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Some Related Sentences

** and More
** Thomas More ( Catholic Church )
** Malachy O ' More
** More than 1, 000 British bombers drop 5, 000 tons of bombs on German gun batteries on the Normandy coast in preparation for D-Day.
** Hartford circus fire: More than 100 children die in one of the worst fire disasters in the history of the United States.
** More anti-communist demonstrations occur in Indonesia.
** Anthony More, Dutch portrait painter ( b. 1512 )
** William Roper, son-in-law and biographer of Thomas More ( d. 1578 )
** More specifically, a physical address in some storage device or computing system
** More on the Palatino Story
** The More the Merrier-Frank Ross, Robert Russell
** 1920 No More Blondes, play by Harbach
** More is known of Yves Le Prieur's constant-flow open-circuit breathing set.
** Also see " Illustrating More Shadows ", Simon Wheaton-Smith, both books are over 300 pages long.
** More people visited in these airshows than visited Heathrow in the rest of the year.
** Once More, My Darling-Leslie I. Carey
** More departure times to choose from on a given route.
** More destinations within easy reach.
** More often, word-final,, and are reduced, again with the final element being deleted rather than the former.
** More Ladies of Letters ( 2000 ) Granada Media
** Mary J. Blige's performance of " No More Drama "
** More Songs About Anger, Fear, Sex & Death ( 1992 )
** 1982: Nominee – Best Original Song – " One More Hour " – Ragtime
** 1982: Nominee – Best Original Song – " One More Hour " – Ragtime
** 1983: Nominee – Original Song – " One More Hour " – Ragtime

** and generally
** Lao New Year, or Songkan / Pi Mai Lao, generally celebrated from 13 to 15 April ( Laos )
** Marching band, a group of performers that consist of instrumental musicians who generally perform outdoors and incorporate some type of marching ( and possibly other movements ) with their musical performance
** The breech refers to the mass of solid metal behind the bottom of the bore extending to the base of the breech and including the base ring ; it also generally refers to the end of the cannon opposite the muzzle, i. e., the location where the explosion of the gunpowder begins as opposed to the opening through which the pressurized gas escapes.
** the materials are generally available to the public ; or
** Deductive reasoning, or " enthymematic " reasoning, uses generally accepted propositions to derive specific conclusions.
** Istituto Professionale: it is a manly vocational school which offers a very specialized formation on a specific field for those looking into entering work ; it is generally organized at local level according to the local economy and industry and based on broad national guidelines ; it offers periods of stage in the local firms as a part of their courses.
** The Holocaust, also known as The Shoah ( Hebrew:, Latinized ha ' shoah ; Yiddish:, Latinized churben or hurban ) is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, a program of systematic state-sponsored extermination by Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, its allies, and collaborators.
** Seven Years ' War – Battle of Leuthen: Frederick defeats Prince Charles's Austrian army in what is generally considered the Prussian king's greatest tactical victory.
** UK pension provision ( generally )
** It is unknown whether the Ancients shared much technology pre-Ascension, but post-Ascension they adopted a policy of strict noninterference for any reason, as a consequence of their belief in reason and the generally deontological mindset they tended to express.
** AVRs generally do not support executing code from external memory.
** Islands: Hoy, Pentland Skerries, Swona, South Ronaldsay, South Walls ( all generally considered to be part of Orkney ); Stroma
** Caesar, duc de Choiseul ( 1602-1675 ), French marshal and diplomat, generally known for the best part of his life as marshal du Plessis-Praslin
** Vestibular neuronitis-an infection of the vestibular nerve, generally viral, causing vertigo
** Cochlear Neuronitis-an infection of the Cochlear nerve, generally viral, causing sudden deafness but no vertigo
** In the American Old West ( example, Arizona Territory of the 1880s ), marshals, usually called the " Town Marshal ", or " City Marshal " ( since the larger cities were often punctilious about their titles ) were appointed or elected police officers of small communities, with similar powers and duties to that of a police chief, generally with powers ending at the border of the community.
** Padded leather, generally a flat wood base covered in padding and contained in soft leather
** The so-called " open vowels " ( vocals obertes ), and, are generally as low as in most Balearic subvarieties.
** The five-volume edition generally does not give titles to the smaller portions.
** H-High speed ( still produced but generally superseded by the S-series, used in 1970s era computers )
** AC-Advanced CMOS, performance generally between S and F
** Independent Crown entities ( ICE ), which are generally independent of government policy, such as the Commerce Commission, which enforces legislation promoting competition
** According to one of the engineers on the design team of the HP48G series ( Dave Arnett ), the yields for 4MHz CPUs were essentially separated into two parts: the ones closest to spec, generally near 3. 93-3. 94MHz, were reserved for the expandable models ( GX ), and those just slightly under spec were used for the non-expandable units ( G ).
** Early hardcore-Popular in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Italy, Belgium & Scotland, characterized by a heavy bass drum sound, usually distorted, and generally 150-220 bpm.

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