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** and SSL
** GnuTLS, free software implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols
** SSL 9072-72 Input with J Series Computer

** and Input
** Other Input devices
** Input capture
** Input
# The E or Extension spec ( s ) are next, and describe arrays and tables, which may be prefetched from disk files ( an Input table ), drawn from constants placed at the end of the source between ** and /* symbols, or built from calculations.
** Priority Output Writers, Execution Processors and Input Readers ( Power )
** Input:
** Input from the suppliers: suppliers can react on the draft agreement submitted by the company, this reaction will result in input from the suppliers
** Video Input Port
** Nalgaeset Hangul Input Method Editor ( 날개셋 한글 입력기 ); Kim Yongmook, South Korea )-A Hangul input method which is especially made for the 3 ( se )- beolsik keyboard layout.
** Search in the table the relationship between Top ( stack ) and NextToken ( Input )
** AC ' 97 Stereo Codec with DMA-Sound Output and Sampling Input
** NEVE VX-96 Input with FLYING FADERS Automation
** EUPHONIX SYSTEM 5-48 Fader Control Surface / 166 Input

** and with
** OSA-II with four SS-N-2 Styx missiles-6
** Shershen class torpedo boat with four 533mm heavyweight torpedo tubes 4 or 5
** Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan, Atlas Group joint venture with Honda to build cars and motorbikes
** Tukey's lemma: Every non-empty collection of finite character has a maximal element with respect to inclusion.
** the rebound phenomenon, also known as the loss of the check reflex is also sometimes seen in patients with cerebellar ataxia.
** Various articles on Alcidamas ( 1856 – 1919, with links to further online material )
** edited by Leonhard von Spengel, with commentary in Latin, Leipzig, 1847 ( online )
** edited by Pierre Chiron, Collection Budé, with French translation, Paris, 2002, ISBN 2-251-00498-X
** Andronikos V Palaiologos ( c. 1400 – c. 1407 ), Co-Emperor with his father John VII Palaiologos
** Support for mirroring with striping
** Run on RS / 6000 systems with PowerPC processors and PCI busses.
** In this use, the ablative can also be used with infinitives and participles.
** gun howitzers: capable of high or low angle fire with a long barrel.
** ağzaçık or bükme-filo-style pastry stuffed with cheese or lentils.
** keşkek-boiled wheat and chick peas stewed with meat.
** local cream kaymak eaten with honey, with a bread pudding ekmek kadayıf, or with pumpkin simmered in syrup.
** Aryan, a term associated with the Proto-Indo-Iranians
** xFIP: This variant substitutes a pitcher's own home run percentage with the league average
** for all f in X ′ there exists x in X with ǁxǁ ≤ 1, so that f ( x ) = ǁfǁ.
** List of Bantu noun classes with reconstructed Proto-Bantu prefixes ( in French )
** For a list of persons with the given name Benjamin see
** The Book of Joshua, Douay Rheims Bible Version with annotations By Bishop Challoner
** Hardware bug, a defect in hardware, often with close affinity to software

** and J
** J. V.
** J. Vahlen, " Der Rhetor Alkidamas ", Sitzungsberichte der wiener Akademie, Phil .- Hist.
** J An APL variant in which tacit definition provides some of the benefits of compiling
** Emotivism, defended by A. J.
** Shapiro, J.
** B. J. and the Bear ( 1978 – 1981 )
** A. J. Burnett, American baseball player
** Three high school friends in Hoboken, N. J., open the first BLIMPIE on Washington Street.
** Robert J. Flaherty, American filmmaker ( b. 1884 )
** J. Edward Bromberg, Hungarian-born character actor ( b. 1903 )
** J. Karjalainen, Finnish rock musician
** James J. Eagan, former Mayor of Florissant, Missouri ( d. 2000 )
** J. Jayalalithaa, Indian politician
** J. Walter Kennedy, former NBA commissioner ( d. 1977 )
** Edward J. Smith, English ship's captain ( b. 1850 ).
** Benedict J. Semmes, Jr., American admiral ( d. 1994 )
** J. P. Morgan buys mines and steel mills in the United States, marking the first billion dollar business deal.
** James J. Dillon, American professional wrestling manager
** Mario J. Molina, Mexican chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
** Richard J. Roberts, English biochemist and molecular biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
** Stephen J. Cannell, American director and producer ( d. 2010 )
** Daniel J. Callaghan, American admiral and Medal of Honor recipient ( b. 1890 )
** A then-record number of viewers ( for an entertainment program ) tune into the U. S. TV soap opera Dallas to learn who shot lead character J. R. Ewing.
** J. T. Walsh, American actor ( b. 1943 )
** Louis J. Gasnier, French film director ( b. 1875 )

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