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Some Related Sentences

** and Cumberland
** Cumberland Gap, a pass through the Appalachian Mountains
** The Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee and Kentucky
** The Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee and Kentucky
** The Cumberland River in Tennessee and Kentucky
** Cumberland Narrows in Maryland
** Cumberland Valley, in Pennsylvania and Maryland
** Cumberland Valley AVA, wine region
** Cumberland Island in eastern Georgia
** Cumberland University
** Cumberland snubnose darter, Etheostoma atripinne.
** Cumberland darter, Etheostoma susanae.
** The County Borough of Carlisle, a former city and local government district located within the county of Cumberland, England
** Cumberland, Mississippi
** Baltimore & Cumberland & Denton
** Cumberland Bird Observers Club
** Athenaeum Restaurant: Highly rated restaurant inside the Cumberland Inn.
** The Cumberland Inn Museum is operated by the school, located in the Cumberland Inn.
** Richard Cumberland, philosopher ( died 1718 )
** HMS Cumberland
* 70: Cumberland Mall west to WellStar Cobb Hospital and Cobb County Health Center via East-West Connector and Powder Springs Road, including Home Depot world headquarters **
** MV Queen of Cumberland
** Cumberland County College
** 2 / 34th ( Cumberland ) Regiment of Foot

** and Road
** Episode 95 " Lonesome Road " ( Co-Writer & Director )
** Seven Sisters Road, a road in North London
** London Road Safety Unit, which promotes safer roads through advertising and road safety measure.
** Colin Ferguson opens fire with his Ruger 9 mm pistol on a Long Island Rail Road train, killing 6 and injuring 19.
** The Beatles at 11: 30 have photographer Iain Macmillan take their photo on a zebra crossing on Abbey Road.
** The Beatles release their Abbey Road album, receiving critical praise and enormous commercial success.
** Austrian-born economist Friedrich Hayek publishes his book The Road to Serfdom ( in London ).
** Colin Ferguson is convicted of 6 counts of murder for the December 1993 Long Island Rail Road shootings and later receives a 25-year sentence for each of the 6 murders.
** CBS Radio cuts four soap operas: Backstage Wife, Our Gal Sunday, The Road of Life, and This is Nora Drake.
** Real World / Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet
** The Road Runner Show, compiled cartoons including the character
** Road Runner ( video game ), a 1985 platform game
** The Darkest Road ( 1986 )
** Clifton Down railway station, located on Whiteladies Road in Clifton, Bristol, England
** The firm's Bangkok Elevated Road and Train System project, commonly known as the Hopewell Project
** Albany Post Road continued north on Albany Crescent
** " The Road from Colonus "
** The Road to Charing Cross: 1877-1878.
** The Road to Charing Cross: 1877-1878.
** Allon Road, named after Yigal Allon.
** John Foster Dulles: The Road to Power.
** Mount Pleasant Road, a street in Toronto, Ontario
** 300-foot Translator Site: Radio Road, Dyersburg, TN

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