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** and Estoppel
** Court employs 4 " Fairness Factors " from Parklane Hosiery Co., Inc. v. Shore, 439 U. S. 322 ( 1979 ), to determine validity of the Offensive Non-Mutual Collateral Estoppel:

** and by
** Aliens ( film ), a 1986 sequel by James Cameron
** Atlas Oryx, a medium-sized utility helicopter manufactured by the Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa
** a peculiar pattern of dysarthria ( slurred speech, sometimes characterised by explosive variations in voice intensity despite a regular rhythm ).
** Alien abduction, memories of being taken by apparently nonhuman entities
** Child abduction, the abduction or kidnapping of a young child ( or baby ) by an older person
** Battle of Placentia — Emperor Aurelian is defeated by the Alemanni forces invading Italy
** Lollia Paulina as she was a rival for Claudius ’ hand in marriage as proposed by the freedman Callistus.
** edited by Immanuel Bekker, Oxford 1837 ( online )
** edited by Leonhard von Spengel, with commentary in Latin, Leipzig, 1847 ( online )
** edited by Manfred Fuhrmann, Bibliotheca Teubneriana, Leipzig, 1966, 2nd ed.
** edited by Pierre Chiron, Collection Budé, with French translation, Paris, 2002, ISBN 2-251-00498-X
** translated by E. S.
** The Aquila Lander is a light shuttle used by the Imperial Navy
** 64-bit kernel, installed but not activated by default
** The Artistic License ( the original Artistic License 1. 0, the one which is still used by Perl and CPAN )
** The Artistic License 2. 0 ( used by Parrot )
** " ABC " ( song ), a 1970 song by The Jackson 5
** Waterhouse – Friderichsen syndrome is adrenal gland failure due to bleeding into the adrenal glands, caused by severe bacterial infection.
** Samlede Skrifter, edited by F. C. Bornemann ( Copenhagen, 1883 )
** Chromatic aberration, caused by differences in refractive index for different wavelengths of light
** Near-open front unrounded vowel, the vowel sound represented by the æ symbol
** Adobe Illustrator Artwork. ai file format, the native file format used by Adobe Illustrator
** AGA cooker, a cooker currently manufactured by Aga Rangemaster Group
** May be caused by mass effect or venous dilatations.
** The B-52's ( album ), an album by the eponymous group

** and representation
** Stone's representation theorem for Boolean algebras needs the Boolean prime ideal theorem.
** In some languages, the formal representation of aspect is optional, and can be omitted when the aspect is clear from context or does not need to be emphasized.
** Written communication ( writing )representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols ( known as a writing system ).
** Lack of voting representation in either House of the U. S. Congress, as the US Constitution provides these rights only to full states.
** Parity flag in computing, indicates if the number of set bits is odd or even in the binary representation of the result of the last operation
** Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU (, formally Sveriges ständiga representation vid Europeiska unionen )
** Phonetic transcription, the representation specifically of speech sounds
** Credit score, a representation of credit worthiness
** Date ( metadata ), a representation term or class associated with a data element
** A representation of a number that has underflowed
** A representation of a number that has overflowed
** usually with a single arrow oriented to the map's representation of true north,
** occasionally with a single arrow oriented to the map's representation of magnetic north, or two arrows oriented to true and magnetic north respectively,
** Sales outsourcing through direct branded representation
** the Italian Senate, with a particular single-vote variant: proportional representation was automatically calculated upon all losers in the FPTP races, and candidates with best percentages were elected
** Reserved code elements under ISO 3166-1 " Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 1: Country codes ", available on request from ISO 3166 / MA
** A lossless " PCM macroblock " representation mode in which video data samples are represented directly, allowing perfect representation of specific regions and allowing a strict limit to be placed on the quantity of coded data for each macroblock.
** An enhanced lossless macroblock representation mode allowing perfect representation of specific regions while ordinarily using substantially fewer bits than the PCM mode.
** Flexible macroblock ordering ( FMO ), also known as slice groups, and arbitrary slice ordering ( ASO ), which are techniques for restructuring the ordering of the representation of the fundamental regions ( macroblocks ) in pictures.
** Redundant slices ( RS ), an error / loss robustness feature allowing an encoder to send an extra representation of a picture region ( typically at lower fidelity ) that can be used if the primary representation is corrupted or lost.
** Beginning of talks between Polish government in Warsaw with Commission of NRL about representation of Greater Poland in Sejm Ustawodawczy.

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