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** and Richard
** Richard of Chichester
** Richard Baxter ( US Episcopal Church )
** Prince Arthur by Richard Blackmore ( 1695 )
** King Arthur by Richard Blackmore ( 1697 )
** Eliza by Richard Blackmore ( 1705 )
** Redemption by Richard Blackmore ( 1722 )
** Alfred by Richard Blackmore ( 1723 )
** Leonidas by Richard Glover ( 1737 )
** Athenaid by Richard Glover ( 1787 )
** The Legend of Te Tuna by Richard Adams ( published 1982 )
** Overy, Richard " Germany, ' Domestic Crisis " and the War in 1939 " pp. 97 – 128
** " My Lisp Experiences and the Development of GNU Emacs " – ( a transcript of a speech Richard Stallman gave about Emacs, Lisp, and Lisp machines )
** QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter, a 1985 book adapting lectures by Richard Feynman on quantum electrodynamics
** Richard III ( 1912 film ), a silent film starring Frederick Warde
** Richard III ( 1955 film ), a film starring Laurence Olivier
** Richard III ( 1995 film ), a film starring Ian McKellen
** Richard III ( 2008 film )
** Richard III ( 1699 play ), a play by Colley Cibber
** Richard III ( 1852 play ), a Shakespeare-inspired French play by Victor Séjour
** Richard Butler ( album ), the singer's self-titled album released in 2006
** Christopher L. Gianos and C. Richard Hofstetter ; " Political Talk Radio: Actions Speak Louder Than Words ," Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.
** Richard Brautigan, American counter-culture author ( suicide ) ( b. 1935 )
** Richard D. Winters, U. S. Army officer ( d. 2011 )
** Richard Taylor, American Confederate general ( d. 1879 )

** and Gwyn
** Saint Richard Gwyn, a Welsh martyr
** Aaron Gwyn, an American novelist and short story writer
** Richard Gwyn, a Canadian civil servant, journalist and author
** Sandra Gwyn, a Canadian journalist and writer
** Marcus Gwyn, a baseball player
** South Bridge Street and South Gwyn Avenue in Elkin
** Gwyn ap Nudd: The ruler of Annwfn, the Welsh otherworld and later Christianised into the king of the fairies, the tylwyth teg.
** Creiddylad: She is betrothed to Gwythyr ap Greidawl, only to be abducted by her brother Gwyn, thus initiating a war between the two in which Gwyn is victorious.

Richard and Gwyn
* St Richard Gwyn High School, Flint
* St Richard Gwyn High School, Barry
This was the first example of Amis's fondness for symbolically " pairing " characters in his novels, which has been a recurrent feature in his fiction since ( Martin Amis and Martina Twain in Money, Richard Tull and Gwyn Barry in The Information, and Jennifer Rockwell and Mike Hoolihan in Night Train ).
* Richard Gwyn
Notable people from Bury St Edmunds include author Norah Lofts, who though actually born in Shipdham Norfolk, bases many of her stories in Baildon, the fictionalised Bury St Edmunds, artist Rose Mead, artist and printer Sybil Andrews, actors Bob Hoskins and Michael Maloney theatre director Sir Peter Hall, author Maria Lousie de la Ramé ( also known as Ouida ), Canadian journalist and author Richard Gwyn, cyclist James Moore, World War II Canadian general Guy Simonds, footballer Andy Marshall and the 18th-century landscape architect Humphry Repton, Bishop of Winchester and Lord High Chancellor Stephen Gardiner.
* Gwyn, Richard.
Montgomeryshire is the birthplace of Saint Richard Gwyn ; it is where the Treaty of Montgomery was signed 29 September 1267.
Saint Richard Gwyn, Wrexham's Catholic patron saint
The cathedral is also home to the relic of Saint Richard Gwyn, Wrexham's patron saint.
* Saint Richard Gwyn – ( 1535 – 1584 ) – Catholic Martyr and Patron Saint of Wrexham
The town has two high schools: St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School and Flint High School.
striker and Wales football captain Ian Rush attended St. Richard Gwyn Catholic High school in Flint, some of his family live in the area.
* Richard Gwyn, newspaper columnist for the Toronto Star
* Gwyn, Richard J.
* Nation Maker: Sir John A. Macdonald: His Life, Our Times ; Volume Two: 1867-1891 by Richard Gwyn
* Richard Gwyn, Nation Maker: Sir John A. Macdonald: His Life, Our Times ; Volume Two: 1867-1891
* Richard Gwyn, John A .: The Man Who Made Us: The Life and Times of John A. Macdonald, Vol.
* St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School, Barry – mixed 11 – 16
* Saint Richard Gwyn, Welsh school teacher who was martyred by being hanged, drawn and quartered for high treason in 1584
* St Richard Gwyn Roman Catholic High School ( disambiguation ), high schools named after the Welsh saint
* Richard Gwyn, a columnist at the Toronto Star
Journalists such as Richard Gwyn and Thomas Walkom described the legislation as flawed and misguided ; Gwyn noted that unemployment among young males in Canada was 20. 5 % at the time, significantly higher than comparable numbers for young women.

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