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** and deduction
** Standard deduction, dollar amount that non-itemizers may subtract from their income
** 501 Exemptions and standard deduction
** A " warning " will be given in the form of a yellow card or a green card ( The green card gives a 10 % deduction of a fighter's purse ) when a fighter commits an illegal action or does not follow the referee's instruction.
** Q → P 4. deduction from 2 to 3

** and eligible
** eligible to serve as Strategoi ( Generals or military governors )
** Monarchy denies the people a basic right – Republicans believe that it should be a fundamental right of the people of any nation to elect their head of state and for every citizen to be eligible to hold that office.
** In 1998, John Andretti was eligible to race in the Bud Shootout for having won a pole position in 1997 racing for Cale Yarborough.
** Bobby Hamilton won the pole position for the 1997 Miller 400 racing for Petty Enterprises, but was not eligible for the 1998 Bud Shootout since the team chose not to affix the proper decal.
** John Andretti won the pole position for the 1998 Primestar 500 racing for Petty Enterprises, but was not eligible for the 1999 Bud Shootout since the team chose not to affix the proper decal.
** In the NBA, a player may not be ejected if assessed a seventh or subsequent personal foul because of being forced to remain in the game because there are no eligible players on the bench.
** IPTV is now an option ( 1. 99 €) so people who are not eligible for such services ( i. e. their home is too far away from the DSLAM ) do not pay for it, but, as a legal twist, after an increase in VAT in order to reduce the basis of taxes for artistic creation.
** Definition of Capital Subgroup-reviews eligible capital instruments
** This level of membership is awarded to an individual who is not eligible for active membership but has contributed greatly to the organization.
** Catalans only should be eligible for public office in Catalonia

** and expense
** Canada did not participate in the World Hockey Championship, the government claiming it was not worth the expense.
** Capital expenditures that are advised by a physician, where the facility is used primarily by the patient alone and the expense is reasonable ( e. g. a swimming pool for someone with degenerative spinal disorder, an elevator for someone with heart disease )
** the anterior is thin and pointed, bevelled at the expense of the outer surface, and overlapped by the tip of the great wing of the sphenoid ;
** the middle portion is arched, bevelled at the expense of the outer surface, and overlapped by the squama of the temporal ;
** stored for the finest fleet the sun ever beheld, and ready at a minute ’ s warning, built lately by our most gracious sovereign Elizabeth at great expense for the security of her subjects and the terror of her enemies, with a fort on the shore for its defence.
** Daysailers tend to be wider across the beam and have greater accommodation space at the expense of speed.
** A senior who participates in hazing at the expense of a pledge, as in a fraternity

** and individual
** The Lebesgue measure of a countable disjoint union of measurable sets is equal to the sum of the measures of the individual sets.
** The legend " CDN FORCES CDN " ( or for foreign nationals, the name of the country the individual represents )
** Introduction of an individual into a body such as the armed forces
** Moral relativism maintains that all moral judgments have their origins either in societal or in individual standards, and that no single objective standard exists by which one can assess the truth of a moral proposition.
** individual underworld nymphs:
** having multiple phenotypes within a population ; the switch that determines which phenotype an individual displays can be genetic or environmental
** A decision by the Supreme Court of the United States states that the power of the federal government is greater than any individual state.
** Note: The sum of the individual digits is usually compared with a previously computed value.
** Superannuation in Australia-Private, and compulsory, individual retirement contribution system.
** Lonesome George, the last known individual of the Pinta Island Tortoise subspecies, dies at a Galapagos National Park, thus making the subspecies extinct.
** Apartment-An individual unit in a multi-unit building.
** An individual voter may have a rational ignorance regarding politics, especially in nationwide elections, since each vote has little weight.
** Roof shingle, a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements
** Adjust rendering, network, JavaScript, and cookies settings for individual sites or types of pages.
** one person from each tribe winning individual immunity ( as in Guatemala and Gabon ),
** Application for employment, a form or collection of forms that an individual seeking employment must fill out when seeking employment
** 773 individual Names with unlimited liability
** Detailed map showing the individual areas
** The Dawes Act of 1887 split the Indian tribal lands into allotments held by individual Indians.
** In the mid-1950s, a second land reform during the Great Leap Forward compelled individual farmers to join collectives, which, in turn, were grouped into People's communes with centrally controlled property rights and an egalitarian principle of distribution.
** Daniel Loss and David P. DiVincenzo proposed the Loss-DiVincenzo quantum computer, using as qubits the intrinsic spin-1 / 2 degree of freedom of individual electrons confined to quantum dots.
** Anima and animus, expressions of the unconscious or true inner self of an individual in Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology
** During the snowmobile best trick, the brothers Colton and Caleb Moore successfully landed a two-man backflip but were disqualified because judges ruled the event as an individual sport.
** The National Lacrosse League ( NLL ) is formed from the Major Indoor Lacrosse League ( MILL ), with the decision to move from league ownership of all teams to individual team ownership.

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