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Some Related Sentences

** and Jewish
** The Jewish Encyclopedia ( Jewish Encyclopedia: Apollos )
** י ְ הו ֹ ש ֻׁ ע ַ Yehoshua – Joshua ( Hebrew – English at Mechon-Mamre. org, Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Jewish translations:
** Jewish Commentary
** Numbers at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Jewish translations:
** Jewish commentaries on the Bible
** Amicus Brief on the Merits ( American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League, and Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America )
** do not bow at each other, in the Jewish tradition
** Optionally: abbreviation of soldiers ' religion ( KAT for Roman Catholics, GR-KAT for Greek Catholics, PRAW for Orthodox, MOJ for Jewish, AUG for Lutherans, ANG for Anglicans and MAH for Muslims )
** Major Codes of Jewish Law and Custom
** Jewish philosophy
** Musar literature and other works of Jewish ethics
** In modern times, although the Jewish calendar year number changes on Rosh Hashanah, the months are still numbered from Nisan.
** Book of Joel, a book in the Jewish Tanakh, and the Christian Bible
** Kosher locust, an insect considered kosher under Jewish dietary laws
** Leviticus at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Oxford University Press, USA
** Jewish Encyclopedia: Origen
** List of Jewish feminists
** In Orthodox and traditional Jewish weddings, the bride does not speak under the chuppah and only she receives a ring.

** and Biblical
** Biblical Studies
** Shmuel-Bukh ( Old Yiddish chivalry romance based on the Biblical book of Samuel )
** Mlokhim-Bukh ( Old Yiddish epic poem based on the Biblical Books of Kings )
** Biblical Hebrew grammar
** Biblical Hebrew orthography
** Biblical Hebrew – Attested from 10th century BCE to about 70 CE
** Biblical Hebrew: " ribua " ( ריבוא )
** William Whittingham, English Biblical scholar and religious reformer ( b. 1524 )
** Wesley Biblical Seminary ( Jackson )
** Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History
** Basic Bible Studies: Biblical studies on the fundamentals of the faith.
** John Kitto, Biblical commentator ( born 1804 )
** Aharon Ibn Hayyim, Biblical and Talmudic commentator
** William Whittingham, Biblical scholar
** Biblical Studies
** T & T Clark International – Biblical, theology and church history studies list
** Biblical Hebrew – Jews, literary, poetical, liturgical ; also known as Classical Hebrew, the oldest form of the language attested in writing.
** Haskala Hebrew language – Jews, scientific, literary and journalistic language based on Biblical but enriched with neologisms created by writers and journalists, a transition to the later
** c. Socially: Develop a life that is Christ-like in both personal and social areas, being guided by Biblical principles and controlled by the Holy Spirit at all times.
** d. Economically: Fortify the student ’ s understanding of Biblical stewardship.
** e. In the workplace: Develop an appreciation for the dignity of work and a Biblical work ethic.
** Gunkel's Commentary on Genesis ( Nowack Series ) may be consulted for incidental references to Biblical Astronomy ;
** Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies-Dean: Dr. Glen Menzies

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