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** and NATO
** NATO HQ Sarajevo, from 2004 ( Bosnia and Herzegovina ) 20 out of 81 officers from 16 countries
** NATO Training Mission Iraq, from 2004 ( Iraq ) 82 out of 169 soldiers from 15 countries
** from this anti-tank missiles ( also S ): List of NATO reporting names for anti-tank missiles
** Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum-12 ( NATO upgraded )
** Aero L-39 Albatros-8 ( NATO upgraded )
** Antonov An-26 Curl-1 ( NATO upgraded )
** Let L-410 Turbolet-5 ( NATO upgraded )
** Mil Mi-17 Hip-H-10 ( NATO upgraded )
** NATO launches air strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
** In 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) led by the United States launched air attacks against Yugoslavia ( then composed of only Serbia and Montenegro ) to pressure the Yugoslav government to end its military operations against ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo due to accusations of war crimes being committed by Yugoslav military forces working alongside nationalist Serb paramilitary groups.
** NATO invites the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland to join the alliance in 1999.
** Bosnian Serbs break off contact with the Bosnian government and with representatives of Ifor, the NATO localised force, in reaction to the arrest of several Bosnian Serb war criminals.
** Mrkonjić Grad incident: A United States Air Force F-16 piloted by Captain Scott O ' Grady is shot down over Bosnia and Herzegovina while patrolling the NATO no-fly zone.
** Secretary of State Christian Herter announces that the United States will commit five nuclear submarines and eighty Polaris missiles to the defense of the NATO countries by the end of 1963.
** Matthew Ridgway, Commander of NATO, United States Army Chief of Staff ( d. 1993 )
** French President Charles De Gaulle states that French troops will be taken out of NATO and that all French NATO bases and HQ's must be closed within a year.
** France formally leaves NATO.
** NATO moves its HQ from Paris to Brussels.
** Manlio Brosio resigns as NATO Secretary General.
** Spain becomes the 16th member of NATO and the 1st nation to enter the alliance since West Germany's admission in 1955.
** In Brussels, Belgium, NATO celebrates its 40th anniversary.
** NATO agrees to talks with the Soviet Union on reducing the number of short-range nuclear weapons in Europe.
** Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark and current Secretary General of NATO

** and HQ
** German left-wing students blockade the Springer Press HQ in Berlin and many are arrested ( one of them Ulrike Meinhof ).
** Regiment HQ
** Regiment HQ
** Regiment HQ
** No. 253 Wing RAF, Advanced HQ Ma ' aten Bagush
** 1st Army HQ Signal Company, Royal Engineers
** HQ Divisional Artillery
** HQ Divisional Engineers
** 1 company HQ section
** 1 battalion HQ section
** HQ Squadron
** 252 Signal Squadron ( based at Imjin Barracks, Innsworth alongside HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
** HQ Scotland & Northern Ireland Region ATC & HQ South East Scotland Wing ATC
** 13: 35 German 352nd Division wrongly advises HQ that Allied assault repulsed.
** 22: 00 Rommel returns to HQ from Germany.
** No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing HQ
** 2nd HQ Battalion
** 22 Squadron ( HQ and C flight )
** No. 202 Squadron RAF ( HQ )
** 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment ( HQ at Cairns, Queensland )
** NORFORCE ( HQ at Larrakeyah Barracks, NT )

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