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Some Related Sentences

** and Major
** Atlas Major, a Standard Motor Company van 1962 – 1963
** Dedication of Saint Mary Major ( Catholic Church )
** Major storms: thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes
** Major climate groups
** Major League Baseball-Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig called off games for one day, extending cancellations for three days, then all games through September 16 were postponed.
** Major sports championship since the 49ers won Super Bowl XXIX in 1995.
** Major sports championship since the 49ers win in Super Bowl XXIX.
** Clay Buchholz, Major League Baseball Pitcher
** Major Edmund Lockyer arrives at King George Sound to take possession of the western part of Australia, establishing a settlement near Albany.
** The United States Army suspends Gene C. McKinney, Sergeant Major of the Army, its top-ranking enlisted soldier, after hearing allegations of sexual misconduct.
** A military coup in Sierra Leone replaces President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah with Major Johnny Paul Koromah.
** Planes piloted by Major Harold Geiger and Horace Meek Hickam, students at the Air Corps Tactical School, collide in mid-air at Langley Field, Virginia.
** Mariano Rivera, Panamanian Major League Baseball player
** Kasey Keller, American Major League Soccer player
** Joe Randa, American Major League Baseball player and radio talk-show host
** Jack Fisher, former American Major League baseball pitcher
** Rich Garcia, American Major League Baseball Umpire
** John Major, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
** Members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army shoot and kill Major Michael Dillon-Lee and Private William Robert Davies of the British Army.
** Major League Soccer kicks off in front of an overflow crowd of 31, 683 packed in Spartan Stadium, to witness the historic first game.
** Bump Hadley, Major League Baseball pitcher ( b. 1904 )
** Giovanni Carrara, Venezuelan Major League Baseball player
** Sammy Sosa, Dominican Major League Baseball player
** The United Kingdom general election is narrowly won by the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John Major.

** and Codes
** Wynton Marsalis for Black Codes From the Underground
** Wynton Marsalis for Black Codes From the Underground performed by the Wynton Marsalis Group
** Reserved code elements under ISO 3166-1 " Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 1: Country codes ", available on request from ISO 3166 / MA
** Appendix D – Cross-Reference List of Country Data Codes — comparison of FIPS 10, ISO 3166, and STANAG 1059 country codes
** Wynton Marsalis for Black Codes ( From the Underground )
** Wynton Marsalis for Black Codes ( From the Underground )
** Performance Test Codes Standards Committee
** DSM-IV Codes
** ISO 9362-Standard format of Business Identifier Codes to identify Banks also known as BIC
** FAQ: The Letter, Number and Color Codes of the New York Subways
** In Fireworks Lie Secret Codes by John Guare

** and Jewish
** The Jewish Encyclopedia ( Jewish Encyclopedia: Apollos )
** י ְ הו ֹ ש ֻׁ ע ַ Yehoshua – Joshua ( Hebrew – English at Mechon-Mamre. org, Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Jewish translations:
** Jewish Commentary
** Numbers at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** Jewish translations:
** Jewish commentaries on the Bible
** Amicus Brief on the Merits ( American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League, and Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America )
** do not bow at each other, in the Jewish tradition
** Optionally: abbreviation of soldiers ' religion ( KAT for Roman Catholics, GR-KAT for Greek Catholics, PRAW for Orthodox, MOJ for Jewish, AUG for Lutherans, ANG for Anglicans and MAH for Muslims )
** Jewish Biblical exegesis ( also see Midrash below )
** Jewish philosophy
** Musar literature and other works of Jewish ethics
** In modern times, although the Jewish calendar year number changes on Rosh Hashanah, the months are still numbered from Nisan.
** Book of Joel, a book in the Jewish Tanakh, and the Christian Bible
** Kosher locust, an insect considered kosher under Jewish dietary laws
** Leviticus at Mechon-Mamre ( Jewish Publication Society translation )
** The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Oxford University Press, USA
** Jewish Encyclopedia: Origen
** List of Jewish feminists
** In Orthodox and traditional Jewish weddings, the bride does not speak under the chuppah and only she receives a ring.

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