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Some Related Sentences

** and Normal
** Plattsburgh Normal School ( Plattsburgh, New York )
** Normal OCG booster pack: 5 cards per booster, not guaranteed to have rare cards.
** Normal TCG booster pack: 9 cards per booster, 1 non-common card ( can be rare, super rare, ultra rare, and in some cases, secret rare or ultimate rare ) and 8 commons.
** Next to Normal – Book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey, music by Tom Kitt
** 90 femtolitres — Normal volume of a human red blood cell.
** Normal
** " Normal Service " ( with Anthony Williams, in 2000 AD # 1539, 2007 )
** Next to Normal – Brian Yorkey
** Normal maternal BP and heart rate
** Normal ( HBO )
** The Normal Heart
** Normal: 30 meters-10000 meters
** Normal: 30 meters-12000 meters
** Kevin Adams – Next to Normal
** Joe Mantello – The Normal Heart as Ned Weeks

** and dynamics
** Multi-Agent Based modelling approaches capturing cellular events such as signalling, transcription and reaction dynamics
** Analytical dynamics, the motion of bodies as induced by external forces
** Anomalous dynamics ( Random walk # Anomalous diffusion ), the stochastic motion of objects with mean squared displacement ( MSD ) that deviates from the relation for normal dynamics, MSD ~ t, where t is the time the process is seen ; anomalous dynamics are either faster than normal dynamics ( MSD > t ) or slower ( MSD < t )
** Brownian dynamics, the occurrence of Langevin dynamics in the motion of particles in solution ( e. g. a grain in water, as was first seen by Brown ); its famous property is: MSD ~ t, where MSD is the mean squared displacement, and t is the time the process is seen
** File dynamics, stochastic motion of particles in a channel
** Flight dynamics, the science of aircraft and spacecraft design
** Fluid dynamics or hydrodynamics, the study of fluid flow
** Fractional dynamics, studies the dynamics with integrations and differentiations of fractional orders ( in physics, economics, and related fields )
** Molecular dynamics, the study of motion on the molecular level
** Langevin dynamics, a mathematical model for stochastic dynamics ; used in modeling molecules, yet also the stock market and other systems
** Relativistic dynamics, a combination of relativistic and quantum concepts
** Single file dynamics ( also termed file dynamics ), the diffusion of particles in a channel
** Stellar dynamics, a description of the collective motion of stars
** System dynamics, the study of the behavior of complex systems
** Symbolic dynamics, a method to model dynamical systems

** and is
** Eunectes murinus, the green anaconda, the largest species, is found east of the Andes in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and on the island of Trinidad.
** Eunectes notaeus, the yellow anaconda, a smaller species, is found in eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and northeastern Argentina.
** Eunectes deschauenseei, the dark-spotted anaconda, is a rare species found in northeastern Brazil and coastal French Guiana.
** Eunectes beniensis, the Bolivian anaconda, the most recently defined species, is found in the Departments of Beni and Pando in Bolivia.
** Tarski's theorem: For every infinite set A, there is a bijective map between the sets A and A × A.
** The Cartesian product of any family of nonempty sets is nonempty.
** König's theorem: Colloquially, the sum of a sequence of cardinals is strictly less than the product of a sequence of larger cardinals.
** Hausdorff maximal principle: In any partially ordered set, every totally ordered subset is contained in a maximal totally ordered subset.
** For every non-empty set S there is a binary operation defined on S that makes it a group.
** Tychonoff's theorem stating that every product of compact topological spaces is compact.
** In the product topology, the closure of a product of subsets is equal to the product of the closures.
** If S is a set of sentences of first-order logic and B is a consistent subset of S, then B is included in a set that is maximal among consistent subsets of S. The special case where S is the set of all first-order sentences in a given signature is weaker, equivalent to the Boolean prime ideal theorem ; see the section " Weaker forms " below.
** Any union of countably many countable sets is itself countable.
** If the set A is infinite, then there exists an injection from the natural numbers N to A ( see Dedekind infinite ).
** Every infinite game in which is a Borel subset of Baire space is determined.
** The Vitali theorem on the existence of non-measurable sets which states that there is a subset of the real numbers that is not Lebesgue measurable.
** The Lebesgue measure of a countable disjoint union of measurable sets is equal to the sum of the measures of the individual sets.
** The Nielsen – Schreier theorem, that every subgroup of a free group is free.

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