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Some Related Sentences

** and Neil
** Neil James Archibald Primrose, MP ( killed in action ) ( b. 1882 )
** Neil Young, Canadian singer-songwriter and musician
** Neil Kinnock, British statesman
** Neil Diamond, American singer and songwriter
** Neil Goldschmidt, Governor of Oregon
** Neil Morrissey, British actor
** Arms Crisis in the Republic of Ireland: Charles Haughey and Neil Blaney are dismissed as members of the Irish Government, for accusations of their involvement in a plot to import arms for use by the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland.
** Neil Lennon, Northern Irish footballer
** Neil Patrick Harris, American actor
** Chris Neil, Canadian ice hockey player
** Simon Neil, Scottish Musician ( vocalist, guitarist, songwriter ), Biffy Clyro Marmaduke Duke
** J. Neil Schulman, American writer and activist
** Neil Simon, American playwright
** Michael Dunn, a. k. a. Gary Neil Miller, dwarf American actor and singer ( The Wild Wild West ) ( d. 1973 )
** Broadway Bound – Neil Simon
** Deputy Prevôt – Kevin Neil Adams ( son of Alfred William John Adams )
** Deannie O ' Neil, Vincent Landay ( video producers ), Spike Jonze ( video director ), Bootsy Collins & Fatboy Slim for " Weapon of Choice "
** Neil Diamond
** Erik Smith ( producer ), Jonathan Stokes, Neil Hutchinson, Tom Lazarus ( engineers ), Patrick Summers ( conductor ), Renée Fleming & Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino for Bel Canto ( Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, etc.
** Neil Diamond ( composer ) for Jonathan Livingston Seagull performed by various artists
** Armin Steiner ( engineer ) for Moods performed by Neil Diamond
** Neil Dorfsman ( engineer ) for Brothers in Arms performed by Dire Straits
** Chuck Pirtle, Eric von Schmidt, Jeff Place, John Fahey, Jon Pankake, Kip Lornell, Luc Sante, Luis Kemnitzer, Neil V. Rosenberg & Peter Stampfel ( notes writers ) for Anthology of American Folk Music ( 1997 Edition Expanded ) performed by various artists
** David Cory, Amr Fahmy and Timothy Havel, and at the same time Neil Gershenfeld and Isaac L. Chuang at MIT published the first papers realising gates for quantum computers based on bulk spin resonance, or thermal ensembles.
** “ Trial of Strength ,” written by John Wagner, art by Neil Googe and Stephen Baskerville ( inks 2 ), in 2000 AD # 1151 – 1152 ( 1999 )

** and Encyclopedia
** The Jewish Encyclopedia ( Jewish Encyclopedia: Apollos )
** Catholic Encyclopedia
** Creation Myths of the World: An Encyclopedia.
** Catholic Encyclopedia: Origen and Origenism
** Origen Entry in Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** Jewish Encyclopedia: Origen
** Origen from New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
** commissions the Yongle Encyclopedia, one of the world's earliest and largest known general encyclopedias.
** God and Other Necessary Beings, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** Jewish Encyclopedia: Moloch and Chiun ( Short examples of older discussion.
** Catholic Encyclopedia: Moloch ( A short article, in part denying that Moloch sacrifices were offered to Yahweh as argued in the Encyclopædia Biblica and Jewish Encyclopedia.
** Idem, " Conrad Gessner ," in Encyclopedia of the Scientific Revolution from Copernicus to Newton, ed.
** Idem, " Conrad Gessner " in Europe 1450-1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, Ed.
** Divine Simplicity, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** God and Other Necessary Beings, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
** Garland Encyclopedia of World Music 10 vols.
** Kussmaul Encyclopedia
** TIES ( The Interactive Encyclopedia System, later HyperTies )
** " The One With the Cuffs " ( 1 episode, 1997 ) ... Encyclopedia Salesman
** Book of Judges article ( Jewish Encyclopedia )
** The Shape Under The Sheet: The Complete Stephen King Encyclopedia by Stephen J. Spignesi
** An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural by James Randi

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