selling personal computer model of all-time
** Commodore 128 ( or C128, CBM 128, or C = 128 ), a home / personal computer introduced in January 1985, the last 8-bit machine commercially released by Commodore Business Machines
** Commodore Plus / 4, a home / personal computer featuring standard office software applications built-in, released in 1984
** Commodore PET, Commodores first full-featured computer, a home / personal computer first produced in 1977
** Commodore VIC-20, an 8-bit home computer announced in 1980
** Commodore Semiconductor Group, also known as MOS Technology, Inc., famous for its various designs for Commodore Internationals range of home computers
** Commodore Gaming, a 2007 rebirth of Commodore International that manufactures gaming-oriented PCs
** Commodore International Corporation, a Netherlands-based company that bought all the global rights, patents and assets to the Commodore brand in 2005
** Commodore ( Royal Navy ), in the Royal Navy
** Commodore ( United States ), in the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard
** Commodore ( Canada ), in the Canadian Forces
** Commodore ( Finland ), in the Finnish Navy
** Commodore CDTV
** Hudson Commodore
** Commodore BASIC
** Bathurst 1000 for V8 Supercars won by Russel Ingall and Larry Perkins in a Holden Commodore VS.
** Peter Brock and Larry Perkins successfully defended their Bathurst 1000 title in Australia ; they and co-driver John Harvey won the race in a Holden Commodore.

** and Germany
** Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ( Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany ) showing the Guggenheim Collection in 2006-2007
** Haus der Geschichte ( Museum of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany )
** Germany — voltage change 3 kV DC – 15 kV AC
** Canals of Germany
** Clavichord by Christian Kintzing, Neuwied, Germany, 1763
** Clavichord by John Christopher Jesse, Halberstadt, Germany, 1765
** Clavichord, Germany, 18th century
** Laacher see ( Germany )
** The Federal Diet ( In German: Deutscher Bundestag ), federal parliament of Germany
** Rosenmontag ( Germany )
** Saterland Frisian language, spoken in Lower Saxony, Germany
** North Frisian language, spoken in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
** Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation used by Jews of Germany
** The Pferdestärke PS ( German translation of horsepower ) is a name for a group of similar power measurements used in Germany around the end of the 19th century, all of about one metric horsepower in size.
** Overy, Richard " Germany, ' Domestic Crisis " and the War in 1939 " pp. 97 – 128
** The most significant was based in Germany, which resulted in the Bonn Agreement ( Afghanistan ).
** Deutsche Mark, official currency of Germany from 1948 to 2001
** Max Planck Society, Germany.
** There were Occitan-speaking colonies in Württemberg ( Germany ) since the 18th century, the latter as a consequence of the Camisard war.
** In a 2011 episode of Misfits, an alternate reality where Germany won the Second World War, depicts Britain and the gang under the rule of the Nazi occupation force.
** 110. darmstadtium, Ds, named after Darmstadt, Germany, the city in which this work was performed ( 1994 ).
** During the First World War, Germany also had this submarine with a similar name:
** During the First World War, Germany also had these submarines with similar names:
** German Autumn: Employers Association President Hanns-Martin Schleyer is kidnapped in Cologne, West Germany.

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