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Some Related Sentences

** and Musar
** Ohr La ' Yesharim on Mesilat Yesharim with a compendium of commentaries and explanations by great rabbis from the Musar Movement.

** and literature
** English studies, the study of English language and literature, often as a school subject
** Shahnameh ( Persian literature ; details Persian legend and history from prehistoric times to the fall of the Sassanid Empire )
** Taghribat Bani Hilal ( Arabic ); see also Arabic epic literature
** Antar ( Arabic ); see also Arabic epic literature
** Sirat al-Zahir Baibars ( Arabic ); see also Arabic epic literature
** Old High German literature ( 750-1050 )
** Middle High German literature ( 1050 – 1300 )
** Late medieval German literature / Renaissance ( 1300 – 1500 )
** Eighteenth-and 19th-century German literature
** 20th century German literature
** Contemporary German literature ( 1989 -)
** Monster literature
** Responsa literature
** Western fiction, the Western genre as featured in literature
** Isaac Heinemann, German-born Israeli scholar and professor of classical literature ( b. 1876 )
** Isaac Heinemann, German-born Israeli scholar and professor of classical literature ( d. 1957 )
** Jeremias Drexel, Jesuit writer of devotional literature
** Austrian literature
** Victorian literature
** De Viris Illustribus (" On Famous Men " — in the field of literature ), to which belongs: De Illustribus Grammaticis (" Lives Of The Grammarians "), De Claris Rhetoribus (" Lives Of The Rhetoricians "), and Lives Of The Poets.
** Composition ( language ), in literature, oratory, and rhetoric, producing a work of spoken tradition or written literature
** November-Peter Opie, expert in children's literature ( died 1982 )
** English, with concentrations in: film studies, folklife-southern culture, literature, professional writing

** and other
** Alien ( franchise ), the film franchise, including other sequels
** Trichotomy: If two sets are given, then either they have the same cardinality, or one has a smaller cardinality than the other.
** Every unital ring other than the trivial ring contains a maximal ideal.
** British-Americans and on-going developments in New England cuisine, the national traditions founded in cuisine of the thirteen colonies and some aspects of other regional cuisine.
** ( note: Unlike a standard 6502, SALLY can be halted to allow other devices to control the bus )
** The Chesapeake Bay and other locally prominent bays
** Marching band, a group of performers that consist of instrumental musicians who generally perform outdoors and incorporate some type of marching ( and possibly other movements ) with their musical performance
** Between Basel SBB and Basel Badischer Bahnhof – Basel Badischer Bahnhof, and all other railway property and stations on the right bank of the Rhine belong to DB and are classed as German customs territory.
** Chinese character, a written language symbol ( sinogram ) used in Chinese, Japanese, and other languages
** other varieties of Chinese
** contemporaneous ancient copies minted as official coins by other cities or rulers
** registered in other countries: 31
** Backups are also important for reasons other than security.
** bow toward each other, in Korea, Japan and China
** do not bow at each other, in the Jewish tradition
** in the US, eye contact, a nod of the head toward each other, and a smile, with no bowing ; the palm of the hand faces sideways, neither upward nor downward, in a business handshake.
** present business cards to each other, in business meetings
** Gamemaster, the generic term used by other role-playing gaming companies
** The first day of Las Posadas ( Mexico, other Latin Americans )
** Langevin dynamics, a mathematical model for stochastic dynamics ; used in modeling molecules, yet also the stock market and other systems
** Menstruation or other vaginal discharge
** Mozilla extensions for Firefox and other Mozilla projects
** In power engineering, a " bus " is any graph node of the single-line diagram at which voltage, current, power flow, or other quantities are to be evaluated.
** A Highland tradition, highly influenced by the ornamentation and mixolydian scale of the Great Highland Bagpipe, as well as smoother bowing than other Scottish fiddle styles and a swinging of the 6 / 8 jig rhythm.
** Cricket Associations and Departments ( corporate teams ) versus each other, or other first-class opponents, provided the associations or departments are affiliated to the Pakistan Cricket Board, and the match is organized by the Pakistan Cricket Board

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