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Some Related Sentences

** and Mo
** Mo Chutu of Lismore ( Roman Catholic Church )
** Keb Mo ', American musician
** Mo Mowlam, British politician ( d. 2005 )
** James Ingram & Michael McDonald for " Yah Mo B There "
** Keb ' Mo ' for Slow Down
** James Ingram, Michael McDonald, Rod Temperton and Quincy Jones for " Yah Mo B There "
** James Ingram & Michael McDonald for " Yah Mo B There "
** Keb ' Mo ' for Just Like You
** Mo ' ed Katan, a tractate in Moed.
** Consort Zhu, mother of Prince Mo
** Sima Mo ( 司馬謨 ) ( b. 276 ), Prince Ai of Ruyin ( d. 286 )
** Man Mo Temples ( list ), dedicated to Kwan Tai and Man Cheong
** Keb ' Mo ' for Keep It Simple, Zuriani Zonneveld ( producer ) & Keb Mo ( producer )
** Keb ' Mo ' for Slow Down
** Keb ' Mo ' for Just Like You
** Mo ' Nique -( Precious, Two Can Play That Game )
** Mo Hanzhai dingben chuanqi 墨憨齋定本傳奇, Feng Menglong
** Mo ~ tto!
** 166-2 Mo ’ Vida ( 23 May 2000 )
** English translation: Thomas Moore Johnson, Iamblichus ' exhortation to the study of philosophy, Osceola, Mo., 1907 ( repr.
** Yishun: School of Engineering, School of Information Technology before moving to its permanent home in Ang Mo Kio in April 1998.
** Mo ' tamid-e-Aam ( Sec.
** Mo ' avin Mo ' tamid-e-Aam ( Asst Sec.

** and .,
** Protozoan infection, e. g., metronidazole is effective against several parasitics
** Immunomodulation, e. g., tetracycline, which is effective in periodontal inflammation, and dapsone, which is effective in autoimmune diseases such as oral mucous membrane pemphigoid
** The breech refers to the mass of solid metal behind the bottom of the bore extending to the base of the breech and including the base ring ; it also generally refers to the end of the cannon opposite the muzzle, i. e., the location where the explosion of the gunpowder begins as opposed to the opening through which the pressurized gas escapes.
** Dean Cain in the 1990s series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman showed Clark as a normal and shy everyman demonstrating occasional touches of clumsiness ( e. g., pretending to burn his mouth on coffee ), but still a highly skilled journalist, much like the current post-Crisis portrayal.
** Commodore Semiconductor Group, also known as MOS Technology, Inc., famous for its various designs for Commodore Internationals range of home computers
** Social Security number, no dashes or spaces, followed immediately by branch ( i. e., 123456789USCG )
** Prolonged fasting ( e. g., due to inadequate breast milk or condition interfering with feeding )
** Lenoir cycle ( e. g., pulse jet engine )
** a direct interaction occurs when one object is on a level exactly one higher or one lower than the other ( i. e., on a tree, the two objects have a line between them )
** Inward-rectifier potassium channels: These channels allow potassium to flow into the cell in an inwardly rectifying manner, i. e., potassium flows effectively into, but not out of, the cell.
** Voltage-gated potassium channels e. g., Kvs, Kirs etc.
** Calcium-activated potassium channels e. g., BKCa or MaxiK, SK, etc.
** Limerick F. C., Irish soccer team
** Russian original was written in 1970, distributed by samizdat, and eventually printed as Восленский М. С., Номенклатура.
** Providing an alternative to keyboard entry ( e. g., spoken passwords, or biometric passwords ).
** In many languages ( e. g., Czech, English, French, Interlingua, and Russian ), the sets of relative and interrogative pronouns are nearly identical.
** Commemorative stamps – stamps to commemorate events, anniversaries, etc., on sale for a limited time.
** Super Smash Bros., the first game in the series
** Math Games – The Sam Loyd Cyclopedia of Puzzles, by Ed Pegg Jr., January 3, 2005 – announcement of scans and overview
** Segway Inc., the manufacturer of Segway vehicles
** P. Wigand, Das Femgericht Westfalens ( Hamm, 1825, 2nd ed., Halle, 1893 )
** Black tie (" dinner jacket " in the UK ; often referred to as a " tuxedo " in the US ; traditionally appropriate only for use after 6: 00 p. m., but also seen in daytime, especially in the United States )
** Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxing champion
** Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., Ambassador to South Vietnam, wins the New Hampshire Republican primary.
** Three high school friends in Hoboken, N. J., open the first BLIMPIE on Washington Street.

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