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Some Related Sentences

** and Regional
** Military Regional Office, Boletice
** Military Regional Office, Brdy
** Military Regional Office, Březina
** Military Regional Office, Hradiště
** Military Regional Office, Libavá
** Canterbury Regional Council
** Presidents of the Regional Government of Príncipe
** Afghan National Army Regional Hospital at Camp Shaheen
** Regional
** Regional county
** Center for Regional Science at Umeå University ( Cerum )
** Regional Municipality of Waterloo in Ontario
** The Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia is created.
** Individual Mobilization Augmentee ( IMA )-The National Communications System ( NCS ) Augmentee Program was established in 1988 to provide a cadre of skilled civilian and military reservists to enhance the efforts of the Office of the Manager, NCS ( OMNCS ), the National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications ( NCC ), and NCS Regional Managers ( RMs ) during national crises and emergencies.
** Peel Regional Police
** Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens
** Amalgamated Regional Militia, a fictional group from Larry Niven's Known Space universe
** Hopewell Valley Regional School District
** Florence Regional Airport, Florence, South Carolina
** Hospital Regional del ISSSTE.
** Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad.
** Williamsport Regional Airport
** South Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility
** Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
** Aggregation, a process by which Australian country television markets were combined in the late 1980s and 1990s ; see Regional television in Australia

** and Delegation
** Italian Delegation of Experts, from 1997 ( Albania ) – 28 soldiers
** 1 ) Special Assistant to the Chairman, Secretary of State Stettinius, U. S. Delegation to the United Nations Conference on International Organizations, San Francisco
** 2 ) Secretary-General, U. S. Delegation, Berlin Conference, Potsdam Agreement
** 2 ) U. S. Delegation to UNESCO, United Nations, Lake Success, New York
** 3 ) Political Advisor to U. S. Delegation, General Assembly of the United Nations
** 1 ) Member of U. S. Delegation ; Special Assistant to Ambassador at Large for Sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting, Paris, France
** 2 ) Member of Delegation to Fourth Regular Session of GA of UN as Special Assistant to Ambassador at Large
** 2 ) Special Assistant to Ambassador at Large, Deputy Policy Advisor to the U. S. Delegation to the United Nations, New York
** Central Delegation
** East Delegation
** West Delegation
** Regional Delegation for Kielce
** Regional Delegation for Kraków
** Regional Delegation for Warsaw-City
** Regional Delegation for Warsaw-voivodeship
** Regional Delegation for Ciechanów
** Regional Delegation for Łódź
** Regional Delegation for Pomorze ( Pomerania ) in Toruń
** Regional Delegation for Poznań
** Regional Delegation for Śląsk ( Silesia ) in Katowice
** Regional Delegation for Białystok
** Regional Delegation for Lwów ( Lviv )
** Regional Delegation for Nowogródek ( Navahrudak )
** Regional Delegation for Polesie

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