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** and Prehistoric
** Prehistoric Iberia
** Prehistoric Philippines
** Prehistoric Scotland
** Prehistoric Wales
** Prehistoric Stone Monuments of the British Isles: Cornwall with 40 tinted litho plates, accurately drawn to scale by W. C. Lukis and W. C. Borlase, published by the Society of Antiquaries.

** and Britain
** Kingdom of Great Britain, a sovereign state from 1707 to 1801
** United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, a sovereign state from 1801 to 1922 ( and between 1922 and 1927 in its superseded form )
** Great Britain ( disambiguation )
** Roman Britain or Britannia, a Roman province covering most of modern England and Wales and some of southern Scotland from 43 to 410 AD
** Sub-Roman Britain, Britain from 410 AD to 597
** Britain in the Middle Ages, various parts of Britain from 410 AD to 1485
** Early Modern Britain, Britain from the Tudor period, from 1485 to 1707
** Britain:
** The Triple Entente, an alliance between Great Britain, France and Russia
** Marcus, Gratian, Constantine " III " and Constans " II " in Gaul and Britain ;
** In a 2011 episode of Misfits, an alternate reality where Germany won the Second World War, depicts Britain and the gang under the rule of the Nazi occupation force.
** Britain Stands Alone: Operation Sealion, 1940, GMT Games ( 1994 ), boardgame
** Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain and Operation Sea Lion, GDW ( 1982 ), boardgame: part of GDW's Europa system.
** Britain Invaded !, aka Operation Sealion, Tk Computerware ( 1985 )
** Roman Britain, part of the island of Great Britain controlled by the Roman Empire between AD 43 and about 410
** The Whippet Club of Great Britain
** The 1977 Rugby League World Cup culminates in Australia's 13 – 12 victory over Great Britain at the Sydney Cricket Ground before about 24, 450 spectators.
** Germany faces the United Kingdom in the Battle of Britain ( 1940 ).
** The Festival of Britain opens.

** and prior
** Town of Christchurch, the prior name of the Christchurch ( New Zealand electorate )
** the recipient had prior knowledge of the materials ;
** The president may also refer the law for review to the Constitutional Council prior to promulgation.
** Conjugate prior
** French police announce that Georges Figon has committed suicide, prior to his arrest for the kidnapping of Mehdi Ben Barka.
** New York Times Co. v. United States: The U. S. Supreme Court rules that the Pentagon Papers may be published, rejecting government injunctions as unconstitutional prior restraint.
** Pozvizd ( prior to 988 -?
** Magnetic-core memory, in computing, the primary memory prior to semiconductor memory
** Animals that live interstitially in the sand of the ocean floor were responsible for the fossil crawling traces that are considered the earliest evidence of animals and are detectable even prior to the dawn of the Ediacaran Period in geology.
** Metropolitan Toronto, former regional municipality existing in Ontario prior to the amalgamation of Toronto in 1998
** During the 2009 season the tribes were initially divided into " Smart " and " Dumb " based on the results of an IQ test the contestants took prior to the start of the competition.
** The 1976 Sidney Lumet film Network is owned by both MGM and Turner, since the film was a joint production between the former company and UA prior to the merger.
** Earlier generation displays ( circa 2006 and prior ) had phosphors that lost luminosity over time, resulting in gradual decline of absolute image brightness ( newer models may be less susceptible to this, having advertised lifespans exceeding, far longer than older CRT technology )
** loyal citizenship of the Republic of Texas prior to annexation
** The character of George Plantagenet is introduced towards the end of the play, just prior to the Battle of St Albans, with which the play closes.
** Calls / Branding This Morning-used primarily on CBS affiliates ( e. g., CBS 2 News This Morning on WCBS in New York City ); it has been used in CBS affiliates ' newscasts since prior to the first 1999 cancellation of CBS This Morning ; the name and format has also been sporadically used on non-CBS affiliates.
** An exact-match integer 4 × 4 spatial block transform, allowing precise placement of residual signals with little of the " ringing " often found with prior codec designs.
** Old Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, Montreal was CIBC's main office in Montreal prior to the move to Tour CIBC
: Note: ** Combat units redeployed from Europe, turned in aircraft at Bradley then were transferred to Second Air Force transition schools in the Midwest for B-29 Superfortress training prior to deployment to Twentieth Air Force in the Western Pacific.
** Position ( obstetrics ), the orientation of a baby prior to birth
** known as Mademoiselle at court prior to her marriage,
** an egress MiGCAP of 1 or 2 flights that arrived on station at the projected exit point ten minutes prior to the earliest egress time.
** Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, formerly named " ICN Pharmaceuticals ", and prior to that " ICN Radiochemicals "
** The murder was committed upon a victim who was a witness to a crime or was a member of the immediate family of a witness to a crime committed on a prior occasion.

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