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** and Kingdom
** Kingdom of Great Britain, a sovereign state from 1707 to 1801
** United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, a sovereign state from 1801 to 1922 ( and between 1922 and 1927 in its superseded form )
** Canals of the United Kingdom
** Diet of Hungary, the legislative assembly of the Kingdom of Hungary from 15th century to 1946
** National Day, celebrates the independence of Saint Lucia from United Kingdom in 1979.
** Geology of the United Kingdom
** The Kingdom of Prussia became part of the German Empire.
** Old Kingdom of Egypt: 27th to 22nd centuries BC
** Middle Kingdom of Egypt: 21st to 17th centuries BC
** New Kingdom of Egypt: 1570 to 1070 BC
** Induction ( teachers ), the period of one year following qualification as a teacher in the United Kingdom
** Northern Ireland, a constituent country of the United Kingdom
** Holocaust Memorial Day ( United Kingdom )
** List of United Kingdom prisons
** List of notable United Kingdom House of Lords cases
** Kings of Nekor, see Kingdom of Nekor
** Kings of Mataram, see Kingdom of Mataram
** Monarchs of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
** Kingdom of Abkhazia
** Mothering Sunday ( United Kingdom )
** BMS: British Mycological Society ( United Kingdom )
** Remembrance Day ( United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations, including Australia and Canada )
** Part of the Badge of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.
** United Kingdom Postmaster General

** and Imereti
** Constantine I of Imereti
** Michael I of Imereti

Kingdom and Imereti
* 1510 – First campaign of Ottoman Empire against Kingdom of Imereti ( modern western Georgia ).
* Collapse of the Kingdom of Georgia into anarchy and it's subsequent fragmentation into rival states of Kartli, Kakheti, Imereti, Samtskhe-Saatabago and a number of principalities, which is finalised in 1490 when Constantine II of Georgia has to recognize his rival monarchies.
He married in 1717 Mariam, youngest daughter of Prince Giorgi-Malakia Abashidze, virtual ruler of the Kingdom of Imereti, and had seven children.
The Abkhazian princes were the vassals of Mingrelia, which, in turn, was subordinated to the Kingdom of Imereti.
Despite being left on his devices, Heraclius still cherished a dream of establishing, with Russian protection, a strong and united monarchy, into which the western Georgian Kingdom of Imereti and the lost provinces under Ottoman rule would all eventually be drawn.
Bagrat I the Little ( Bagrat Mtsire, ბაგრატ I მცირე in Georgian ) ( died 1372 ), from the Bagrationi dynasty, was king of western Georgia ( also known as the Kingdom of Imereti ) from 1329 until 1330.
The Kingdom of Imereti () was a Georgian monarchy established in 1455 by a member of the house of Bagrationi when the Kingdom of Georgia was dissolved into rival kingdoms.
Before that time, Imereti was considered a separate kingdom within the Kingdom of Georgia, to which a cadet branch of the Bagration royal family held the crown beginning in 1260 by Davit VI, King of Georgia.
Imereti, Kingdom of

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