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** and Many
** Many languages, such as Bulgarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Frisian, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch and most Occitan variants, use trilled rhotics.
** Many of the few remaining United States soldiers begin to leave Vietnam.
** Many Mormons begin their migration west from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Great Salt Lake, led by Brigham Young.
** Many members of the subfamily Saxicolinae ( Old World chats ) to which the robin belongs, including the two other members of the genus Erithacus, the bush-robins, white-throated robin, forest robins, Indian robin, and the magpie-robins
** Too Many Husbands-John Livadary
** Many Valencian subdialects, especially Southern Valencian, feature some sort of vowel harmony ( harmonia vocàlica ).
** Too Many Clients
** Many states have repealed the rule in its entirety, or extended the vesting period of the wait and see approach for an extremely long period of time ( in Florida, for example, up to 360 years for trusts ).
** Death penalty – Many countries, such as Australia, Canada, India, Macao, and most European nations, will not allow extradition if the death penalty may be imposed on the suspect unless they are assured that the death sentence will not be passed or carried out.
** Torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment – Many countries will not extradite if there is a risk that a requested person will be subjected to torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
** Many notable fast-food restaurants, such as Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins, serve Oreo-flavored ice cream desserts and milkshakes
** Many Broadway producers believe that the " Curse of the Bambino " extends to the Longacre Theatre.
** Many people also believe that theatres located on the streets east of Broadway may be cursed because they often house productions that have lower box office takes and fewer total performances than those staged on the west side of the street.
** Many stars and more string games, New York: William Morrow & Co Library 1985, ISBN 0-688-05792-6
** Many U. S. states also have state-level department of education
** Many possible uses of terahertz sensing and imaging are proposed in manufacturing, quality control, and process monitoring.
** Many of her monographs are available online.
** Many streets throughout California today also have the name, paralleling the historic road, including:
** Many optical dosimetry techniques, such as fluorescence spectroscopy, depend on the drug being naturally fluorescent
** The Many Faces of Van Helsing, edited by Jeanne Cavelos
** Many analysts do not consider 1968 a realigning election because control of Congress did not change ; the Democrats would control the Senate until 1980 ( and again from 1986 to 1994 ) and the House until 1994.
** The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many
** Many make a distinction between private keys used for decryption and those used for digital signatures.
** ( Many generations )

** and embedded
** Radio antenna moved to embedded windshield wire.
** Miniature sheet – is very similar to a souvenir sheet, being in a sheetlet with a single or a number of stamps embedded in it.
** Ion implantation ( in which dopants are embedded in the wafer creating regions of increased ( or decreased ) conductivity )
A space X can be embedded into the double dual X ** by
** Proper full-speed ( 12 Mbit / s ) hardware & Hub controller with embedded AVR.
** Resource ( Windows ), data embedded in EXE and DLL files
** Zilog Z80A compatible ( embedded in the T9769C MSX-Engine ) running at 3. 58 MHz for backward compatibility
** Tremor-an integer-only implementation of the Vorbis audio decoder for embedded devices ( software )
** Convective: Issued for an area of thunderstorms affecting an area of or greater, a line of thunderstorms at least long, and / or severe or embedded thunderstorms affecting any area that are expected to last 30 minutes or longer.
** In embedded systems, trampolines are short snippets of code that start up other snippets of code.
** Adobe Flash Professional, a multimedia authoring program used to create web applications, games, movies, and content for mobile phones and other embedded devices.
** Personnel embedded with various coalition units
** Hypersphere, a round sphere of dimension higher than 2, especially if embedded in such a space
** Hypersurface, a submanifold of codimension one, especially if embedded in such a space ( including hypersphere and hyperplane as special cases )
** Developer rooms: embedded software, gnome developers, GNUstep, KDE, Mozilla, PostgreSQL
** Dos / Watcom LE executable ( without embedded dos extender )
** Federal Police units embedded within the Coast Guard
** It does not contain an embedded, non-boundary parallel, incompressible torus.
** It is acylindrical ( also called anannular ), meaning that it does not contain a properly embedded, non-boundary parallel, incompressible annulus.
** on-the-fly downloading of embedded code blocks
** Internet Explorer 8: Microsoft has limited its support to certain " non-navigable " content for security reasons, including concerns that JavaScript embedded in a data URI may not be interpretable by script filters such as those used by web-based email clients.
** Suttavibhanga (): commentary on the Patimokkha, with much of its text embedded
** In some embedded systems, where memory is a significant cost, better code density can significantly reduce costs.
** In graph embedding, the genus of the graph is the genus of the surface in which it can be embedded.

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