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** and President
** Emilio Aguinaldo, the last President of the Supreme Government Council 23 March 1897-16 December 1897 and chairman of the Revolutionary Government from 23 June to 1 November 1897, was dictator from 12 June 1898-23 January.
** John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
** President of South Africa
** President of Singapore
** President of Vietnam
** President of India
** President of Armenia
** President of Georgia
** President of Iraq
** President of Israel
** President of the Soviet Union
** President of Russia
** President of Ukraine
** President of Finland
** President of the Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Ri Kwang-gon ( since April 2009 )
** President U. K. Kekkonen 75th Birthday.
** Name: 60th birthday of President Urho Kekkonen, issued: 03. 09. 1960, designed by Olavi Vepsäläinen
** Name: 70th birthday of President Kekkonen, issued: 03. 09. 1970, designed by Eeva Oivo
** Name: 80th birthday of President Kekkonen, issued: 03. 09. 1980, designed by Eeva Oivo
** Name: President Kekkonen's mourning stamp, issued: 30. 09. 1986, designed by Eeva Oivo
** Vicente Fox is elected President of Mexico, as candidate of the rightist PAN ( National Action Party ), ending 71 years of PRI ( Institutional Revolutionary Party ) rule.
** U. S. President Gerald Ford pardons Iva Toguri D ' Aquino ( aka " Tokyo Rose ").
** A bloodless coup installs France Albert Rene as President of the Seychelles.
** German Autumn: Employers Association President Hanns-Martin Schleyer is kidnapped in Cologne, West Germany.
** Egyptian President Anwar Sadat becomes the first Arab leader to make an official visit to Israel, when he meets with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, seeking a permanent peace settlement.

** and Franklin
** Franklin and Marshall College in nearby Lancaster
** Franklin Field, a football field once home to the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League and the home field of the University of Pennsylvania Quakers since 1895
** The Benjamin Franklin Bridge across the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey
** The Franklin Institute, a science museum in Philadelphia, which presents the Benjamin Franklin Medal
** " Franklin as Printer and Publisher " in The Century ( April 1899 ) v. 57 pp. 803 – 18.
** " Franklin as Scientist " in The Century ( September 1899 ) v. 57 pp. 750 – 63.
** " Franklin as Politician and Diplomatist " in The Century ( October 1899 ) v. 57 pp. 881 – 899.
** Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake, the reservoir created by the Grand Coulee Dam
** Franklin Delano Roosevelt III ( b. 1938 ), American economist
** Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive in New York City
** Yalta Conference, wartime meeting from 4 February 1945 to 11 February 1945 among the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union — President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Premier Joseph Stalin, respectively — for the purpose of discussing Europe's postwar reorganization, intended to discuss the re-establishment of the nations of war-torn Europe.
** Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated to an unprecedented fourth term as President of the United States.
** Off the coast of Japan, bombers hit the aircraft carrier USS Franklin, killing about 800 of her crewmen and crippling the ship.
** President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs executive order 9066 allowing the United States military to define areas as exclusionary zones.
** Aretha Franklin, American singer
** Melvin Franklin, American musician ( The Temptations ) ( d. 1995 )
** WWII: War in the Pacific: U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and ROC leader Chiang Kai-Shek meet at the Cairo Conference to discuss ways to defeat Japan.
** The Great Depression officially ends in the United States: With unemployment figures falling fast due to WWII-related employment, U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt closes the Works Progress Administration
** In Washington, D. C., the National Gallery of Art is officially opened by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
** WWII: In response to the Japanese occupation of French Indo-China, U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the seizure of all Japanese assets in the United States.
** President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt's " Infamy " Address to a Joint Session of Congress at 12: 30 p. m. EST ( 17. 30 GMT ) and transmitted live over all four major national networks attracts the largest audience ever for an American radio broadcast, over 81 % of homes.
** Vernon Jordan is shot and critically injured in an assassination attempt in Fort Wayne, Indiana by Joseph Paul Franklin ( the first major news story for CNN ).
** Franklin J. Drake, American admiral ( b. 1846 )

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