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Some Related Sentences

** and Garden
** Examples may include: Holiday Inn, Courtyard by Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn
** The Garden Tomb, discovered in the 19th century, considered the actual site of Jesus ' grave by some Protestant Christians.
** Garden roses
** Operation Market Garden ends in an Allied withdrawal.
** Madison Square Garden in New York City opens.
** Louis Le Prince films the first motion picture: Roundhay Garden Scene in Roundhay, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK ( followed by his movie Leeds Bridge ).
** The S. S. Kresge Company opens its first Kmart discount store in Garden City, Michigan.
** The New York Knicks win their first NBA championship, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 113-99 in Game 7 of the world championship series at Madison Square Garden.
** Mary Garden, Scottish opera singer ( b. 1874 )
** Eric G. Stacey-The Garden of Allah
** Mughal Garden Style
** Town and Country Planning Association, originally known as the Garden City Association
** Garden City Hotel
** Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1974.
**: The Knicks won their championship at Madison Square Garden.
**: The San Antonio Spurs won their championship at Madison Square Garden.
**: The Boston Bruins won their championship at Madison Square Garden.
**: The Rangers won their championship at Madison Square Garden.
** Garden tools
** The Evil Garden
** Hilton Garden Inn, a chain of hotels trademarked by Hilton Worldwide
** CDOT map of the Town of Garden City
** Garden Street Elementary School
** Secret Garden – Nominated

** and square
** heredity — Mendelian inheritance — gene — locus — trait — allele — polymorphism — homozygote — heterozygote — hybrid — hybridization — dihybrid cross — Punnett square
** Permanent memory ( ROM )- The instructions for in-built functions ( arithmetic operations, square roots, percentages, trigonometry etc.
** For example, consider the map ( which is the " realification " of the complex square function ) where U
** South Carolina: less than 1 square mile in the northwest.
** Town square, an open area commonly found in the heart of a traditional town used for community gatherings
** Market square, an open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading
** Combination square, a tool with a ruled blade and one or more interchangeable heads
** Machinist square, a metalworking tool used to produce right angles
** Steel square, also called a " framing " or " carpenter's " square, produces right angles
** Try square, a woodworking tool for checking right angles
** Serious bushfires in southern Tasmania claim 62 lives, and destroys 2, 642. 7 square kilometres ( 653, 025. 4 acres ) of land.
** Georgian demonstrators are massacred by Red Army soldiers in Tbilisi's central square during a peaceful rally ; 20 citizens are killed, many injured.
** The Tiananmen Square massacre takes place in Beijing on the army's approach to the square, and the final stand-off in the square is covered live on television.
** a square of side of approx.
** 3, 861 square miles
** 38, 600 square miles
** a square with side 316 km
** 3, 860, 000 square miles.
** A square of this area has a side length of 3, 160 km.
** 1 square megameter
** 386, 000 square miles
** square with 1000 km side

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