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Some Related Sentences

** and Jewish
** The Jewish Encyclopedia ( Jewish Encyclopedia: Apollos )
** י ְ הו ֹ ש ֻׁ ע ַ Yehoshua – Joshua ( Hebrew – English at Mechon-Mamre. org, Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Jewish translations:
** Jewish Commentary
** Numbers at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Jewish translations:
** Jewish commentaries on the Bible
** Amicus Brief on the Merits ( American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League, and Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America )
** do not bow at each other, in the Jewish tradition
** Optionally: abbreviation of soldiers ' religion ( KAT for Roman Catholics, GR-KAT for Greek Catholics, PRAW for Orthodox, MOJ for Jewish, AUG for Lutherans, ANG for Anglicans and MAH for Muslims )
** Jewish Biblical exegesis ( also see Midrash below )
** Major Codes of Jewish Law and Custom
** Jewish philosophy
** Musar literature and other works of Jewish ethics
** In modern times, although the Jewish calendar year number changes on Rosh Hashanah, the months are still numbered from Nisan.
** Book of Joel, a book in the Jewish Tanakh, and the Christian Bible
** Kosher locust, an insect considered kosher under Jewish dietary laws
** Leviticus at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Oxford University Press, USA
** List of Jewish feminists
** In Orthodox and traditional Jewish weddings, the bride does not speak under the chuppah and only she receives a ring.

** and Encyclopedia
** Catholic Encyclopedia
** Creation Myths of the World: An Encyclopedia.
** Catholic Encyclopedia: Origen and Origenism
** Origen Entry in Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** Origen from New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
** commissions the Yongle Encyclopedia, one of the world's earliest and largest known general encyclopedias.
** God and Other Necessary Beings, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** Jewish Encyclopedia: Moloch and Chiun ( Short examples of older discussion.
** Catholic Encyclopedia: Moloch ( A short article, in part denying that Moloch sacrifices were offered to Yahweh as argued in the Encyclopædia Biblica and Jewish Encyclopedia.
** Idem, " Conrad Gessner ," in Encyclopedia of the Scientific Revolution from Copernicus to Newton, ed.
** Idem, " Conrad Gessner " in Europe 1450-1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, Ed.
** Divine Simplicity, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** God and Other Necessary Beings, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** Garland Encyclopedia of World Music 10 vols.
** Kussmaul Encyclopedia
** TIES ( The Interactive Encyclopedia System, later HyperTies )
** " The One With the Cuffs " ( 1 episode, 1997 ) ... Encyclopedia Salesman
** Book of Judges article ( Jewish Encyclopedia )
** Neil Sloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, often referred to as " Sloane "
** The Shape Under The Sheet: The Complete Stephen King Encyclopedia by Stephen J. Spignesi
** An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural by James Randi

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