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Some Related Sentences

** and Fuller
** Anastasius the Fuller
** Thomas Fuller, English churchman and historian ( d. 1661 )
** Buckminster Fuller, American architect ( d. 1983 )
** Robert Fuller, American former actor and current rancher ( Laramie )
** Don Fuller ( R )
** colonization with Stephen Fuller Austin ’ s “ Old Three Hundred ” or by the authority of the Spanish, Mexican, or Texas Republican governments,
** Buckminster Fuller
** Thomas Fuller, churchman and historian ( died 1661 )
** Once Upon a Mattress – Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer, and Dean Fuller.
** Fuller advises for authorities, consult the scattered notices in Socrates, Sozomen ; Hefele, Conciliengeschichte, i .; the usual Church histories and HOLY GHOST in D. C. B.
** Wendy Fuller, diver
** July 11-Timothy Fuller speaks " at the request of the Suffolk Anti-Masonic Committee "
** " Gravity " with Bryan Fuller
** " Course: Oblivion " with Bryan Fuller
** " Juggernaut " with Kenneth Biller & Bryan Fuller
** " Relativity " with Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor
** Ron Fuller
** A detailed biography of Fuller, describing his narrative style, mise en scene, production, the critical and commercial reception of his films, and his ambitions in directing and screenwriting.
** Fuller ( 15-page ) biography of Robert Casadesus, by Jacqueline Muller
** Nominees: Simon Fuller ; Gordon Ramsay
** Andrew Fuller House, Charron Lane, Fort Worth, Texas
** NWA Southeastern Tag Team Championship ( 3 times ) – with Ken Lucas ( 2 ), and Robert Fuller ( 1 )
** NWA Columbus Tag Team Championship ( 1 time )-with Robert Fuller
** NWA Georgia Tag Team Championship ( 4 times )-with Dick Steinborn ( 1 ) and Robert Fuller ( 3 )

** and applied
** Dielectric dispersion, the dependence of the permittivity of a dielectric material on the frequency of an applied electric field
** is not applied in practice
** for his contributions to queueing theory, applied probability and stochastic modelling
** Often, though, the term " possessive pronoun " is also applied to the so-called possessive adjectives ( or possessive determiners ).
** if the material deformation strain increases linearly with increasing applied stress, then the material is linear elastic within the range it shows recoverable strains.
** if the material deformation rate increases linearly with increasing applied stress, then the material is viscous in the Newtonian sense.
** Postage due stamps are special stamps applied by a post office to mail bearing insufficient postage.
** The term is also applied to music, usually with regard to record titles.
** Blunt trauma, a type of physical trauma caused by impact or other force applied from or with a blunt object
** The voltage applied to the deflection yoke is adjusted by various means ( transformers, capacitors, center-tapped windings ) so that the half-way voltage on the sawtooth's cliff is at the zero mark, meaning that a negative voltage will cause deflection in one direction, and a positive voltage deflection in the other ; thus, a center-mounted deflection yoke can use the whole screen area to depict a trace.
** Poultry science – animal science applied to poultry – chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail, etc.
** Exponential smoothing, a technique that can be applied to time series data
** The name Mâcon is also applied to the Mâconnais wine from that region
** the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which applied to Ireland in their original enactment or were subsequently applied to Ireland ( 1 January 1801 to 5 December 1922 )
** A secondary Hadamard transform performed on " DC " coefficients of the primary spatial transform applied to chroma DC coefficients ( and also luma in one special case ) to obtain even more compression in smooth regions.
** Food physical chemistry-the study of both physical and chemical interactions in foods in terms of physical and chemical principles applied to food systems, as well as the application of physicochemical techniques and instrumentation for the study and analysis of foods
** Hydrostatic lubrication is when an external pressure is applied to the lubricant in the bearing, to maintain the fluid lubricant film where it would otherwise be squeezed out.
** Thus this formula is best applied to stable software development teams which have completed multiple projects.
** The Constitution of 1793, ratified 24 June 1793, was ratified but never applied due to the suspension of all ordinary legality 10 October 1793 ( under the French First Republic )
** Masters in applied microbiology
** Secondly, the ATP system presumably would have applied a secondary backup brake system, even though this might have " risked " flat wheels.
** The photosensitizer should not be harmful to the target tissue until the treatment beam is applied.
** All four have been convicted under Arms Act and had applied for release under Probation of Offenders Act

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