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** and Finland
** Commodore ( Finland ), in the Finnish Navy
** Diet of Finland, the legislative assembly of the Grand Duchy of Finland from 1809 to 1906
** Earliest day on which Day of the Finnish Flag can fall, while June 26 is the latest ; celebrated on Saturday of Midsummer's Day ( Finland )
** Knut ( Sweden and Finland )
** Prime Minister of Finland
** President of Finland
** Provincial Governors of Finland
** Finnish markka, mark in Swedish, official currency of Finland from 1860 to 2001
** Soviet Union invades Poland, Finland, occupies Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Romanian region of Bessarabia from 1939 to 1941.
** The Parliament of Finland, dominated by Social Democrats, passes the " Power Law ", declaring itself holder of the former Tsar's sovereignty in the Grand Principality of Finland.
** The Parliament of Finland again declares itself holder of sovereignty, effectively dissolving the 108-year-old union with Russia.
** Finland officially declares independence from Russia.
** Sauli Niinistö, Finnish politician, President of Finland
** Sweden, Norway, and Finland refuse Germany's offer of non-aggression pacts.
** Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland declare their neutrality.
** WWII – Winter War: Soviet forces attack Finland and reach the Mannerheim Line, starting the war.
** Finland breaks off relations with Germany.
** Tarja Halonen, President of Finland
** Juho Kusti Paasikivi becomes president of Finland.
** The United Kingdom declares war on Finland.
** Paavo Lipponen, Prime Minister of Finland
** Oskari Tokoi, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Finland ( b. 1873 )

** and declares
** The Social Revolutionary Party declares Belarus independent ; Bolshevik armies soon crush them.
** Belarus declares independence.
** Czechoslovakia declares its independence from Austria-Hungary.
** Ruthenia in eastern Czechoslovakia declares a brief independence.
** Poland declares its independence from Russia.
** Provisional National Council Minister-President Kurt Eisner declares Bavaria to be a republic.
** Hungary declares independence from Austria.
** The World Health Organization declares tuberculosis a Global Emergency.
** The Kuomintang regime declares Taiwan under martial law.
** WWII – Sweden declares non-belligerency in the Winter War.
** Argentinian labour leader José Peter declares the Federación Obrera de la Industria de la Carne dissolved.
** The Soviet Union declares war on Japan.
** Dutch East Indies campaign: Japan declares war on the Netherlands and invades the Dutch East Indies.
** WWII: Mexico declares war on Germany, Italy and Japan.
** Enver Hoxha declares the People's Republic of Albania, with himself as prime minister.
** Canada declares war on Japan.
** British India declares war on the Empire of Japan.
** The government of Haiti declares a state of siege, under which it suspends civil liberties, imposes censorship, and arrests political opponents.
** Cold War: Lithuania declares independence from the Soviet Union with the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania.
** Cold War: The parliament of the Russian Federation formally declares its sovereignty.
** The Serbian Democratic Party declares the sovereignty of the Serbs in Croatia.

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