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** and German
** Altenberg, the German name for Vieille Montagne (" old mountain " in French ), the former zinc mine in Kelmis, Moresnet
** This German publication is both one of the most comprehensive general introductions to the life and works of the philosopher and physician Avicenna ( Ibn Sīnā, d. 1037 ) and an extensive and careful survey of his contribution to the history of science.
** Langer Eugen, since 2006 the centre of the United Nations Campus, formerly housing the offices of the members of the German parliament
** The Bunsen – Kirchhoff Award, a German award for spectroscopy
** Between Basel SBB and Basel Badischer Bahnhof – Basel Badischer Bahnhof, and all other railway property and stations on the right bank of the Rhine belong to DB and are classed as German customs territory.
** Commodore ( Germany ) or Kommodore, in German naval forces
** State Diet ( In German: Landtag ), state parliament of most of the German federated states
** The Diet of the Empire ( In German: Reichstag ), legislative assembly of the German Empire 1871 – 1917
** The Federal Diet ( In German: Deutscher Bundestag ), federal parliament of Germany
** Ruodlieb ( Latin ), by a German author
** Nibelungenlied ( Middle High German )
** Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach-( Middle High German )
** Old High German literature ( 750-1050 )
** Middle High German literature ( 1050 – 1300 )
** Late medieval German literature / Renaissance ( 1300 – 1500 )
** Eighteenth-and 19th-century German literature
** 20th century German literature
** Contemporary German literature ( 1989 -)
** The Kingdom of Prussia became part of the German Empire.
** The Pferdestärke PS ( German translation of horsepower ) is a name for a group of similar power measurements used in Germany around the end of the 19th century, all of about one metric horsepower in size.
** German gold mark, coinage of the German Empire from 1873 to 1914
** German Papiermark, German coinage from 1914 to 1929

** and surrender
** The Vietnam War came to a close in 1975 with the fall of Saigon and the unconditional surrender of South Vietnam on April 30, 1975.
** WWII: Polish troops on the Westerplatte are forced, due to lack of food and ammunition, to surrender.
** Heinrich Himmler, through Count Bernadotte, puts forth an offer of German surrender to the Western Allies, but not the Soviet Union.
** The Western Allies flatly reject any offer of surrender by Germany other than unconditional on all fronts.
** Rocket scientist Wernher von Braun and 120 members of his team surrender to U. S. forces ( later going on to help to start the U. S. space program ).
** V-E Day ( Victory in Europe, as Nazi Germany surrenders ) commemorates the end of WWII in Europe, with the final surrender being to the Soviets in Berlin, attended by representatives of the Western Powers.
** Canadian troops move into Amsterdam, after German troops surrender.
** WWII: Emperor Hirohito announces Japan's surrender on the radio.
** WWII: Korea gains independence following Japan's surrender.
** WWII ends: The final official surrender of Japan is accepted by the Supreme Allied Commander, General Douglas MacArthur, and Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz for the United States, and delegates from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, China, and others from a Japanese delegation led by Mamoru Shigemitsu, on board the American battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
** United States General Dwight D. Eisenhower publicly announces the surrender of Italy to the Allies.
** Second Boer War: British military leaders accept the unconditional notice of surrender from Boer General Piet Cronje.
** Portuguese surrender Goa to India after 400 years of Portuguese rule.
** The forces of Russian White Admiral Alexander Kolchak surrender in Krasnoyarsk.
** Italian unification: The surrender of Civitella del Tronto ends the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
** The Ceylonese government promises amnesty for those guerillas who surrender before April 5.
** 20 July 1881 — Sioux chief Sitting Bull leads the last of his fugitive people in surrender to United States troops at Fort Buford in Montana.
** August 2 – Pompeians in Ilerda surrender to Caesar and are granted pardon.
** Williamite War in Ireland: Siege of Derry: James II arrives at the gates of Derry and asks for its surrender, which is refused by the Protestant defenders.
** General Douglas MacArthur's first order to the forces of the Empire of Japan following the Japanese surrender in World War II
** Xun Chen, younger brother, served Yuan Shao, persuaded Han Fu to surrender, fate unknown after the Battle of Guandu
** Italy's surrender to the Allies is proclaimed.
** Luftwaffe Dornier Do 217 bombers sink the Italian battleship Roma west of Corsica with two Fritz X radio-controlled glide bombs as she steams to surrender to the Allies ; 1, 253 of the 1, 849 aboard are lost.
** July: The New Mexico District Military Governor, General James Henry Carleton, tells 18 Navajo chiefs that they must surrender by July 20, 1863, and move to Fort Sumner, at the Bosque Redondo.

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