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Some Related Sentences

** and North
** Jogukhaebangui nal, " Fatherland Liberation Day " ( North Korea )
** Audit Bureau of Circulations ( North America )
** Post Tower, the tallest building in the state North Rhine-Westphalia, housing the headquarters of Deutsche Post / DHL
** The Wii is backward compatible with all games from the Nintendo GameCube, due to its being based on the PowerPC, the same base as the latter ; however, a " Family Edition " model released in North America and Europe in late 2011 removes GameCube support.
** East End and North Side-Every hour, Daily 6AM-9PM, ( F until after 12AM ).
** Coptic Orthodox Church in North America
** A sea area in the North Sea, referred to in shipping forecasts, named after the Firth of Forth
** a mid-size car sold in North America
** Pocket gophers ( family Geomyidae ), about 40 species distributed from North America to Colombia
** Several ground squirrels ( tribe Marmotini ) of North America, particularly those formerly classified as Spermophilus
** Mizrahi Hebrew used by Jews of the Middle East and North Africa
** WIT is observed in provinces of Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua.
** Petroleum spirit ( North American term: gasoline, British term: petrol )
** North Kansas City, Missouri, northern suburb
** North Region.
** North Korea
** Presidents of North Yemen
** Prime Ministers of North Yemen
** the University of North Carolina at Greensboro official seal.
** Raam ( river in North Brabant ) ( in Grave )
** MSA: Mycological Society of America ( North America )
** North American Mycological Association ( list of amateur organizations in North America )
** Panzer General, SSI ( 1994 ), video game ; strategic simulation game: Sea Lion ' 40 and Sea Lion Plus ( the latter with prestige points used to take over Gibraltar allowing Italian naval assistance ) scenarios are available given major victories in early operations, or the Sea Lion ' 43 after initial delays and later major victories in North Africa or Russia.

** and Frisian
** West Frisian language, spoken in Friesland, Netherlands
** Saterland Frisian language, spoken in Lower Saxony, Germany
** Middle Frisian, spoken in Frisia from the 16th to 19th Century
** Old Frisian, spoken in Frisia from the 8th to 16th Century
** Many languages, such as Bulgarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Frisian, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch and most Occitan variants, use trilled rhotics.
** Wijerd Jelckama, Frisian rebel and warlord ( b. 1490 )
** Wijerd Jelckama, Frisian rebel and warlord ( d. 1523 )
** Ygo Gales Galama, Frisian warlord and freedom fighting rebel ( d. 1492 )
** Frisian: Foarst / Foarstinne – Prins / Prinsesse
** Gysbert Japiks, Frisian writer ( born 1603 )
** Gysbert Japiks, Frisian poet ( died 1666 )
** Robert the Frisian ( regent ), second husband of Gertrude
** In word-initial position, some northern dialects also show a change from a falling to a rising diphthong ( > ) like Old Frisian.
** East Frisian Low Saxon
** West Frisian language (), spoken in the Netherlands and often known there simply as the Frisian language
** Saterland Frisian () or East Frisian language, spoken in Lower Saxony, Germany
** North Frisian language (), spoken in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
** Frisian handball
** May 19, A fleet of almost 200 ships of crusaders ( Second Crusade ) leaves from Dartmouth in England, consisting of Flemish, Frisian, Norman, English, Scottish, and some German crusaders.

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