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Some Related Sentences

** and lemma
** Zorn's lemma: Every non-empty partially ordered set in which every chain ( i. e. totally ordered subset ) has an upper bound contains at least one maximal element.
** Tukey's lemma: Every non-empty collection of finite character has a maximal element with respect to inclusion.
** word, lexeme, lemma, lexicon, vocabulary, terminology
** Noether normalization lemma
** Schwarz – Ahlfors – Pick theorem, an extension of the Schwarz lemma for hyperbolic manifolds
** Sperner's lemma
** Schwarz lemma
** Burnside's lemma, a theorem of group theory
** The Lovász local lemma ( proved in 1975, by László Lovász & P. Erdős )
** Algorithmic Lovász local lemma ( proved in 2009, by Robin Moser and Gábor Tardos )
** Krasner's lemma, in number theory

** and rings
** β-Lactams containing thiazolidine rings are named penams.
** β-Lactams containing pyrrolidine rings are named carbapenams.
** β-Lactams fused to oxazolidine rings are named oxapenams or clavams.
** β-Lactams containing 2, 3-dihydrothiazole rings are named penems.
** β-Lactams containing 2, 3-dihydro-1H-pyrrole rings are named carbapenems.
** β-Lactams containing 3, 6-dihydro-2H-1, 3-thiazine rings are named cephems.
** β-Lactams containing 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydropyridine rings are named carbacephems.
** β-Lactams containing 3, 6-dihydro-2H-1, 3-oxazine rings are named oxacephems.
** The Ringinator-Tool for making jump rings
** The chase astragal and fillets: these are a second series of such rings located at the near end of the chase.
** The rimbases are short broad rings located at the union of the trunnions and the cannon which provide support to the carriage attachment.
** Engine piston rings changed to limit oil consumption and pistons changed to strengthen skirt area.
** the product of rings,
** The Russian code clerk Igor Gouzenko comes forward with numerous documents implicating the Soviet Union in numerous spy rings in North America: both in the United States and in Canada.
** Ring, the category of rings
** For horse-back riders there periodic events ( see their calendar of events ) and facilities include four horse rings and 140 stalls.
** Fields are better-behaved than skew field or general rings.
** Color: pink to pale brownish, with white rings over the body ; almost translucent.
** Description: large black rings on the mantle ; good swimmer
** More than two dozen sea-shell rings
** Target: 3 rings
** InBev, the sponsor of the George Gillett-owned # 9 Ford Fusion driven by Kasey Kahne, fielded a white car with a mountainous motif featuring the Olympic rings as part of the Belgian brewer's sponsorship of the United States Olympic team at the XXI Winter Olympic Games.
** The Main Building ( at Main Market Square, Rynek Główny 35 ), devoted to the history of the city and its citizens with collections of maps, documents and city stamps, scepters and rings of Lord Mayors, guild objects, portraits of nobility, and the Kraków's famous Christmas cribs.
** Neck-ties, wedding rings, and jewelry are forbidden, as are other superfluous and unneeded articles of dress
** Mola ( art form ), a cultural practice featuring nose rings

** and named
** Agents of Atlas, a Marvel Comics mini-series that included a foundation named Atlas
** List of cartoon characters named after people
** List of chemical elements named after people
** List of chess openings named after people
** List of colleges and universities named after people
** List of companies named after people
** List of diseases named after people
** List of human anatomical parts named after people
** List of foods named after people
** List of inventions named after people
** List of political entities named after people
** List of rose cultivars named after people
** List of scientific constants named after people
** List of scientific laws named after people
** List of scientific phenomena named after people
** List of scientific units named after people
** List of prizes named after people

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