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Some Related Sentences

** and Grande
** Grande Ufficiale OMRI
** Viamao ( 1741, the State of Rio Grande do Sul ).
** Sean Grande, American basketball announcer
** Janeros ( lived in NW Chihuahua, SE Arizona and NE Sonora in the Animas Mountains, Florida Mountains, south into the Sierra San Luis, Sierra del Tigre, Sierra de Carcay, Sierra de Boca Grande, west beyond the Aros River to Bavispe, east along the Janos River and Casas Grandes River toward the Lake Guzmán in the northern part of the Guzmán Basin and traded at the presidio of Janos, likely called Dzilthdaklizhéndé-‘ Blue Mountain People ’, northern local group )
** Rio Grande darter, Etheostoma grahami.
** R. a. intermedia, southeastern Brazil in Rio Grande do Sul and Uruguay.
** Santa Fe Branch ( Chili Line ), a narrow-gauge branch of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
** Anne Marie Louise d ' Orléans ( 1627 – 1693 ), la Grande Mademoiselle,
** Rio Grande
** Mesa Middle School ( 7th-8th ) 2555 Halcyon Road, Arroyo Grande.
** Campina Grande Public Library
** Historical and Geographic museum of Campina Grande
** the Institut d ' Études Politiques de Paris ( Sciences Po ), founded in 1872 and one of the best known Grande Ecoles
** Oió-ijexá or Batuque-de-Nação in Rio Grande do Sul
** Grande Saline
** Grande Boucle ( 1984-present ), an elite women's cycling competition also known as Tour Cycliste Feminin
** Brownsville — Rio Grande Valley Wing
** Barona Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Barona Reservation
** Viejas ( Baron Long ) Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians of the Viejas Reservation
** Grande sonate ' Les quatre âges '
** Ona language, once spoken in Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, probably extinct.
** On the Rio Grande
** Praia Grande, São Paulo
** Rio Grande, Jujuy

** and Arche
** Arche Noah ( Arka Noego ) (" Noah's Ark ")-16 guns, 180t
** C. P. E. Bach, Marche For Three Trumpets And Timpani " Fur Die Arche "

** and commonly
** Khmer New Year, or Chol Chnam Thmey, most commonly celebrated on April 13 ( Cambodia )
** Aquila pattern power armour is the most commonly used type of power armour in the Space Marines inventory
** Standard Chinese, the standard form of the Chinese language in China, Taiwan and Singapore, and the variety most commonly taught as a foreign language
** Wharf, a fixed platform, commonly on pilings, where ships are loaded and unloaded
* ** Egypt's southern-most point lies in the Bir Tawil region, an area that is commonly included as part of Egypt but is not claimed by it.
** In set theory, the first uncountable ordinal number ( more commonly written as ω < sub > 1 </ sub >)
** Scaled Quail, ( commonly called Blue Quail ) Callipepla squamata
** Town square, an open area commonly found in the heart of a traditional town used for community gatherings
** Holocaust: the Nazi German extermination camp Konzentrationslager Lublin ( commonly known as " Majdanek ") opens in occupied Poland on the outskirts of the town Lublin.
** In Houston, Texas, the Harris County Domed Stadium ( more commonly known as the Astrodome ) opens.
** Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, a New York City non-profit organization commonly known as the Center
** controlling a computer with great computation power or, more commonly, large network bandwidth
** It is commonly used as bedding for ruminants and horses.
** Gastric lavage, commonly known as a stomach pump, is the insertion of a tube into the stomach, followed by administration of water or saline down the tube.
** Servo motor, an electric motor that operates a servo, commonly used in robotics
** Zea mays, commonly known as maize or corn
** The firm's Bangkok Elevated Road and Train System project, commonly known as the Hopewell Project
** Saratoga Springs, New York, commonly referred to simply as " Saratoga ", adjacent to the town of Saratoga, New York
** Kings County, New York, more commonly known as Brooklyn
** Uji, a thick East African porridge made most commonly from corn flour mixed with sorghum and many other different ground cereals, with milk or butter and sugar or salt.
** Rice pudding ( or porridge ), sweetened rice porridges usually made with milk and commonly flavored with butter and baking spices such as cinnamon.
** Koozh is a millet porridge commonly sold in Tamil Nadu.
** Parnassius apollo, a Parnassius butterfly found in Europe commonly known as the Apollo
** Parnassius autocrator, a Parnassius butterfly found in Afghanistan and Tajikistan also commonly known as the Apollo

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