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Some Related Sentences

** and central
** C. v. marilandicus ( Linnaeus, 1758 )-coastal New England to Pennsylvania and central Virginia
** C. v. graysoni ( Lawrence, 1867 )-Grayson's Bobwhite-west central Mexico
** C. v. godman ( Nelson, 1897 )-Godman's Bobwhite-eastern slopes and mountains of central Veracruz
** C. v. pectoralis ( Gould, 1883 )-Black-breasted Bobwhite-eastern slopes and mountains of central Veracruz
** C. v. ridgwayi ( Brewster, 1885 )-Masked Bobwhite-north central Sonora
** Christchurch Central City, the central business district of Christchurch in New Zealand
** Canterbury Rugby Football Union, the governing body for rugby union in the central Canterbury region
** Sabine in Lazio and the central Appennines
** Pennsylvania: a corridor from the southwestern corner to north central border.
** Roman alphabet or Latin alphabet, the standard script of the English language and most of the languages of western and central Europe, Indonesia, Malay, and other areas once settled by European colonial empires
** The Second Congo War starts in 1998 in central Africa and includes 50 different cultures and 7 different nations.
** WWII: The Japanese launch an offensive in central and south China.
** Aleister Crowley begins writing Liber Al vel Legis, better known as The Book of the Law, a text central to Thelema.
** Typhoon Vera hits central Honshū, Japan, killing an estimated 5, 098, injuring another 38, 921, and leaving 1, 533, 000 homeless.
** Siege of Sancerre: Catholic forces of the king lay siege to Sancerre, a Huguenot stronghold in central France.
** 70 tornadoes break out in the central United States, killing 17.
** Vietnam War – Operation Ivory Coast: A joint Air Force and Army team raids the Son Tay prison camp in an attempt to free American POWs thought to be held there ( no Americans are killed, but the prisoners have already moved to another camp ; all U. S. POWs are moved to a handful of central prison complexes as a result of this raid ).
** East Pakistan leader Sheik Mujibur Rahman accuses the central government of negligence in catastrophe relief.
** Georgian demonstrators are massacred by Red Army soldiers in Tbilisi's central square during a peaceful rally ; 20 citizens are killed, many injured.
** Jesus, Jewish teacher and central figure of Christianity ( 6 BC?
** U. S. Merchant Marine ( no central administration ).
** Chain store, retail outlets which share a brand and central management
** James Bond ( character ), a British secret agent who is the central character in the series
** an adherent of Gaianism — an Earth-centered ( sometimes referred to as neo-Pagan ) spiritual inclination with diverse and evolving religious expression whose central reference is Gaia as personification of the Earth as Mother to all life upon the planet.
** The Domain, Sydney: a large open space near the central business district of Sydney, Australia

** and limit
** Some kinds of helicity are conserved in dissipationless limit: hydrodynamical helicity, magnetic helicity, cross-helicity.
** The set of infinite strings is the inverse limit of the set of finite strings, and is thus endowed with the limit topology.
** One-sided limit
** Limit superior and limit inferior
** Direct limit and Inverse limit
** Chandrasekhar limit
** Greisen – Zatsepin – Kuzmin limit
** Speed limit
** The high-frequency limit of the hearing range
** A limit order is a type of order to buy a security at no more ( or sell at no less ) than a specific price on an exchange.
** Engine piston rings changed to limit oil consumption and pistons changed to strengthen skirt area.
** A Line reactor is used to limit starting current of motors and to protect variable frequency drives
** The United States Senate adopts the cloture rule in order to limit filibusters.
** The first speed limit is introduced in Britain: in town and in the country.
** A speed limit is imposed on British roads.
** See more fully the discussion in Dennis J. Baker, The Right Not to be Criminalized: Demarcating Criminal Law's Authority ( Ashgate, 2011 < http :// www. ashgate. com / isbn / 9781409427650 >) where Professor Baker argues ( in chapter 5 ) that there is a limit to consensual harm doing — but that the threshold of harm has to be reasonably high.
** Lower limit: 70-80 modal ( bass ), 30-40 creaky
** Upper limit: 1170 ( soprano )
** Railroad adze-A carpenter's adze which had its bit extended in an effort to limit the breaking of handles when shaping railroad ties ( railway sleepers ).
** serum creatinine ≥ 2 times the upper limit of normal for age or 2-fold increase in baseline creatinine in patients with chronic kidney disease
** alanine aminotransferase ( ALT ) ≥ 2 times the upper limit of normal
** A lossless " PCM macroblock " representation mode in which video data samples are represented directly, allowing perfect representation of specific regions and allowing a strict limit to be placed on the quantity of coded data for each macroblock.

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